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Tesco Crunchy Peanut Butter

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9 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Peanut Butter

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    9 Reviews
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      27.09.2011 16:06
      Very helpful



      Give this a try, you won't be disappointed

      I haven't had peanut butter for years, but during a recent trip to the supermarket I was really craving peanut butter on toast (no I'm not pregnant, I just overheard someone talking about it and really fancied it!). I did my usual comparison amongst all the brands available, and decided on this Tesco own brand crunchy peanut butter as it was the best value for money.

      The first thing I should say about this peanut butter is that it isn't smooth, but instead it contains chopped up peanuts which makes it crunchy. I love this crunch but I know it can cause controversy amongst different people's tastebuds in the same way the pure orange juice debate does (smooth vs bits).

      The packaging is a see through glass jar, so you can see the darkness of the peanut butter. It contains chopped peanuts which are just the right size as they are small enough to not get stuck in the teeth or throat, but not so small that you don't notice them. The bits of nut can easily be seen when spreading this peanut butter, and they are slightly lighter than the peanut butter itself.

      The peanut butter is thick but spreads really well. I tend to have mine on toast and love the way the peanut butter melts when it meets with the hot toast. It helps it to spread and makes it all buttery and gorgeous tasting. The peanut butter, like all good peanut butters, sticks to the roof of your mouth as you eat it. It tastes of peanuts (obviously) and is sweet but not sickly. It's a bit more interesting than smooth peanut butter as you can see the bits of peanut making the spread look lumpy on the toast.

      The peanut butter should be stored in a cool, dry place, and it warns on the packaging that oil separation can occur due to the ingredients. So if you open it and there's oil swimming on top, don't panic it hasn't gone off but just needs a good stir.

      Nutritionally, a tablespoon contains the following:

      Calories - 95
      Sugar - 0.8g
      Fat - 7.5g
      Saturates - 1.3g
      Salt - 0.1g

      The peanut butter costs £1.12 for a 340g jar, which is good value compared to the alternatives. There is a Tesco value peanut butter which is even cheaper but I haven't tried this yet so I'm not sure what the difference is. I honestly can't tell the difference between this peanut butter and the branded versions though so I would recommend giving this a try before splashing your cash.


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        01.09.2011 00:36
        Very helpful



        A fantastic crunchy peanut butter from Tesco.

        === The product ===

        This is a crunchy peanut butter from Tesco.

        === The packaging ===

        This is provided in a glass jar that is recyclable. The packaging is quite standard with a screw top lid, a white lid underneath keeping the peanut butter fresh and untouched by anyone else. There is also a paper sticky label on the jar that shows all the usual nutritional information, ingredients and company information.

        === How to use this ===

        Well I tend to spread mine on toast, have it as a sandwich filling, eat it with crackers or simply use it in baking to make some delicious peanut butter cookies.

        === Is this nice? ===

        Yes! The peanuts are lovely and crunchy and there is a smooth yet crunchy taste to this. I find that this is mouth wateringly delicious and goes so well on hot buttered toast. The peanuts are crushed well but still provide a delicious crunchy bite. There are lots of hard peanut edges and they are evenly spread with the buttery smooth spread.

        === Where can I buy this from & for how much? ===

        A 340g jar is available for £1.12 and a 700g jar is available for £2.15 (September 2011) from Tesco stores and www.tesco.co.uk (delivery charges may apply).

        === Overall opinion ===

        This peanut butter is ideal for the days when I do not want to put much effort in to what I am eating but I want something that is a little better for me than eating chocolate or crisps. Minimal effort is required to use this and it is fantastic for jazzing up a few store cupboard ingredients to turn in to peanut butter cookies.

        I find that this can settle a little if left in the cupboard and it usually just needs a little stir to ensure that it mixes back in together and all the oil is distributed evenly throughout the jar. This tends to happen with most peanut butter spreads and I think this could be due to the palm oil used in the product but I am not entirely sure.

        This is best served thick on toast and is absolutely delicious! I have used this, with great success, in a recipe for peanut butter cookies and I make mine using the following ingredients:

        100g crunchy peanut butter
        50g softened butter
        50g caster sugar
        50g light brown sugar
        1 beaten egg
        100g plain sifted flour
        10g baking powder

        Cream together everything except the egg, flour & baking powder. Then add the egg once beaten in add the flour & baking powder. Divide in to small balls, press down with a small fork gently and cook on a lined baking tray in the oven (180c) for around 20 minutes or so. Cool on a wire rack. Delicious!


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          31.07.2010 17:57
          Very helpful



          A wonderful peanut butter as half the cost of other brands

          Tesco - Crunchy Peanut Butter

          What a great snack onto toast and sandwich filler for only a £1.

          I have recently brought the Tesco range of peanut butter simple because my son loves the stuff and goes through one jar in a few days. With the price of Sunpat's brand at £2.09 I thought I would save myself £1.09 and try this own brand. There is a cheaper value one at 69p but we have already tried this and it wasn't that brilliant.


          The crunchy version comes in a red lidded topped glass jar that holds 349g. The label is mainly red with yellow peanuts dotted across the front of the label. The jar is sealed underneath the red lid with a white, easy to peel off plastic cover.

