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Sainsbury's Olive Light Spread

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Other Spreads

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2011 13:12
      Very helpful



      Nice tasting margarine but not as good as it makes out to be.

      Trying to eat healthily in this day and age isn't the easiest to do, so every little change can hopefully help. I always try to buy the lowest fat margarine as possible so that it reduces my daily fat intake. I opted for the Sainsburys Olive Light spread as it was a good price and looked to be quite healthy. I paid just over £1 for a 500g tub, which is quite good value in comparison to the branded products.

      It comes in a plastic tub that is white on the edges and then printed on all sides and the top. The shape of the tub is just like any other margarine tub, so no comments for that. The images on the tub are of olives and what looks like a warm Spanish/Tuscan landscape. It seems like it is meant to evoke your thoughts and to entice you to buy it. The top and two of the sides have the same label that contain the name of the product and "Olive" in the biggest font size. This is partially what drew me too it as there is all the talk about how olive oil is meant to be good for you. The container is very aesthetically pleasing and it is clear that a lot of time has been spent into making it as good as possible.

      The spread has a dull yellow colour to it, which in my opinion looks no different to any other spread. It has a very nice smell to it though which strangely reminds me of cake mix rather than olive oil or margarine! I use this mainly on sandwiches and occasionally toast and so spreadability is the my main concern. I have found that this spread can be used straight from the fridge as it is still soft and spreadable when cold. This was very useful for me as it meant I could apply a thin layer to each slice to avoid an excess.

      Being easy to spread meant that I could use a small amount per slice, which has therefore meant that it has lasted me for quite a while. I bought this in January and it has only just ran out. This is great considering I make sandwiches 6 days a week and also have toast or crumpets most days. I find that on hot toast or crumpets, it melts nicely and evenly, which doesn't make the bread too soggy.

      When I bought it, I didn't even look at the ingredients/nutritional information as the pictures had enticed me already. Looking at it now, I see that it contains only 12% olive oil added to a low fat spread. This is not what I was expecting as I thought that it was made mainly of olive oil. Certainly clever selling by Sainsburys! The ingredients list is quite extensive, 16 items in total. This isn't too bad compared to cheaper brands, but is still quite significant and it is also high in mono-unsaturated fats which are bad for you.

      Per 10g serving it contains 35 calories, no sugar, 3.8g of fats and 0.13g of salt. The high fat level per serving is quite worrying considering it is meant to be a healthier spread, however as this is only ~5% of your GDA then it isn't too bad.

      I would probably buy this again as it is a nice tasting spread that is reasonably healthy compared to other options, however when buying margarine/spread in the future, I will be certain to look at the ingredients/nutritional information first and not fall for a pretty picture!

      Overall I am going to give this 3/5 as it is good value for money but the high levels of mono-unsaturated fats is slightly worrying and therefore would not make it suitable for those on strict diet or with high cholesterol levels.

      Thanks for reading.

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