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Kraft Philadelphia With Cadbury

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3 Reviews
  • good value for money
  • Tastes nice
  • Not great for dieters
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    3 Reviews
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      28.03.2014 20:22
      Very helpful


      • " good value for money"
      • "Tastes nice"


      • "Not great for dieters"

      Chocolately Cheese??

      I am a big fan of anything cheesy and am always looking to try new and different varieties. After seeing Kraft Philadelphia Cadbury chocolate flavour, I thought I would just have to try it.

      The packaging of this Philadelphia is the usual blue colour, with the edging being purple which I guess is in relation to the famous Cadbury?s purple colour. The lid is a pop on / pop off type and underneath the main lid is a foil lip which is peeled off to get to the cheese.

      A 160 gram tub of this will only cost you 87p which I think is a very reasonable price.
      Philadelphia Cadbury Chocolate
      This variety of Philadelphia is made up of the usual cream cheese and then mixed with 22% of Cadbury?s milk chocolate. The ingredients include soft fat cheese, sugar cocoa mass, cocoa butter, skimmed milk, whey powder, vegetable fat, milk fat, stabilisers, emulsifiers, flavourings.

      The Cheese
      Upon opening the lid, the first thing that stuck me was just how dark the cream cheese is, especially as it has 22% chocolate and the rest is cream cheese. The next thing I noticed was the lovely rich smell of chocolate and cream cheese mixed. The cheese looks rather odd and it has a firm texture and looks quite similar to jelly, although obviously not anywhere near as wobbly.

      The most noticible thing about this cheese is that actually, it doesn?t taste very much like cheese at all. You can definitely taste the Cadbury chocolate and there is an underlying taste which is ever so slightly sharp in contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. This is obviously the taste of the cheese coming through but you certainly would not notice it as a cheese flavour.

      To Use
      I have used this spread in several different ways so far. I have used it as a chocolate spread on toast which was nice but not amazing as I think the spread goes better alongside something nice, crisp and crunchy such as a digestive biscuit. I have also used this spread on digestive biscuits and I have to say, this is definitely my favourite way of having it. The contrast between the soft, sweet texture and flavour of the cheese against the sweet crunchiness of the biscuit is very yummy indeed.

      I would certainly recommend this product as a treat. It probably wouldn?t be that great for everyday use as it is not the healthiest of options what with the mixture of cream cheese and chocolate. One thing I did notice with this product is that it seems to last forever when kept in the fridge ? our tub lasted a good two weeks in the fridge which is great when you are only using the product as a treat every now and then. I think this product offers great value for money and it nice when you are looking for something a little bit different.


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      18.01.2013 14:52
      Very helpful



      It was horrific

      Kraft Philadelphia With Cadbury

      When living away at university I used to be quite partial to a bit of chocolate on pizza, and thought this may be 'quite nice' when I saw the advert....

      I picked up a pot of this Philadelphia With Cadbury on a trip to ASDA - it was on special offer, and I kind of figured - what's not to love right? Well wrong....

      The product is a lovely chocolate brown colour, and has the consistency of well - cream cheese... I slapped it on a bit of fresh baked bread (ASDA's not mine - I'm not master baker)... And well, it was possibly the nastiest thing I have ever had the misfortune to eat, (and the last time I had tonsillitis I asked for liquid anti-biotics - which incidentally turned out not to be banana flavour)....

      The product has this whole sweet / savoury thing going on, which for me doesn't quite work.... It has a kind of sour hint to it - like crème fresh... But NOT nice... There are just no words to describe just how vile I found this stuff to be... I think it was made worse by the fact it was chilled, it just enhanced the nastiness of the flavour. Just Yuck!!!!!

      Although at this point I feel the need to point out that my sister loves this. We have a bit of a Marmite theory going on... I love Marmite hate this, she hates Marmite and loved this, and her partner who is just weird - thinks Marmite is 'OK', and 'can take or leave this'... So be warned Marmite lovers - you too may wish to wash your mouth out with copious amounts of something nice of you have the misfortune to be slipped a sample of this...

      1* from me, and I feel that's generous.


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        18.01.2013 13:52



        Try it!!!

        Chocolate AND cheese??? I hear you ask........ Chocolate.... AND .... Cheese??

        Well yes, thats what the guys at Kraft have done, They have combined their popular soft philadelphia cheese with the famous and mouth watering Cadbury chocolate, and with jus 86 calories per serving the are on to a winner. Other products from Kraft include;
        Philadelphia soft cheese originl and original light
        Philadelphia cheese with sweet chilli
        Philadelphia cheese with spring onion and cracke black pepper
        Piladelphia cheese with chives
        Philedelpia with nachos
        Philadelphia with Ritz
        and many more.
        Its avaliable at most super markets in the cheese section and costs around £1.50 for a 160g pot.

        Now there are so many ways of eating this product, I find with a spoon amazing!!! but, really on bread, toast, crackers, biscuits, to make cakes and cheese cakes and even melted down to create new and fun ideas. The list is never ending, iIdont know why they left it so long to make.
        So this product should be kept in the fridge, and has a consistecy of normal soft cheese. I like this product because its so light and has a great texture, and as for taste its a perfect match. Its not too strong either way. They have started to bring out other products now to go with it, like dipping biscuits and mini tubs, perfect for packed lunches.

        I would definatley urge you to taste this if you havent had chance yet, it sounds a bit strange but trust me, its amazing and a sure 5 star product.


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