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St Dalfour Strawberry Fruit Spread

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4 Reviews

Brand: St Dalfour / Type: Fruit Spread

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    4 Reviews
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      08.11.2013 22:23
      Very helpful



      A really nice alternative to jam

      When it comes to feeding my 18 month old Son Jayden I am pretty lucky as he will eat almost anything I give him, he really does love his food, I have always made his food myself and have very rarely given him jars of food.  Now he is eating basically what we eat I still like to make sure he eats healthy with plenty of fruit and veg and very little junk food (apart from the odd treat)

      When it comes to lunch I find he often has the same few things and I wanted to give him something different, so whilst shopping in my local Tesco I had a quick look to see what other sorts of things I could give him either on toast or in a sandwich, I didn't want to buy him jam due to the extremely high sugar content, I then spotted St Dalfour High Fruit Content Spread, I remember my Mum buying me this when I was younger as it is a jam type product but it is literally pure fruit with no added sugar, I used to have it as I am diabetic and it meant I could have jam on my toast sometimes, from what I remembered it was extremely tasty so I decided to buy a jar for Jayden to try, I went for strawberry flavour.  

      The St Dalfour High Fruit Content Spread basically looks like a good quality strawberry jam (not the cheaper ones that are just like a red jelly) it was of a thickish consistency and you could clearly see it was made with real strawberries as there were large chunks of the fruit in the spread.  

      This particular flavour fruit spread is a dark red colour when in the glass jar, although when spread onto bread or toast you can see that the red is slightly lighter.  You can tell this is not actually a jam as it does have a bit of a different consistency, it does not have that sort of jelly texture that jams have and was softer to spread.

       When I first opened the jar I noticed that the fruit spread had a lovely sweet strawberry smell to it, it smelt of fresh strawberries there was no artificial fragrance at all.  The thing that drew my attention to this product is the fact that it is a no added sugar and natural product, this spread contains only naturally occurring sugars and is free from flavourings, colourings and preservatives, it is sweetened using fruit juice concentrate only, all the ingredients are natural so you do not have to worry about the content of this spread.  

      The content of the St Dalfour High Fruit Content Spread Strawberry is basically strawberries, unsweetened grape juice, lemon juice and fruit pectin gelling agent.
      This product comes in a range of flavours including 
      * Strawberry (the one we have)
      * Raspberry
      * Apricot
      * Blackcurrant
      * Thick Cut Orange
      * Black Cherry
      I went for the strawberry one as I thought this would be the one Jayden would prefer, however I do think some of the other flavours sound tasty and would like to give them a try. 

      As I have mentioned I purchased my jar of St Dalfour High Content Fruit Spread Strawberry from my local Tesco and the 284g jar cost be £1.99, this is quite expensive compared to other jams that are available, some you can buy for under £1.00, however personally I think this product is worth the money as you know that it is a natural product that is not full of added sugar and preservatives, it is a much healthier way to allow your child to have jam type products.  

      Personally I would rather pay a bit more for a product that is healthier and natural compared to a cheaper version that is packed full or sugars and other unhealthy ingredients.  

      I have been giving Jayden St Dalfour High Content Fruit Spread for a few weeks now (not every day) and he loves it, I have also given it a try myself to see if it was as good as I remembered.  

      The fruit spread has a lovely sweet taste to it and the flavour of the strawberries is natural and not artificial like some other jams I have tried on occasion.  I personally like this fruit spread as I it natural and a much healthier way to allow my Son to have a jam type product without all the added sugars and preservatives, this spread is basically fruit and a much healthier option, I also like this product as I am diabetic and it allows me to have a jam type product on my toast sometimes.

       Whilst this is a little on the expensive side for a small jar of the fruit spread it is in my opinion well worth the money.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, it is ideal for the whole family and I will be purchasing it again in the future.  


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      11.09.2012 11:50
      Very helpful



      This is an absolutely yummy jam full of wholesome goodness - definitely recommended!

      I'm not someone who's particularly fond of jams. I usually find them a bit too sweet and artificial for my liking - just like some sort of sugary goo used to spread on breads or crackers. But St Dalfour's jams have proven me wrong - and they're the only jam that I enjoy eating.

      St Dalfour is a French brand founded in 1984. Their luscious jams are produced in a facility in the Aquitaine region of Southwest France. The one thing that sets St Dalfour's jams apart from others is that their jams are made from natural fruits and free from any preservative or added sugars - so you are assured that with every scoop of jam that you're having, it's all wholesome, healthy goodness!

      All of St Dalfour's jams, regardless of flavor, take on the same packaging - a rather tiny cylindrical bottle made of glass, with an air-tight cap. There's a dark blue sticker that has a very simple and classic design, with the flavor stated clearly with accompanying pictures. The jams commonly come in two sizes - the normal larger 284 g bottle as well as a smaller, travel-sized bottle (not sure what this size is). I really like the glass jars - they do look really classy and you can reuse them later on. The only (and very slight) problem is that these jars have quite a small base so it could get quite difficult to scoop up the jam that is at the base of the container. One way to get around this is to just turn the container around (leaving you with a blop of jam when you open the bottle), although you can struggle using a long dessert spoon to get the remaining jam out as well.

      The Strawberry flavor is amongst one of my favourites of the St Dalfour range (I absolutely adore the Blackcurrant one as well). To me, Strawberry is one of the most common but trickiest flavours of jams to get right. Add too much sugar - and it becomes coyingly sweet. Add too little fruit - and it becomes artificial. St Dalfour gets it just right. The jam itself is sweet enough, yes, but you can, at the same time, taste a hint of the original sourness of strawberry. There are also strawberry bits, and you can actually see the 'pores' of the strawberry fruit inside the jam itself - this is real stuff.

