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Sainsbury's Raspberry Conserve

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Type: Jam

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2008 16:40
      Very helpful
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      Packed with fruit it tastes delicious.

      Jams, preserves and conserves are well worth paying just that extra penny or two for. Time and time again I have been lulled into a false sense of security and have snapped up a so called bargain pot of conserve, only to find that I have been robbed of my hard earned money and have had to disguise it in pastry and pass it off as Jam tart.
      The last time I fell hook line and sinker was in a discount store and as grown woman I should have known better. The conserve looked inviting, both the jar and the overall colour tempted me. I was sure that I could see large chunks of Apricot floating in that jar, but when I decided to spread it on my slice of fresh bread it showed its true colours. I was literally eating a tasteless golden coloured syrup and im convinced that they had inadvertently forgotten to add the apricots.
      So I learned the hard way as so many of us do.

      The Sainsbury`s Raspberry Conserve is about £1.43 for a 340 gram jar, so if we are thinking in terms of price then it does work out more expensive.
      The jar itself is attractive, not the usual plain glass variety, but a jar with five sides. I always save my jars for pickling.
      The labelling is straightforward, Sainsbury`s Raspberry Conserve.
      Overall attractively and honestly presented.

      The jar has the normal vacuum seal, once you have twisted the lid and broken the seal, then you see the mass of raspberries that have been squeezed into the jar.
      As you dip into the conserve there is no `jelly like` texture, so many have that artificial and insipid jelly that looks and tastes so fake. All you see on the jam spoon is a heap of deep ruby red raspberries. They have been packed in so tightly that there isn't room for any excess and unwanted jelly.
      The conserve looks second to none as you put a blob onto your slice of fresh bread and butter. When you bite into it it is a flavour to savour, not too sweet, a slight sharpness to it, but raspberry conserve it most certainly is.
      The overall texture is on the firm side but that's due to the heavy fruit content, it spreads so easily and you really feel as though you have something well worth eating on your bread.

      The Raspberry Conserve can be enjoyed by Vegetarians.
      Every 15g teaspoonful has 156 calories.
      For every 100g of conserve 55g is pure fruit.
      Sainsbury`s Raspberry Conserve is perfect for toast or crumpets and delicious with a scone and clotted cream.
      I haven't used it in any of my baking, but the only reason for that is that it seems far too enjoyable as it is.
      Sainsbury`s recommend that the jar is stored in the fridge after it has been opened, it will keep in first class condition for about 6 weeks.


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        07.11.2008 23:36
        Very helpful



        Good taste, but just not the best I've tried.

        What is better on a bit of toast than a fruity sweet conserve? Sainsbury's Raspberry Conserve retails in Sainsbury's only at £1.20 for 340g. It comes in a clear glass jar, with a black lid, and a fairly plain wrapper.

        The conserve itself is a lovely deep red colour, and does have some fruity pieces. It is quite fruity tasting, but not overwhelmingly sweet.

        The ingredients are:
        Glucose-fructose Syrup, Raspberries, Sugar, Gelling Agent (pectin, Citric Acid), Acidity Regulator (sodium Citrates.).
        It is prepared with 55g of fruit per 100g, and 62g sugar per 100g.

        Unfortunatley I was not completely satisfied with this product. The consistency is quite thin, which is a bit disappointing, as it makes the conserve a bit runny, and in the end you do end up using more than you should. I compare it to other brands I hav tried, and for me this one was just not the best.


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      Jam - Spread

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