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Sainsbury's Belgian Milk Chocolate Spread

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7 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Chocolate Spread

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    7 Reviews
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      01.03.2010 14:52
      Very helpful



      Could be better

      The packaging for this chocolate spread has changed from the above photo but I have been buying this for a long time so I can vouch for the fact that it is the same spread. The glass jar is oval in shape, and being glass is therefore recyclable, always a plus in product packaging. It has a blue screw cap lid which is easy to take on and off, and a blue lable with a white swirly cloud and the same title inside it. Also clearly marked on the wrapper is the fact that there are 84 calories per 15g serving. So not diet food then!

      Once you open the lid the spread looks lovely. It is a nice chocolate colour and quite creamy in consistency. It does not, however, smell very chocolatey and I found this quite disappointing, as the smell is half of what makes you want to try something in the first place.

      It's quite easy to get onto a knife, but not so easy to get off again. I find this failry annoying, especially when you are trying to spread it on toast, as you have to push quite hard, or end up with lots left on the knife which you have to scrape back into the pot. Then you end up with chocolate spread and toast crumbs the next time you want in on something else.

      The taste of the spread is a bit chocolatey, but only a bit. The back of the packet says it is only 4% cocoa powder so no wonder, really. I feel it could do with having more of a chocolate taste. It is nice and smooth on your tongue and not too thick that it gets stuck to the roof of your mouth and you need to go running off for a drink, so this is a plus.

      It doesn't last very long in our house. This is partly because my youngest daughter loves it and would have it for breakfast everyday if I let her, but also because you have to put so much of it on the knife each time you spread it it goes before you can blink.

      It retails at £1 per pot, which is much cheaper than the alternatives, so this is probably why I keep buying it.


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      11.01.2010 13:43
      Very helpful
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      Not Disgustingly Bad But I Won't Eat It Again

      I don't eat much chocolate spread because I can't see the point in it really, the odd spoon straight from the jar is fine but having it on bread is too weird for me! lol That means I'm not up on the different brands so whatever's in there is what I give my sister's when they ask for it.

      Today though I went to the shop for some bread and because we had A BIT more snow in the night his delivery van hasn't got through so I ended up buying a pack of croissants instead. I normally have my croissants cold but these weren't the best brand going and they also didn't feel that fresh so I decided to warm them up to give them a bit of life back.

      I fancied something sweet so got this jar of Belgian Milk Chocolate Spread out. It's from Sainsburys and smells gorgeous when you first open the jar, Sainsburys own stuff is usually proper good quality but surprisingly I was mega disappointed with this and actually prefer the Tesco Value one we had before Xmas.

      The chocolate spread is very thick and I think it's quite sticky to spread, I have mega trouble with ANY chocolate spread but this one pulled my croissant to pieces before I got the hang of spreading it.

      It doesn't taste half as strong as it smells and the taste of it is very plain, I thought that made the chocolate spread very boring. It's got quite a rich texture and feels lovely and creamy as I'm eating, but the taste is definately not rich and I think it tastes mega cheap. The taste of it is like the very cheap chocolate you can buy in the pound shop and is also extra sweet so that the chocolate flavour struggles a bit to come through.

      The flavour went nice with the croissant. It's not a bad flavour but just isn't as good as I'd like it to be, if I hadn't seen the label I'd have never guessed this was Sainsburys and would have thought it was Best-In or some other mega mega cheap brand.

      I won't bother with this again and know I deffo won't eat chocolate spread until there's a completely different jar in the cupboard. I can take or leave chocolate spread so this won't be a hardship waiting for the rest of the family to eat it, but those of you who could live off this stuff will be very disappointed and I can even see a few jars going in the bin if you're used to better quality chocolate spread.

      Not recommended..... a very bad product from Sainsburys.


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        09.01.2010 16:46
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended!

        I first tried this chocolate spread when a friends little boy came shopping with me and convinced me that this spread was a good buy. He may have only been five years old at the time, but he knew his chocolate spread!

        We bought the spread and some croissants ( I know! Not a healthy lunch for a five year old but it was a treat for him and his mother does make him eat lots of veg!). When we got home he showed me how he liked the spread on the bottom of the croissants. Hungry and wanting to get on with more fun stuff, i.e. painting, I tried some too.

