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Sainsbury's Peanut Butter Crunchy

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8 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Butter

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    8 Reviews
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      19.12.2012 16:14



      a good crunchy peanut butter

      I love peanut butter. I have it on plain bread or on toast. It HAS to be the crunchy variety though. None of this this smooth stuff! I'm overly loyal to what brand of peanut butter i buy, i normally just pick out best valued brand in whatever supermarket i'm in.

      I got this version of sainsburys crunchy peanut butter recently. It cost around 90p for a 340g jar. The jar is glass with a red label and red plastic lid. The label also have a list of ingrediants and nutritional information.

      Twisting the id off is easily enough. Then theres the plastic film layer, which is good because you can be sure nothings got inside it before you have. You can tell from a bit the peanut butter on the knife that its very thick with peanuts. Just the way i like it! But because its thick i have to perhaps use more in order to cover the bread. The butter is a golden colour with a firm texture. The taste is really great but not anything to set it apart from the others, but certainly not the worst i've tried before so i am happy with for the time being.

      The glass jar can be washed out and recycled.

      All in all this is a good peanut butter. I like to think of myself as an expert on peanut butter and i know a good one from a bad one. This is a good one. Nothing to set it apart from a dependable brand of peanut butter.


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      27.06.2011 20:16
      Very helpful



      A very good tasting and enjoyable crunchy Peanut butter spread

      I have always liked Peanut butter.....but only a crunchy peanut butter. I used to like it as a child and used to sometimes eat peanut butter with jam on toast!! Not exactly healthy I know!! My children also quite like Peanut butter but not as much as me. For some reason, Peanut butter without the crunchy bits of Peanut just isn't the same and I find it a bit boring...in my view it's the crunchy bits that make it great.

      The one thing that I do not like very much is Peanut butter in sweets. In the USA and I think now here too you can buy a sweet called Reeces Peanut butter cups. It is very sickly in my view! However, I have tasted a really delicious Peanut butter biscuit before! Peanut buetter is extremely popular in North America and I still think its quite popular here in the UK.

      Actually, even though I stated above that it isn't exactly healthy for you (high calories content); in some ways it is healthy. It has 'high levels of monounsaturated fats 'and Peanuts themselves do provide you with Protein and some other vitamins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peanut_butter).

      Unfortunately and obviously anyone who has a Peanut allergy must steer clear of Peanut butter. It must be terrible having a nut allergy and quite scary. I am not permitted to pack anything with nuts in it when my son has his school lunches as I understand that even touching things with nuts in can sometimes be dangerous for sufferers. This is something to be very wary of as it is quite surprising just how much food has nuts in it or traces of nut (even if it would seem apparent that there are no nuts in it at all).

      There is only one way I now eat my crunchy Peanut butter...and that's on hot buttered toast. I had 2 slices for breakfast this morning and this Sainsburys Peanut butter really is good. Personally I think the cost of some Peanut butters can be a little too expensive and I certainly cannot afford to buy a more well known brand. However, I am perfectly happy with this Sainsburys one. Their are plenty of crunchy peanuts mixed in with the smooth peanut butter paste. It is not runny or watery and to me its not all that sort of greasy either.


      Roasted peanuts (91%)
      Peanut oil
      Brown cane sugar
      Palm oil
      Sea Salt


      Per 10g teaspoon;

      59 kcals
      2.3g protein
      1.2g carbohydrates of which sugars; 0.7g & starch; 0.5g
      5.0g Saturates of which Mono saturates 2.5g & Polyunsaturates; 1.5g
      0.7g Fibre
      0.1g Salt with a trace of sodium

      This product is suitable for Vegetarians.

      The jar I bought is 340g in size and currently costs £1.00

      This is a great Crunchy Peanut butter deserving of a 4 star rating in my view.


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      31.05.2010 00:39
      Very helpful



      A good peanut butter

      Peanut butter seems to be almost Marmite like these days, everyone I know either loves it or hates it, there is no middle ground! I personally am a lover of peanut butter, but the price of it is quite a bit more these days then it was when I was a kid, so I now more often than not buy the cheaper stores own brands, rather than the major brands.

      One of these store brands is the Sainsbury's Peanut Butter, Crunchy. It comes in a glass jar with a red plastic, lid, and a red and yellow label on it. There is also some peanuts printed on the label, with all the nutritional information on the back. Nothing about the jar is different or out of the ordinary from usual peanut butter.

