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St Dalfour Black Cherry Preserve

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4 Reviews

Brand: St Dalfour / Type: Marmelades

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    4 Reviews
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      08.04.2010 09:36
      1 Comment



      Darkness and decadence comes to breakfast

      This is a dark and decadent jam from St Dalfour and one which you won't want to leave off the breakfast table! The main thing to recommend this jam is the huge chunks of cherry that lurk within the innocent looking jar. I always enjoy a jam which doesn't seek to punish me, and the main way in which other spreads disappoint is in their lack of character. However with the chunks of cherry that this 'fruit spread' (ha!) serves up, it can sit deservedly on the shelf next to your Mum's home made without fear of embarrassment. It would probably even be possible in moments of domestic Goddess one-upmanship to decant this into a different jar and pass it off as your own, but if someone recognised the deep cherry chunks lurking in the curiously flavourful juice, you'd have to face the inevitable consequences of admitting you bought it at Tescos. You have been warned!


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        18.02.2010 14:55
        Very helpful



        Great if you are trying to avoid processed sugar

        When my mom was first diagnosed with type two diabetes many years ago we started to check labels on grocery products to find the ones with low or no sugar and one of the best that we found was the range of St Dalfour spreads, which are effectively jams of all different flavours.

        I have since been diagnosed with type two diabetes so this product is still as useful now as it was then.

        The spread is found in the supermarket or health food shop and is one the shelf with the jams and marmalades. The supermarkets usually stock flavours such as strawberry, raspberry, thick cut orange, apricot and blackberry which are the ones that I would consider to be the more common flavours of jam. In more specialist shops I have seen raspberry & pomegranate, four fruits, blueberry, orange & ginger, black cherry, blackcurrant and golden peach. So you see there is an extensive range of flavours to be found. When mom was alive she tried quite a few of them as she loved all sorts of flavours of jam and I used to try and find the unusual ones for her. She never did find one that she didn't like!

        I did try the thick cut orange flavour in place of marmalade but it didn't taste as good as Golden Shred. I'm rather a marmalade fan you see.

        This spread isn't cheap at around £2 for a jar containing 284g but in this case you really do get the quality that you pay for.

        So back to the jam shelf in the supermarket - you'll find the St Dalfour spread in tall slim glass jars with a screw top. The one I about to describe to you is the black cherry flavour.

        The label on the front of the jar is very smart and classy. It has the words 'St Dalfour France Rhapsodie de Fruit High Fruit Content Spread Black Cherry'. There is then a small picture of black cherries and the words 'no added sugar' and 'an old French recipe of delicious black cherries sweetened only with fruit juice concentrate'.

        So you can see why we chose to try this particular spread initially for mom, but as I describe the taste you'll see why we have carried on using it since!

        First I had to remove the plastic seal around the top of the jar and then as I removed the screw top there was that satisfying 'pop'. Both of these things let me know the jar had been fully sealed and not subsequently tampered with the lovely fragrance of black cherries wafted out.

        The spread looked a lovely dark reddish colour; it was firm and I could see black cherries in there - which is good considering it was black cherry spread! LOL!

        The taste of this spread is superb! It tasted of black cherries (obviously enough!) and it is sweet enough but not synthetically sweet as some jams are. In fact to me the taste is perfect.

        I admit that I don't eat much jam but I do make a batch of jam tarts when my sister comes to visit as they are her favourite and my mother in law often makes us a sponge cake and I sandwich the two halves together with St Dalfour jam ringing the changes on flavours. In both of these cases this spread is ideal and the texture and taste are both spot on!

        Now we'll get on to the nutritional information and first a list of what this spread does NOT contain:-

        Additives, artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives or flavours, GM ingredients, gluten, maize and monosodium glutamate. It has no added sugar.

        It is suitable for both diabetics and vegetarians.

        In fact the only ingredients contained in the spread are black cherries, unsweetened grape juice concentrate, lemon juice and pectin as a gelling agent.

        Every 100g of spread contains the following:
        Calories 230
        Protein 0.7g
        Carbohydrate 56g
        Of which fruit sugars 56g
        Fat 0.3g
        Fibre 1.2g
        Salt trace

        In conclusion I would definitely recommend St Dalfour spreads and not only for us diabetics! The price might be a bit on the high side but the packaging, smell, texture and taste are great so it's well worth it!

