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Sainsbury's Fine Cut Marmalade

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Marmalades

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2009 20:46
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      An everyday marmalade but nothing special

      When it comes to marmalade it's a must have product to me, something I never want to be without in my cupboard. Being a toast lover I have a variety of different toppings at my disposal and am a fan of said marmalade, lemon curd, jams, peanut butter, pate and cheese spread...me I could live on a bread diet easily and never get bored much to my Mothers horror (I live at home) as I won't eat meals and gorge on what she calls rubbish lol

      However in the weekly shop she does indulge me and my usual store cupboard necessities arrive to get me through the week though last week I was rather upset when this came through the door. I don't do fine cut marmalade full stop as I like thick cut. The dark orange marmalade kind with loads of dark fermented peel in it and not to much 'jelly' to me is the way to go. To me fine cut marmalade is like orange jelly with a little bit of rind put in and it's simply not for me. Mum however had made a mistake and I decided that in wind ran and snow I wasn't going to protest by taking it back to the shop and I'd bear with it and grit my teeth!

      The Packaging....

      454g glass see-through jar which is see through with a gold screw on/off lid at the top of it and the best before date is stamped on it along with a safety button that pops out if the jar is tampered with or used. On the front there is a yellow label to the middle with pictures of slices of oranges on it and in white writing over the top of the I'm told it is Sainsburys' Fine Cut Orange Marmalade, 'made with Seville oranges'. There is also an at a glance nutritional pie chart and then I'm told it's vegetarian, the size is stated and finally (on the front) I'm told where to find the best before date. On the sides of the label I'm given list of ingredients, told how to store it, full nutritional information is given, contact details for Sainsbury's are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's an ok jar, nothing special but it isn't overly cheap looking or anything.

      Eating It....

      Well it's ok. If you like light tasting marmalade this could be for you as there is nothing to complain about with it, just for me it's not zesty and tangy enough. It's a light orange colour and as expected has very fine shreds of dark orange rind in there that are very few and far between and are a bit soggy but do have a tang to them. It's quite jelly like and kind of melts a bit if put on toast so it really isn't thick or holds it's self but it doesn't melt in the jar or anything and keeps well formed enough so it's easy to spread where you want to put it.

      The downside for me is that it's to sweet for my palette. Again not overly so but me, well I notice it as again I'm used to a thicker, harsher tasting marmalade.


      Not the most amazing marmalade I have ever tasted, it's somewhat economy in it's approach. For me it isn't orangy, zesty or tangy enough and it's too sweet and not one bit interesting to me. However as I said earlier if you like fine cut marmalade there is nothing up with it at all and it's simply a everyday marmalade but really, it isn't anything fabulous!

      Only available in Sainsbury's priced 79p


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