      The peanut butter itself is actually pretty damn good peanut butter, and to me tastes the same as the major brands. It is just as good in taste and texture as the top brands you can buy, and it costs only 98p a jar, compared to around £2 a jar for the top brands. This jar is about 100 grams smaller than major brands, but it is still great value for the size and taste, and you get a good amount of peanut bits in it too. In a blind taste taste, I honestly do not think I could tell the difference between this peanut butter and any of the top brand named ones. It has a long shelf life too, and even with daily use, this jar usually lasts me about 3 - 4 weeks.

      I don't normally rate Sainsburys or it's products, but this is actually one of the good ones that I can not find a fault with and I give this a 5 out of 5. Give this a go, unless of course you are allergic to peanuts!


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      09.03.2010 21:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Crunchy peanut butter

      Peanut butter is something I always get a craving for now and again. I know it's not all that good for you, but I can't help but have this a few times a week!
      I much, much prefer the crunchy peanut butter to the smooth one. There's something about the texture of smooth peanut butter that doesn't feel right to me, and I prefer to have a crunch in this spread.
      I have tried a few brands of peanut butter over the years, including the supermarkets own brands, and I have found the Sainsbury's peanut butter to be one of the best value and taste.

      ~~ The packaging ~~
      Sainsbury's peanut butter come in a large clear glass jar, with a red plastic screw off lid. Through the glass, you can see the peanut butter which is a dark yellowish, brown colour. The jar has a red label, which has 'crunchy peanut butter' in large yellow font on the front. Around that, are pictures of peanuts dotted around it. It's quite a retro design, but I think it works well, and the bright red packaging design stands out well on the shelves.

      ~~ Taste ~~
      I find the taste of this peanut butter quite addictive. The peanut butter is really lovely and thick, so it is quite hard to spread onto the bread.
      It tastes really nice, and you can taste lots of little pieces of peanuts mixed up in the butter, so it has a really nice nutty taste. The taste isn't overly sweet or sugary, it is slightly sweet but it doesn't feel forced or like it has too much added.
      I find it tastes best if you spread quite a thick layer on to the bread, so then you can really taste all of the nutty flavours. I find it works best on hot toast, as the peanut butter softens slightly, which is nice. It is also great in sandwiches, bagels etc. Yum!

      ~~ Ingredients ~~
      Roasted peanuts (91%), peanut oil, brown cane sugar, palm oil and sea salt.

      ~~ Nutritional information ~~
      Per 10g teaspoon:
      Calories - 59
      Fat - 5gs
      Saturated fat - 1g
      Sugar - 0.7g
      Salt - 0.1g

      This peanut butter is also suitable for vegetarians.

      ~~ Price ~~
      The jar is priced at around the £1.20 mark. You get 340gs of peanut butter inside here, which does last a good while, as you don't need to use much. A jar lasts me a few months, which I think is great value for money for such a tasty spread.


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        16.12.2009 19:13



        Good quality, cheap - yes please!

        To be honest, I was surprised that there were reviews for this already; obviously I don't know dooyoo that well yet! One step up from the basics peanut butter, to me this is just as good as any of the branded peanut butters I've had. Obviously, I prefer the crunchy version: I feel it's got that bit more bite to it, so to speak. It's excellent in sandwiches, or on toast, and at £1.49 in my Sainsbury's central, it's certainly not bad as it'll last me a week or so.
        Lots of people worry about the healthiness of the foods they're eating, and while it's true that peanut butter contains quite a lot of fat, remember that you really won't be eating that much at all, so it's hardly going to do that much.
        Like all peanut butters, it has a long use-by date, and keeps well enough even out of the fridge in the time it takes me to get through a jar. I also appreciate the glass jar - it lets me recycle it, which is important.


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        10.11.2009 15:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A delicious spread.

        Sainsbury's do a very acceptable own brand crunchy peanut butter. I don't know about you but once I open the jar the peanut butter seems to take on highly addictive qualities.
        I would very much imagine that peanut butter is something that you would either love or hate, I far prefer the crunchy peanut butter, I find the texture of the smooth peanut butter can be off-putting.
        I don't know if any of you have ever tried baking peanut butter cookies but if you haven't then they are well worth baking, the recipe is pretty straightforward and the end product is delicious - if you are trying to drop a dress size for Christmas then leave them well alone !