        The chocolate spread is a nice thick consistency. It is what I would describe as stiff. This makes it perfect for putting on croissants as my little gordan ramsey recommended, or for cake making (which I have since done).

        The chocolate has a nice rich taste, which is not too sweet and not at all grainy which some of the cheap chocolate spreads can be.

        The price is also very reasonable at just £1.00 for 400g, compared to Cadburys which is £1.73 for 400g.

        The jar is glass with a screw top lid. It is easy to open and easy to get the spread out. I like this design.

        Definitely worth a try, highly recommended.


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        05.11.2009 11:20
        Very helpful



        Buy Nutella instead of this.

        I read a nice review on Sainsbury's Belgian Milk Chocolate Spread so I wanted to taste it. You can find it near the Nutella in any Sainsbury's. I used it for two purposes I share you later in my review. Since the picture was enclosed here on Dooyoo the Sainsbury's switched to a simpler blue and white label.

        Price and package
        This milk chocolate spread is available in 400 g unit filled in a jar. This jar of chocolate spread costs only 1 pound. The top of the jar is blue and can be opened by turning the cap. It is very practical because it can be closed again easily and keeps the chocolate spread fresh.

        The chocolate spread
        The chocolate spread has lovely vanilla smell when you open the jar. I took out a little with a spoon to taste it. Its texture is smooth and is about as thick as the Nutella. It has medium brown colour and is very sweet. The first spoon seemed very tasty and really reminded me to Belgian pralines filled with that thick hazelnut cream but after eating a further spoon it reminded me to those very cheap chocolate Santa figures.

        Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil, Lactose from Cows' Milk, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (4%), Skimmed Milk Powder (4%)*, Whey Powder*, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Vanilla.

        Nutritional information per 100 g
        Energy: 559 kcal
        Protein: 3.4g
        Carbohydrate: 60.9g
        of which sugars:56.0g
        of which starch: trace
        Fat: 33.5g
        of which saturates: 5.7g
        mono-unsaturates: 20.0g
        polyunsaturates: 7.6g
        Fibre: 1.2g
        Salt: 0.19g
        of which sodium: 0.08g

        It has extremely high energy level so take care of it!

        What I used it for?
        The easiest way of using it is to fill the pancakes with it. You can make your own pancakes or buy them in supermarkets.

        I decided to put it in milk loaf. I prepared my Hokkaido milk loaf and filled it with this chocolate spread. Once I shared the recipe of this milk loaf but I will share it again because it is sooooo good.

        Hokkaido Milk Bread

        Ingredients in the order I drop them in my bread maker:
        150 g double cream
        250 g warm milk
        1 egg
        30 g milk powder
        9 g salt
        120 g sugar
        60 g plain flour
        540 g bread flour
        7 g dried yeast

        When the bread maker finished the dough programme, I put some oil on my pastry plate, spread it well all over it and put on it the dough. I stretch it. I cut it in stripes as wide as my dough baking tin. You can spread cocoa, dried fruits, chocolate spread, almond chips or whatever you have at home. You can put different things in all of them, then roll them up, and place them in the baking tin. Place the dough to a warm place and wait until doubles its size, then bake it in preheated oven on 175 C until it has nice brown colour.

        When I first baked this I didn't put enough chocolate spread in it so we had to put on the ready milk bread too. It was yummy and we drank milk with it.

        My opinion
        Well it was quite good with the milk loaf but next time I will definitely choose Nutella. I know it is cheap but it is not tasty enough. I love chocolate in general but the Belgian pralines are too sweet for me. When I'm really hungry for chocolate I can eat two pralines but otherwise only one. So this chocolate spread reminds me to these pralines just at the first taste then I feel the cheap chocolate-like taste of it.

        I give it 3 stars because it was good in the milk bread and edible in the pancakes. I can't honestly recommend it to you. When you are on low budget I say okay but if you can affor Nutella buy Nutella.


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          12.09.2009 20:12
          Very helpful



          A Pretty Nice Chocolate Spread From Sainsburys.

          I love sandwiches and toast as a snack throughout the day and sometimes this is the only thing that I can face when I get home.

