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Tartex Organic Vegetarian Pate Mushroom

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Type: Other Spreads / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2008 18:11
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to marmite, vegemite or jam.

      Most people love to eat toast for breakfast if not cereal or some people have both. I never know what to spread on my toast apart from butter, marmite or vegemite. I have occasionly tried jam and marmalade but usually end up throwing these out as they sit in the fridge for years growing a head of white furry mould.

      I recently spent some time living in France and I was unable to buy marmite or vegemite and I became really desperate for something to put on my toast. Well I say toast but you can't really do that with french bread. In fact the French don't eat toast as we do. They eat those pieces of chipboard, called French Toast which are dry and pretty tasteless. I know they make beautiful croissants and crispy baguettes but I only really like toast for brekkie. Anyway in my desperation, I went to the nearest town in the Midi , Villefranche, where there was a health food shop and I came across a selection of vegetarian spreads in tubes or small tins. They looked interesting and I vaguely remember tasting these ages ago but I had forgotten how delicious they actually are. So I bought two tubes - mushroom, and olive, popped in the boulangerie on the way home for a baguette and off I went feeling pleased with myself that I had found a new spread.

      So for those of you out there who haven't tasted this pate I will tell you a bit about it.

      Here are some facts:

      Tartex yeast pate comes in a 200gm handy squeezable tube - a bit like a toothpast tube. There are eight different varieties which are; mushroom, green olive, herb, classic, herb and garlic, chilli, sun dried tomato, roasted onion and pink peppercorn. You can spread it on toast, fresh rolls, crackers, biscuits, use it as a sandwich base, soups, savoury vegetarian dishes, or add it to a salad.

      It has a smooth creamy taste and when blended together with hot butter on toast is delicious. The appearance isn't too exciting to look at as it is a grey, brownish colour but that doesn't really matter as it is the taste that counts.

      My favourite pate is mushroom and the ingrediemts are as such;
      yeast, water, palm kernel oil, mushrooms (8%), potato starch, sunflower oil, sea salt, onion, mushroom extract (0.4%). I might add that there are no artificial ingredients.

      This organic pate and all others in the same range made by Tartex are suitable for diabetics and are dairy free, gluten free, lactose free and wheat free. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans contributing to a healthy diet.

      Nutritional Values per 100g:

      Energy 992kJ/239kcal, Protein 7g, Carbohydrate 10g, Fat 19g.

      You can also buy these delicious pates in ring pull cans which are very compact for storing in the fridge. They have a plastic lid to place on top once the seal is broken so it keeps fresh.

      The selection of flavours are: mushroom, pesto, Hungarian style(peppers, gherkin), mediterranean, green olive, and green peppercorn, mexican and herb.

      A little bit of info and history:

      The company was formed in 60 years ago in Freiburg, Germany. The first vegetarian pate to be manufactured and marketed was called 'standard' and which today is known as the 'classic'.
      In the sixties, the range was further expanded to include ready-to-serve meals and in the seventies, vegetable Ravioli was also introduced and today this is one of the most popular Tartex ready-to-serve meals.

      The brand name is known for producing a natural, delicious vegetable spread with a yeast base. It is sold throughout Europe and is a leader in the market of vegetarian spreads. A very healthy and delicious alternative to other spreads.

      You can buy it in most health food shops and on line.

      The tube retails at about £2 which isn't too expensive. The small 50gm tins cost about £1 so the tube is obviously a better buy.

      So what do you think? Will you be spreading it on your toast tomorrow morning or wading through your cereal?



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