        The Sainsbury's crunchy peanut butter is not the poor relation, a 454g jar still costs around £1.90p. Of course you can buy the Sainbury's basics peanut butter, I have tried it but I prefer to stick to this one.
        The Sainsbury's peanut butter is packed into a glass jar, sometimes I wish that they would change the glass jar and replace it with a plastic one, I always store my jar in the fridge and you have to be so careful where you put the glass jar or else it is likely to fall out.

        Crunchy peanut butter always seems to have red labelling and Sainsbury's have followed the trend. The jar has a red plastic screw top lid which is easy to remove.
        The Sainsbury's crunchy peanut butter is superbly thick and when you take a closer look into the jar of butter you can see that it is awash with generous sized chunks of peanut.
        One thing that pleases me immensely is that Sainsbury's do seem to use first rate peanuts and that means that you get that really nutty, sweet roasted taste that peanut butter is so well known for.

        I love the peanut butter on hot toast but because it is so thick it can be a demon to spread. The thick Sainsbury's crunchy peanut butter always seems reluctant to cover the surface of the hot toast and I always end up putting far more on than I should.
        Peanut butter has one major failing, well two if you are counting the calories., it cloys to your palette. As soon as the sticky peanut butter starts to move around inside of your mouth you are struggling to make it go the way that you want it to go - but chasing it around is great tasty fun !
        Crunchy peanut butter on a slice of fresh bread is just amazing and it is so good spread onto a hot muffin too.

        Now, 100g of this delicious spread contains a terrifying 594 calories, so it is one spread that must be approached with caution. I find that I can only get the full benefit if the crunchy peanut butter is spread fairly thickly, stint on it and you lose that delicious roasted taste.
        I think that the Sainsbury's crunchy peanut butter is equally as good as any of the famous brand names.
        If you want to pay upwards of 50p more a jar then you can join the Sunpat club but I see no reason not to trust the Sainsbury's version 100%.
        Mind you, sometimes you see Sunpat peanut butter advertised on a promotion and then I would more than likely be tempted to buy a jar.

        Sainsbury's state clearly that the crunchy peanut butter is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.
        Anyone who has a nut or a soya allergy should steer well clear of this or any other peanut butter.
        A cracking 91% of the contents of the jar of Sainbury's crunchy peanut butter is roasted peanuts, the nuts are mixed with peanut oil, cane sugar and a little salt .
        I love it, I know full well that it is naughty but I can live with that !


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          24.08.2009 14:24
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          I have loved this stuff ever since being little!

          I love peanut butter so much and I don't mind the brand as long as it's got bits in it - I don't like the smooth stuff!

          This 340g jar cost 99p from Sainsbury's and has a year's use by date on it not that it will last than long, lol!

          The jar is glass (recycle please!) and has a few painted peanuts on the front label and a twist top lid with a paper seal on the inside of the jar...

          Suitable for vegetarians and the ingredients contain 91% peanuts with peanut oil and brown cane sugar, palm oil and sea salt, this is really unhealthy fattening stuff.
          A simple teaspoon full is 59 calories (10g) or 100g equals 594 calories so eat in moderation!

          Peanuts are really high in both protein and fat so the protein is 23.2g pre 100g, the fats are a whopping 50.2g in this product but there is a bit of fibre (6.7g) so it's not all bad news :(

          The problem with this stuff is it is really moreish; I can eat it straight from the jar which grosses most people out. ;)

          Peanut butter is nice on toast or in sandwiches. It is a golden colour and very firm in texture; you really have to push a knife into it as it is really solid. Although it is called 'butter' the crunchy type is almost solid and the peanut chopped bits make it thicker still.

          If I eat it on its own it feels really dry on my lips and leaves me really thirsty afterwards, so for this reason it's better mixed with other things to add moisture to it like normal butter on toast.

          Obviously it is very dangerous for people with nut allergies which is a shame :(

          I love this stuff; I love how thick in consistency it is and how much of a change it is on crackers or in tortillas or eat it with breadsticks. You can add it to allsorts of food if you like as well...

          This Sainsbury's type is really good quality too at a reasonable price, I recommend it.

          I think it deserves five stars for a great price for something that lasts ages in the fridge.


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            22.10.2008 00:14
            Very helpful



            Mmmmmm it's delicious!!!

