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Sainsbury's Smooth Peanut Butter

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3 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Peanut Butter

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2008 11:46
      Very helpful




      The best sandwich filler there is, I also love it on warm crumpets; it melts in a gorgeously sticky way! heaven....

      Sainsburys do a smooth and a crunchy peanut butter in their range.
      These are identifiable by a red or blue label.

      The peanut butters are both available in 2 sizes: 340g and 454g. The 2 sizes are very similar in price, last time I checked there was only 10p between them so it makes sense to buy the bigger one.
      340g was 79p
      454g was 89p

      I prefer the smooth peanut butter so this is the one I buy and will review:

      I don't eat it often as it isn't very healthy at all!
      But when I do have some on asandwich or crumpet I go all out and pile it on!

      It is packaged in a clear glass jar with a blue lid and a blue label, the label states 'Sainsburys' in white writing and 'Smooth Peanut Butter' in yellow, more fancy letters.

      It also states that it is suitable for vegetarians on the front of the label.
      There is the usual pie chart of nutritional info which regular Sainsburys shopprs will be used to.

      The blue label has simple pictures of whole peanuts.

      The ingredients list is short which always makes me feel better!

      * Roasted Peanuts (90%), Brown Cane Sugar, Peanut Oil, Palm Oil, Sea Salt.

      So the ingredients aren't bad suprisingly; all natural stuff, no additives or colours.

      Nutritional Information
      Sainsburys use the 'traffic light system' which I will explain first:
      red: means a treat, avoid if you can.
      amber: not bad, eat in moderation.
      green: eat when you want, good for you.

      The pie chart one the front of the jar states the following amounts per 10g serving (which is approximately a teaspoon of peanut butter, not a lot!)

      Calories: 61 (red)
      Fat: 5.3 g (red)
      Saturated fat: 1.1g (red)
      Salt: 0.1g (amber)
      Sugar: 0.6g (green)

      So the majority of the nutritional information is RED so avoid if you can and only eat as a treat! :(

      My Opinions
      A delicious sticky peanut butter.
      I only like Peanut butter that sticks to the roof of your mouth because its so sticky and this passes the test!
      Once melted on a crumpet or toast it is a little less sticky and lovely and runny too!

      The colour of the butter is lovely, i've noticed recently that some branded peanut butter is a very pale colour which I don't find as appetising whereas this is still golden brown and we know there are no added colours so its a good, healthy colour!

      Peanut butter never has a very strong smell but it does smell nice and nutty as you would expect from something which is 90% peanuts!

      I've always loved Peanut butter and in my opinion this is the best, I have tried Sunpat and other Supermarket brands and this is my favourite regardless of price.

      A definited must buy for peanut butter lovers!


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        20.04.2008 17:51
        Very helpful



        A Household Fave Round Ours

        Sainsbury's Smooth Peanut Butter costs just 78p for a 340g jar which is considerably less than you expect to pay for the leading brand. It comes in a heavy glass jar with a blue label and lid which I like because plastic containers are easily damaged when you keep getting them in and out of the cupboard for a few weeks or months of regular use. It's good that you can recycle the jar after use too when you think about how much packaging you have to throw in the bin normally. You can also get this in little 227g jars for 49p if you just want to try it or fancy a small amount.

        It really is very smooth with no chunks of peanut in at all which is handy as the Mrs has a thing about 'bits' in her food. It's quite thick really too and very gooey but in a solid way. You have to be careful not to go mad with this stuff because it gets all stuck around the insides of your mouth if you're not careful! I think that only really happens if you use too much in something like a sandwich though. If you have it on toast, it tends to melt a bit and the consistency thins so it doesn't go all sludgy in your mouth.

        The taste is gorgeous and just like peanut butter should taste - peanutty and buttery. It tastes lovely and thick which is how I personally like my peanut butter. If you're not mad about this stuff and just like a little bit now and again, I'd suggest looking at a cheaper version or a low fat alternative as this is overpowering really and only for those who're really keen on strong peanut butter. This is very high in fat but the daughter reliably informs me that fat from nuts is really good for you in moderation. I think this is a great spread for using a few times a week on your toast or in your sandwiches if you like your butter a bit nutty.


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          19.01.2008 23:32
          Very helpful



          Save a few pennies and try this!

          I'm a huge fan of bread! Toasted or sandwiches I just don't care but I could happily munch through a whole loaf daily! In my cupboard I have a variety of Jams and Peanut Butters and all sorts of weird stuff. My mum accidently picked this up ages ago instead of my usual peanut butter and since then I've converted to always having this if she shops in Sainsbury's.

          So the product is Sainsbury's 'Smooth' Peanut Butter and it comes in a 340g glass jar with dark blue labelling and a matching blue screw on lid with best before date situated inside it. On the label its tells me the weight, the customer care line number, the ingredients and nutritional values. All very simple in packaging and understanding to read. You can see the peanut through the jar and the butter itself has a foil cover you have to remove upon first opening.

          The Peanut Butter:

          Smooth and thick. So thick that when it's in your mouth you can feel the grit it has of the peanuts but it is smooth at the same time so no chunky pieces that make you choke, hence why I always have smooth. It has a natural sweetness and isn't crammed full of sweeteners and/or sugars. It's gently salted and you can taste that through out it but again that salt actually enhances the flavour and doesn't disguise it. It's very roasted. and very flavoursome there is no questioning that this only tastes of peanuts. When eaten it doesn't leave any kind of nasty bitter taste.

          Although it is thick in texture and gets stuck to the roof of your mouth temporarily it spreads really easily onto bread without getting a tearing effect. On toast it actually melts without going all sticky and landing everywhere but on the bread. Sounds daft for me to say that but I'm a bit of a peanut butter connisoeur and some are so thick and gooey you end up with a slab of peanut butter with bread added and I prefer it the other way around! Bread with peanut butter!


          If you like peanut butter I can't see any reason at all you wouldn't like this. Its comparable to the leading brands and I personally can't tell the difference and I eat loads of the stuff!
          Sainsbury's do, do a low fat version and I recognise this is high in fat but it is derived from natural 'healthy fats' and not crammed with junk!


          Roasted Peanuts (90%), Brown Cane Sugar, Peanut Oil, Palm Oil, Sea Salt.
          Suitable for vegetarians.
          Not suitable for people with nut allergies (lol).

          Nutritional Information.... Per Teaspoon:

          Energy 61kcal
          Protein 2.3g
          Carbohydrate 1.2g
          of which is sugars 0.6g
          of which is starch 0.6g
          Fat 5.3g
          of which is saturates 1.1g
          of which is mono-unsaturates 2.6g
          of which is polyunsaturates 1.6g
          Fibre 0.7g
          Sodium less than 0.1g

          227g 49p
          340g 78p

          Only available In Sainsbury's

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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