        Incidentally my sister bought me some nice foods as part of my Christmas present and one was the St Dalfour raspberry and pomegranate so I must get it set up here on Dooyoo as the spread is gorgeous!


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          29.10.2009 21:04
          Very helpful



          A wonderful preserve.

          I am rather prone to try to cut too many corners and one of my last corner cutting adventures landed me in hot water. I made a batch of jam tarts, I used the everyday mixed fruit jam that costs a pittance, the jam failed to melt in the heat of the oven, the tarts looked unappetising because the blob of jam just stayed put in the centre of the mini-pastry case and that is the end of my sorry tale.

          I adore jam and fruit preserves, they may be laden with sugar and have enough calories to curl your toenails but add a layer of fresh butter to a crunchy fresh crust of bread then top it off with a thick layer of extra fruity preserve and you have the next best thing to heaven.

          St Dalfour produce some extra fruity preserves that warrant paying the extra few pence, a 284g jar will cost you somewhere about the £1.40 mark and 100G of St Dalfour black cherry preserve contains 224 calories.
          When St Dalfour make their preserve they rely on the natural sugar that is contained in the fresh fruit plus some concentrated grape juice to sweeten the fruity spread.
          This information should give you insight into how natural the preserve is. St Dalfour use no added colour or preservatives in their fruit spread.
          Once the cherries have mingled with the grape and lemon juice there is sufficient sweetness to satisfy.

          The black cherry preserve looks really rich and luxurious, the cherries have had some grape juice, lemon juice and some pectin added to them when they have been cooked. The grape juice helps to add a lovely zippy tang to the preserve and the pectin helps the fruit to set.
          The consistency of the St Dalfour black cherry jam is right, in fact it really is perfect. The cherries just glisten in the semi-set syrup and they are ripe for spreading.

          I feel that you need to use a spoon to get a good helping out of the jar, add that spoonful of cherry spread to some hot toast, croissants, crusty bread or even put a spoonful on top of a helping of rich vanilla ice cream and you have set the scene for the perfect snack.
          Try the St Dalfour black cherry spread on hot toasted muffins or crumpets, you will not be disappointed.
          Of course this cherry spread is not meant to last, once you have broken the seal and started the pot then just a few days later you find that you are confronted with the bottom of the barrel so to speak !

          St Dalfour jams are produced in France and they use recipes that have been tried, tested and added to by each generation.
          St Dalfour export their products all over the world and the company are now also renowned for their ready meals and their selection of green and black tea.

          St Dalfour have at least eighteen different fruit preserves and some of them can be served with cold meat.
          The black cherry preserve is my favourite but I also love the Orange and ginger preserve, it is unusual and the ginger makes it something different, it stands out in a crowd.

          Next time you are in Sainsbury's and you happen to be in the jam and preserve aisle then stop and take a look at the St Dalfour products.
          The long slender glass bottles with the elegant labels are easy to find. Buy a jar and then walk into the bakery aisle and pick up a pack of freshly baked scones, turn left into the dairy aisle and grab hold of a pot of extra thick double cream and then wend your way home to feast yourself.

          Forget about those calories and whatever you do don't put the preserve into your jam tarts ! It is worth far more than that.
          A first class product that is so very enjoyable.


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            03.11.2008 13:36
            Very helpful



            st Dalfour fruit spred

            I love French cuisine and for me one of the best preserves on the market has to be St Dalfour fruit spreads. St Dalfour are a French company with their headquarters in the Loire valley. Whenever we go on holiday to France St Dalfour is always on our breakfast menu.

            Although St Dalfour costs more than other brands of preserve I think it is well wrth the extra cost.There are lots of lovely varieties to choose from in this range but my all time favourite has to be the black cherry. St Dalfour black cherry fruit spread is made without the addition of any sugar. Its sweetness comes from unsweetened grape juice. In addition all St Dalfour fruit spreads contain around 50% fruit,you really do get what you pay for! St Dalfour spread come in 2 size jars,28 grams and 284 grams. They are widely available and a 284 gram jar will cost you around £1.60.

            St Dalfour black cherry fruit spread really does taste of black cherries. I love the fact that each jar has plenty of big juicy cherries. Its colour is as you would expect dark red.St Dalfour spreads don't contain any artificail flavours,colourings or sweetners.

            Not only do these fruit spreads taste great on bread or toast but they are wonderful drizzled over ice cream or into a bowl of porridge. St Dalfour fruit spreads are delicious but don't take my word for it!


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            No added sugar. Product of France.