            COST (@ 21.10.08): 78p for a 340g jar

            NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per serving):

            Calories: 59
            Kj: 246
            Protein: 2.3g
            Carbohydrate: 1.2g
            - of which sugars: 0.7g
            Fat: 5.0g
            - of which saturates: 1.0g
            Fibre: 0.7g
            Salt: 0.10g
            Sodium: Trace


            Roasted peanuts (91%), peanut oil, brown cane sugar, palm oil, sea salt


            Suitable for coeliacs
            Contains peanuts (!!!)
            Not suitable for nut or soya allergy sufferers


            Sainsbury's Crunchy Peanut Butter is to be found in most, if not all branches of Sainsbury's, and is situated alongside other spreads such as jam, honey, lemon curd etc. It comes in a clear glass jar with a bright red screw-top lid, and a paper label is securely glued around the middle, mostly coloured in different shades of red. There is an image of a couple of peanuts on the paper label, and the word "Sainsbury's" is written at the top in white letters. Underneath is the word "crunchy" in yellow letters, and below that, at a slightly upward-slanting angle, are the words "peanut butter" - also in yellow. The red lid unscrews to reveal a sealed hygiene foil cover on the top of the jar. This seal is very easy to remove.

            The peanut butter inside the jar is a medium to pale-ish brown, and smells good - has a strong peanut aroma - and little nuggets of broken peanut are evenly distributed through the butter part. On the top surface of the jar contents is a very thin, fine film of oil, which, using a knife, is easily mixed into the rest of the peanut butter. Being as the oil film really is only a smear, it doesn't pour away well, because of there not being enough of it to do so.

            Unlike some brands of peanut butter, the Sainsbury's Crunchy variety has a very good, firm, but easily spreadable consistency, and isn't too stiff. If you plunge the knife inside and dig out a wodge, you will find it curls rather nicely around the knife blade, but isn't so soft that it falls off onto the kitchen top or the floor. It looks extremely appetising, and spreads very easily onto bread, rolls, toast, crackers or crispbreads.

            It isn't clear from the information on the Sainsbury's Crunchy Peanut Butter jar or from their website, what quantity of the product they consider a single serving is, so it won't be easy to gauge your calorie intake when eating the stuff, as gram for gram, peanut butter in general - and Sainsbury's Crunchy is no exception - is rather high in calories and fat. If you are like me though, a little peanut butter goes a long way, and a jar of this lasts me for months. I never buy the smooth variety, as for me at least 70% of the pleasure of eating peanut butter comes from crunching on the solid pieces of nut.

            Of course, the real testing is in the flavour. Sainsbury's Crunchy Peanut Butter has a very slightly - but not overly - sweet-ish taste, and a very good, moist but firm consistency. The butter part is very smooth, and the little nuggets of peanut taste great when crunched - nor is it too greasy or too dry, or too salty, like some other brands are. Certain other brands can give you that horrible feeling when the peanut butter sticks inside your mouth and you can't seem to get rid of it, but Sainsbury's Crunchy is easy to swallow, and doesn't feel like chewing on the contents of a cement mixer.

            It tastes very good on its own, too, and sometimes if I'm a bit peckish at bed time and can't be bothered to prepare a light snack, I will just dig a teaspoon into my Sainsbury's Crunchy Peanut Butter jar and eat it as it is. That little mouthful is enough to take the edge off my hunger and allow me to sleep - it is incredibly tasty too. A little willpower is required though, because this peanut butter is very more-ish stuff!

            I have tried most, if not all brands of peanut butter over the years - some I have liked a lot, and some I have found very inferior - but the Sainsbury's Crunchy version is incredibly nice, being 10p cheaper than most other similar brands, and a whopping 71p cheaper than Whole Earth....it tastes better too!

            I don't see any reason why I should change my brand of peanut butter away from Sainsbury's Crunchy, as it certainly does the trick - great consistency, smells lovely and has a very good, nutty taste that compliments whatever you spread it onto very well. The only little gripe I do have - and this isn't directed at Sainsbury's specifically....it's at the manufacturer's of this type of glass jar container....why is it so very hard to reach the last bits of the peanut butter out of any jar? It adheres horribly to the ridge at the top of the jar, and is very awkward to get at.

            Another 10 out of 10 for Sainsbury's!!!!!

            On a closing note....I do find it a little absurd that Sainsbury's need to print on their jar that this product actually contains peanuts, and that it isn't suitable for peanut allergy sufferers - but they aren't alone in stating the obvious. I believe they do this just to cover themselves, and close down any loopholes that the compensation brigade could crawl through.

            Thanks for reading!


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