      This jam is absolutely lovely on a piece of hot, piping croissant and a small slab of butter. On days when I feel less indulgent, I just have this on a normal slice of bread. Sometimes I have jam with crackers and some cheese for a midday snack to boost my energy. There are countless ways to add this jam as a little delight to your food.

      This jam is available at most supermarkets for about £1.79, which is a little more expensive than usual. It's also available in a variety of other flavours including Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Thick Apricot and Thick Cut Orange. I definitely recommend that you try the Strawberry jam as well as the others - and see what you might like most!


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        05.07.2009 21:58
        Very helpful



        Highly Recommended

        Strawberry St Dalfour is a reasonably priced fruit spread at £1.45 for a 284g jar in Tesco. I had previously tried the raspberry spread version from this brand and found it a little on the slippery side. So another Dooyoo member suggested that the strawberry version was thicker, so I decided to give it a go.

        My first impressions of this were fairly good. Unfortunately, the very first time I spread this stuff, I found half the top of a strawberry mashed up ontop of my poor sandwich! I know this product is going to have 'bits' in it, but I wasn't expecting a great chunk of strawberry like I found.

        It appears to be a case of bad luck that first time though, as I have found anything like it in the rest of the jar. This spread is definitely that little bit thicker than the raspberry version is, and it's a lot less slimey too. It's not quite as thick as jam is, but then that's to be expected given that this is a real fruit spread and not a classic jam.

        Each jar contains nothing but: Strawberries, Unsweetened Grape Juice Concentrate, Lemon Juice and Gelling Agent (Pectin). Not even a teaspoon of sugar has gone into the entire jar. Surely it tastes a bit like bitter sugar-free jams do? Nope, not at all. In fact this tastes almost as sweet and sugary as traditional jam does!

        Healthwise this stuff is pretty decent. 100g contains 224 calories, 56g of sugar and 0.4g of fat. That's in 100g remember, so a standard serving of maybe 20g for a couple of slices of toast is pretty low in fat and calories, and not bad in sugars either. Plus they're natural sugars from fruit.

        This is definitely one to try if you love strawberry jam but want to try to be that little bit healthier. It's also a superb idea for kids. The jar has to be kept in the fridge which is a pain, but understandable given the real fruit content. A jar can be kept open for up to four months in the fridge, so there's no major rush to use it up. All in all, a good little product.


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          21.12.2008 19:32
          Very helpful



          A great jam and not just for diabetics

          When my mom was first diagnosed with type two diabetes many years ago we started to check labels on grocery products to find the ones with low or no sugar and one of the best that we found was the range of St Dalfour spreads, which are effectively jams of all different flavours.

          I have since been diagnosed with type two diabetes so this product is still as useful now as it was then.

          The spread is found in the supermarket or health food shop and is one the shelf with the jams and marmalades. The supermarkets usually stock flavours such as strawberry, raspberry, thick cut orange, apricot and blackberry which are the ones that I would consider to be the more common flavours of jam. In more specialist shops I have seen raspberry & pomegranate, four fruits, blueberry, orange & ginger, black cherry, blackcurrant and golden peach. So you see there is an extensive range of flavours to be found. When mom was alive she tried quite a few of them as she loved all sorts of flavours of jam and I used to try and find the unusual ones for her. She never did find one that she didn't like!

          I did try the thick cut orange flavour in place of marmalade but it didn't taste as good as Golden Shred. I'm rather a marmalade fan you see.

          This spread isn't cheap at £1.53 for a jar containing 284g but in this case you do get what you pay for.

          So back to the jam shelf in the supermarket - you'll find the St Dalfour spread in tall slim glass jars with a screw top. The one I about to describe to you is the strawberry flavour.

          The label on the front of the jar is very smart and classy. It has the words 'St Dalfour France Rhapsodie de Fruit High Fruit Content Spread Strawberry'. There is then a small picture of strawberries and the words 'no added sugar' and 'an old French recipe of delicious strawberries sweetened only with fruit juice concentrate'.

          So you can see why we chose to try this particular spread initially for mom, but as I describe the taste you'll see why we have carried on using it since!

          As I removed the screw top with that satisfying 'pop' that let me know the jar had been sealed and not subsequently tampered with the lovely fragrance of strawberries wafted out.

          The spread looked firm and I could see strawberries in there - a good sign with strawberry jam I always think! LOL!

          The taste of this spread is superb! It tasted of strawberries (obviously enough!) and it is sweet enough but not synthetically sweet as some jams are. In fact to me the taste is perfect.

          I admit that I don't eat much jam but I do make a batch of jam tarts when my sister comes to visit as they are her favourite and my mother in law often makes us a sponge cake and I sandwich the two halves together with strawberry jam. In both of these cases this spread is ideal and the texture and taste are both spot on!

          Now we'll get on to the nutritional information and first a list of what this spread does NOT contain:-

          Additives, artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives or flavours, GM ingredients, gluten, maize and monosodium glutamate. It has no added sugar.

          It is suitable for both diabetics and vegetarians.

          In fact the only ingredients contained in the spread are strawberries, unsweetened grape juice concentrate, lemon juice and pectin as a gelling agent.

          Every 100g of spread contains the following:
          Calories 224
          Protein 0.8g
          Carbohydrate 61g
          Of which sugars 56g
          Fat 0.4g
          Fibre 3.5g
          Salt trace

          In conclusion I would definitely recommend St Dalfour spreads and not only for us diabetics! The price might be a bit on the high side but the packaging, smell, texture and taste are great so it's well worth it!


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