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Sainsbury's Basics Strawberry Jam with No Bits

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Jam

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2013 11:30
      Very helpful



      Great when your on a budget

      Due to changes in the economic climate, and more importantly my family house hold income, over the last few years I've become a lot more open minded and willing to try cheaper food products from my local supermarkets. Some of these products have been as disappointing as their packaging has suggested and some have been a success. I bought this Sainsbury's Basic Strawberry jam, 454g in weight from my local store for 29p.

      Why did I buy this?

      Jam is a great product to have in general in the cupboard/fridge, especially for young children or anyone with a sweet tooth. My son tends to like toast in the morning for breakfast and have jam on it so I've bought this for him to satisfy that. Price wise, its great while on a budget and if none of us liked this product I wouldn't be annoyed that I spent my money on it.

      How is it packaged?

      The jam comes in a glass clear jar with a white screw top metal lid, that needs to be turned to open or to close. With this being part of the basic range, this is very plain and boring to look at. But all the information is there-on the front the product name and basic nutritional information is apparent, and on the side fuller nutritional information, ingredients and company contact details.


      Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Strawberries, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Citrate.

      Nutritional Information

      A 15g serving provides-
      Cal 37
      Fat Trace
      Sat Fat Trace
      Salt Trace
      Total Sugars 7.3g
      Jam: Prepared from 35 of fruit per 100g. Jam: Total sugar content 62g per 100g

      Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

      How to store

      Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 6 weeks.

      How do we use this jam?

      The jam is so cheap that I don't have to be precious with this food product, so I can use it many different ways if I want to use it up. Here are afew things I tend to use this for:

      1. The standard jam on toast.

      2. Placed on crackers on top of butter/margarine.

      3. Jam tarts

      4. Jam sponge pudding

      5. Placed in the middle of normal vanilla muffins/cupcakes to provide a nice surprise for the children.

      6. Placed in a bowl of rice pudding. I remember doing this as I child and loving the fact it made it turn pink.

      How is it?

      Firstly, the colour is a very bright red. Probably too red as its not the most natural hue I have ever seen. When you open the jar, you can smell firstly how sweet the product is, and then this follows with a hint of strawberry. Theres no bits in this jam what so ever, so the product is clear and smooth looking.

      In regards to consistency, its surprisingly very solid, almost jelly like! Its quite thick, and I tend to find that it takes me afew goes to actually get the right amount of jam onto the toast rather than it falling on the side or back into the jar. At first I thought this was because it was being stored in the fridge, but this texture and thickness was apparent when I first bought this and used it, as it came straight out of the cupboard.

      Due to its thickness, I don't find spreading it to be the easiest or quickest, but you get there. Its not a huge chore, I personally feel it would work better being slightly more fluid in texture. How it would be to place this on a softer more fragile bread e.g freshly baked, and for the bread not to tear I'm not sure, but maybe something to consider.

      Taste is what I would expect, which is immediately sweet with a berry flavouring to it. Pleasant, not sharp or overpowering, in fact quite mild. It doesn't have a deep or complex flavour to it-it is what it is, a high sugar content strawberry flavoured jam. My kids could probably eat a huge thick layer of this on their toast, but for me a thin layer does suffice. Even though it is quite sweet, you can obviously, depending on how much you spread on bread, can tailor this to your own personal taste.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. I'm under no illusion that this is a high premium product, because it isn't! Nor is it healthy and can count as part of you required number of fruit again. But it's cheap, can be used in different ways, has a decent taste to it and the kids enjoy it. Negatives? Far too solid and would like a touch less sugar and a touch more fruit to make this a better quality.


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        20.04.2010 12:35
        Very helpful



        cheap tasty jam.

        Sainsbury's Basics Strawberry Jam with no bits.

        My grandchildren often come to stay and they love toast in the mornings as an alternative to the cereals they usually have. I also like to have toast and this gives me a chance to show off my skills at baking fresh bread in my bread maker.

        This comes in a glass jar and costs 38pence from Sainsbury's which is one of my all time favourite supermarkets.

        The jar has a screw open and shut lid, with the basics lable on the front.

        The lid has a pop up centre and makes a little popping sound when you open it, the jam looks very firm and does not contain all those horrible lumps that my grandchildren absolutely hate.

        The mixture looks a slightly pinkish colour and spreads onto toast on on bread easily, and the smell does smell of strawberries too.

        The Taste

        The jam tastes of lovely sweet strawberries, and this really is a sweet tasting one, but I do like it because of the absence of the lumps, and I love the way that it spreads onto the bread with ease.

        Ingredients are glucouse-fructose syrup, strawberries, gelling agents, (sodium citrates) prepared with 35grams of the fruit, per 100 grams, sugar content 62grams per 100grams.

        nutrient per 100g per 15g
        Energy kCal 246 kCal 37 kCal
        Energy kJ 1,046 kJ 156 kJ

        Fibre 0.5 g Trace
        Sodium Trace Carbohydrate 61.2 g 9.2 g
        of which sugars 48.6 g 7.3 g
        Fat Trace
        of which saturates Trace

        Salt Trace
        I limit the amount that I let my grandchildren eat due to the fact that as this is a jam and is high in sugar, i do have to be careful of damaging their teeth.

        This is a lovely jam, and I do like this also when I buy sainsbury's scones, with a little of this jam and a bit of fresh cream...lovely.

        Overall this is a very cheap but tasty jam that i will definetely recommend to you to buy, because it not only tastes nice, it also have none of those little bits and seeds that get stuck in your teeth, I was brought up on my mums and grandmothers jam, we call it jelly jam because of the fact that when you scoop it out of the jar it glides onto your bread, looks a bit like a strawberry jelly and has none of those bits and horrible lumps that I think are unnecessary for a pot of jam.

        I always buy a pot extra of this to give to my daughter when she comes over to take home with her, its a nice little gift and I know that my grandchildren will definitely eat this one, all in all a great product from the basics range that I know and love.

        Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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