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Somerfield Brussels Pate

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Brand: Somerfield / Type: Pates

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2009 15:03
      Very helpful



      Well worth buying if you like liver pate


      PRICE: 85p for 175g

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 30g serving):

      Calories: 104
      Kj: 429
      Protein: 3.6g
      Carbohydrate: 1.3g
      (of which sugars): 0.8g)
      Fat: 9.3g
      (of which saturates: 3.5g)
      Fibre: 0.1g
      Sodium: 0.24g
      Salt equivalent: 2.0g


      Pork liver (33%), pork fat, pork (12%), pork rind, water, onion, eggs, salt, wheat starch, dextrose, tomato paste, coriander, pepper, marjoram, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, mace, E300, E301, E250


      Contains egg, wheat and gluten


      Though I loathe straightforward liver, liver pate is something I occasionally fancy and enjoy. Just once in a month of August Bank Holiday Mondays the urge for some will hit, then I'll buy a little pack and usually enjoy it, although the only way I can eat it is in a sandwich with lots of cucumber. I don't really like the coarse pate, and always opt for the smooth variety - for me, the smoother the better.

      One of these bizarre moods of fancy hit me the other day, so I popped a pack of Somerfield Brussels Pate into my basket.

      The pate comes in a cream-coloured plastic fairly shallow carton, with a blue label that shows Somerfield's trading logo, plus a thick slice of white bread spread with pate. The sides show nutritional information, ingredients, allergy advice and storage instructions, and the base of the carton gives Somerfield's quality claim and contact details.

      The lid of the carton is easy to flip off, and the pate inside the container is protected by a silver foil seal, which is also easily removed.

      The pate inside is a pleasant pale brownish pink colour, swirled into a little peak on the top. It gives off no distinctive smell, but does look rather appetising.

      My knife slid easily into the very smooth pate, and whilst I was moving the knife to my slice of bread, no bits fell off - therefore no gungy mess needed to be cleaned from either myself or kitchen surfaces. Smooth as softened butter, the pate spread across the slice of bread like a dream, and though firm in consistency, it was soft enough to smear evenly over the bread and into the corners, with ease.

      Once my sandwich was made and I settled to eat it, on moving it close to my mouth I did notice a very faint liver pate kind of smell, but it wasn't in the slightest bit overbearing. I took a bite, and did the taste test.

      The pate was very smooth in my mouth, blending beautifully with the cucumber. Of course it was fatty, but then because it's made with butter, pate is, and it's to be expected. It wasn't fatty in the sense of having globules of animal matter in it though. The taste was quite spicy and herby, but on the mild side as regards the liver flavour, which is how I personally prefer it.

      The sandwich was so very tasty, that I immediately went and made another, enjoying it just as much as the first.

      Some shop bought liver pates can be a bit too heavy on the liver for me, but this one was just right. As far as nutrition goes, it is very high in protein, but the advantage of that is probably outweighed by the incredibly high fat content - but if you want to eat liver pate, you must expect it to be high in fat. Though the taste is very strong, it isn't as cloying and rich as some other brands of pate, and for me this is a bonus.

      The whole carton lasted me about four days, and that was making the odd sandwich with it here and there, so overall it's a pretty economical product to use, especially as no butter or margarine is needed on the bread.

      Somerfield Brussels Pate is lovely - and I declare it one of the best brands I've ever tasted, plus it's a few pence cheaper than most. Though I've so far only eaten it with cucumber in a sandwich, I'd imagine it would taste delicious spread on all different types of savoury biscuit or cracker, and a little dollop inside a few vol au vents would make a nice contribution to party finger food.

      I'll certainly be buying Somerfield Brussels Pate again, the next time the mood for it falls upon me, and I recommend it highly.

      Thanks for reading!


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