          I shop in Sainsburys normally (as I live so close by!) and stock up on products and when I spotted this Sainsbury's Chocolate Spread I decided to buy it and as it's £1.00 for a 400g pot I thought it was worth a try as I love to have chocolate spread from time to time.

          This spread is provided in a clear jar with a blue screw top lid and the picture differs to the one above as it's been rebranded since this picture. Once the lid is removed there is a foil lid which I love to stab with my knife and then just peel back.

          The spread itself is a chocolate brown colour (as you'd expect) and while it doesn't have the strongest taste to it it is a deliciously chocolatey spread. This spreads well on hot buttered toast and this is how I prefer to have it, however, it's almost as nice in a sandwich but I love it with lots of margarine or low fat spread. There is a fairly nice chocolate taste to it and while it's not the most luxury brand it's really not bad and gets a 3/5 from me.

          Per 15g serving there is 84 calories, 5g fat & 8.4g of sugar so this should be enjoyed in moderation. This is quite high of course but it doesn't matter as the spread is pretty nice! I really do enjoy this spread quite a lot and I don't care that it's bad for me as I just want to eat as much of it as possible, any excuse hey!

          This spread gets a 3/5 from me and I would recommend it. The price is fantastic and the taste is nice enough. This is great on toast or in a sandwich and is even nice mixed with cornflakes or rice krispies to make some delicious cakes that can be set hard in the fridge. As I have lots of nieces and nephews rice krispie cakes are something that I end up making fairly regularly and even if I brought this just for that purpose I'd still be pleased with the price I pay.


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            11.08.2009 16:29
            Very helpful



            Good for a rare treat!

            I shouldn't really be writing this because it means that I have been eating Sainsbury's Belgian Chocolate spread which does not fit into my idea of a healthy diet. Having said that though it does taste absolutely delicious and at times I can be very weak willed!

            I tend to buy chocolate spread as an occasional treat for my daughters and I used to buy Nutella which I never used to touch at all because I don't like nuts. However a 400 gram jar of Nutella costs £1.80 compared to this Sainsbury's spread that only costs £1 for the same amount so it made sense to swap. The only problem is that now I have tasted sainsbury's I am slightly addicted!

            The spread is very smooth and has an almost creamy consistency which spreads on the bread perfectly. Surprisingly there is not a great chocolate smell. The taste though is absolutely gorgeous and spread on a piece of granary bread is out of this world. The spread just melts in your mouth and unfortunately it is totally moreish!

            The jar and labelling is nothing special but what you will notice is a little pie chart diagram showing you all the nutritional values - you might want to look away at this point if you are at all squeamish as it makes scary viewing! A 15 gram serving contains cal 84, fat 5.0g, sat fat 0.8g, salt trace, total sugars 8.4g. Now apart from the salt, these are all in the red which means that they are an unhealthy percentage of your guideline daily allowance. It is interesting to note though that these are pretty much in the same range as Nutella spread. This really does demonstrate why this spread is best as an occasional treat rather than a daily staple! It also shows why it is probably best to only spread sparingly

            The main ingredients are Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil, Lactose*, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (4%), Skimmed Milk Powder (4%)*, Whey Powder*, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Vanilla, *from Cows' Milk. Even though there is no mention of nuts in the list of ingredients there is a warning saying that the spread is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers,

            So do I recommend this spread? I know I shouldn't really as it is just so unhealthy and actually having read what I have written it will make me think twice about buying it for my daughters! However, it is so tasty and such a treat that I can't help thinking that we all deserve a little pampering now and again. I'm giving it three stars only because although I love it I know I shouldn't!


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              18.06.2009 19:05
              Very helpful



              One for the rubbish bin

              PRICE: £1 for a 400g jar

              NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 15g serving):

              Calories: 84
              Kj: 350
              Protein: 0.5g
              Carbohydrate: 9.1g
              (of which sugars): 8.4g
              (of which starch): Trace
              Fat: 5.0g
              (of which saturates): 0.8g
              (of which mono-unsaturates): 3.0g
              (of which polyunsaturates): 1.1g
              Fibre: 0.2g
              Salt: Trace
              (of which sodium): Trace


              Sugar, rapeseed oil, palm oil, lactose (from cows' milk), fat reduced cocoa powder (4%), skimmed milk powder (4%), whey powder (from cows' milk), soya lecithin, vanilla


              Suitable for vegetarians
              Contains milk
              Contains soya/soya beans


              Chocolate spread is something I rarely buy. On one side of the coin the reason is that it's something I can scoff straight from the jar until the whole lot has vanished down my throat (that's if it's nice) and together with it being very bad for me, it gets used up too quickly......on the other side of the coin, it's rare that I can find a chocolate spread I really like.

              Being lured by the Belgian chocolate claim a few weeks ago whilst aimlessly wandering around Sainsbury's, I thought this must be OK if it's using high quality chocolate, so popped a jar into my trolley. If the worst came to the worst, I could always recoup the losses by writing a DooYoo article, should it be inedible.

              Sainsbury's Belgian Milk Chocolate Spread comes in a glass jar which has a label that is largely dark blue, and chocolate coloured. Together with Sainsbury's standard logo and brief product description, the front of the jar shows an image of a few swirls of chocolate, and a slice of bread spread thickly with the product. The back of the label shows nutritional information, ingredients list, dietary/allergy advice, and Sainsbury's quality claim with their contact details.

              The lid of the jar is screw-top, and the spread inside (once having removed the screw-top lid) is protected by a gold-coloured plastic seal, which I had to gouge open with a knife before I could get to the gunge inside.

              The chocolate spread looked rather pleasant, though a little paler than most other brands, but it gave off hardly any chocolate smell whatsoever.

              My first taste of the product was to have a generous smear spread over a slice of white bread - why does chocolate spread only seem to taste good on white bread? On digging my knife into the jar, the spread seemed firm, but soft and very smooth in texture. I dug an amount out, swirled it around the edge of the knife, and it stayed put - it didn't drop back into the jar or drip everywhere......still no chocolate smell though.

              Then came the actual taste test. As I lifted the slice of bread to my mouth, bearing in mind that I'd spread the gunge thickly, none of it fell off or smeared onto my fingers. The first bite gave no chocolate zing whatsoever, and as I chewed, the spread felt unpleasantly greasy inside my mouth. It wasn't in the slightest gritty, but it was rather glutinous, and the chocolate taste was extremely weak - not that rich cocoa burst you can get from other brands of chocolate spread.

              I did manage to finish eating the whole slice of bread, but afterwards didn't feel as though I'd eaten a product which is at all chocolatey. The sweetness level was what I'd call moderate to middling - not too sickly, but there's as far as I'm concerned, no point in cutting down on sweetness if the chocolate flavour is absent. I've no idea what brand of Belgian chocolate Sainsbury's used for this spread, but whatever it is - it's tasteless - or, could it be that the overall chocolate content is only 4%?

              I decided that this spread certainly isn't to be used on bread, so I tried to find some other ways of using up the jar.

              Firstly, I tried just eating it straight off the spoon, but the experience was the same as it was when covering a slice of bread. I then smeared a generous serving onto a couple of Ryvita crispbreads, but I found the flavour of the Ryvita totally drowned out the flavour of the chocolate spread, plus I was still getting that horribly greasy sensation in my mouth.

              Lastly, and in desperation trying to gain some sort of chocolate experience from this product, I rolled out a sheet of flaky pastry, laid a banana across it which had been split down the middle, and I spooned a liberal portion of the chocolate spread across the centre of the banana. I then sealed the pastry around the banana, pricked with a fork a few times, and baked in the oven.

              Result? Tasteless, apart from the banana!

              The jar of chocolate spread continues to sit, half eaten, in my fridge, and I honestly can't think what to do with it that would give me any kind of epicurean pleasure, and I think eventually it'll end up in the rubbish bin once the use-by date has passed.

              My recommendation would be to, if you are trotting around Sainsbury's and fancy some chocolate spread, go for another brand, or an el cheapo version, as this Belgian stuff is pretty foul.....greasy, cloying and flavourless. The product is very high in fat and calories, as would be expected from chocolate spread - I wouldn't mind this if I felt that the eating experience was worth it, but this definitely isn't.

              Go back to the drawing board Sainsbury's on this one - I shan't be buying it again.

              Thanks for reading!


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