          The nutritional value information is listed on the right hand side of the front of the jar as is as follows;

          Per tablespoon:

          ** calories - 95
          ** sugar - 0.8g
          ** fat - 7.5g
          **Saturates - 1.3g
          ** Salt - 0.1g

          I always smile to myself when I see the ALLERY ADVICE on peanut products - yes you've guessed it- Recipe : contains Peanuts - No, really!!!

          This Peanut Butter brand is suitable for vegetarians.

          There is also some ueful information about storing - which lets you know that if stored incorrectly - oil separation may occur - so remember to store your jar of peanut butter in a cool, dry place.

          ~~~Aroma & Appearance~~~

          When opening the jar and peeling off the lid, you are instantly hit with a smooth, warm nutty smell. I was pleased that there wasn't a high salty smell that the cheaper value brand had. You could detect a hint of salt being present but only just. If you love peanuts you will love this smell - it is truly inviting and did get the taste buds watering.

          Before plunging my knife in I did notice the presence of a few air bubbles on the top of the mixture but this was dominated by the many peanut pieces. Oh a good sign there wouldn't be a shortage of nuts in this cheaper version. The knife slid smoothly into the peanut butter catching the bits of nuts as it went. These pieces of peanuts were slightly lighter in colour than the golden creamy butter mixture. There are a lot of pieces right through to the bottom of the jar, which I think makes this product a very good buy for the price. It seems to have just the same amount of nuts as the Sunpat version.

          It was very easy to spread on the toast and didn't clump very much - which can often be frustrating when in a hurry. Again the smell of warm peanuts seemed to become stronger as the mixture hits the hot toast.

          ~~~ Taste~~~

          Both my son and I agreed the taste was just as good as the more expensive brand.

          The peanuts were many and held their crunchiness in the buttery spread. Because the pieces were small in size they gave a real crunch to the taste that made it tasty on your tongue yet easy to chew and swallow. Your whole mouth is filled with a warm, satisfying taste that didn't become overly sweet. There is a salty hint of the salt sea that is used in the ingredients but it wasn't overpowering.

          I was also pleased that there wasn't an oily taste that often can destroy the tantalizing flavour of peanut butter.

          As I mentioned earlier on toast this brand was brilliant - it didn't clump or drag when spreading over the hot toast and the warmth of the toast complemented the nutty taste.

          So would this brand of peanut butter be just as good in a sandwich?

          In a nut shell (sorry couldn't resist) a big YES - My son loves peanut butter sandwiches when he gets in from school to keep him going until the evening meal. After being out all day we decided a round of these favourites would keep us both going until we had time to unpack and cook a proper meal.

          He likes a small spread of butter on the bread first and I must admit this did make the spreading of the peanut butter onto the bread easier.

          Because I don't have butter on my bread I did notice that if you tried to spread too much peanut butter onto the dry bread it did drag a little making it hard to make the sandwich. This does happen with the more expensive version so I wasn't that bothered.
          The taste was just as lovely. The mixture of creamy butter and crunchy peanuts made our sandwich snack wonderfully tasty and most satisfying.

          Would I recommend this cheaper version of peanut butter - Yes definitely!
          5 out of 5 from both of us here - taste, smell, texture and price - just as good as any more expensive brand.

          Thanks for reading
          X hev (on ciao and dooyoo)


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            07.05.2010 10:26
            Very helpful



            It has won my vote

            My hubby and I are both big peanut butter fans and were very disappointed when Sunkist changed the recipe for their crunchy peanut butter. It went from being really good to really dry and not so tasty. So a search for a new peanut butter was on.

            After trying all the supermarket own brands we have settled on Tesco crunchy peanut butter!

            Why - you may ask?

            Well the price is great it is sold for £0.89 per jar so is pretty good value. It is available in most Tesco stores but often sells out so it must be pretty popular!

            The product comes in a glass jar so is recyclable although it is a little bit of a pain to have to wash it out first. My top tip would be to stick it in the dishwasher and clean it that way!

            Healthwise peanut butter is always a little bit bad for you, BUT it contains much less sugar than jam and so long as you eat it in moderation it is ok.

            A 25 gm serving has 148 calories of which 110 are from fat but it has 5.8gm of protein which is pretty good.

            The consistency is lovely - it is not too thick and not too thin. There are great peanut chunks and it is not dry, which was our main critisicm of the Sunkist peanut butter after its recipe change. There are no horrible chemicals in the ingrediants so while it is not healthy it is not the worst thing you could eat.

            The taste is also really good, it is "peanuty" and very smooth on the tongue. It smells of peanuts too so is a treat on all the senses!

            I would recommend eating on Warburtons brown bread toasted with lots of butter, for maximum enjoyment!


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              16.02.2010 22:25
              Very helpful



              Just as good as the branded peanut butters.

              I love peanut butter and think its dramatically under-rated in this country
              - for my American family it is practically a weekly shopping essential, but
              not so much here.

              I usually got for brand rather than price - I know that Sunpat is lovely
              and creamy with anice crunh to it, so I tend to stick to that. Or if im in
              Costco I'll buy the HUGE jar of Skippy's that really reminds me of being in
              the states - I have tried a couple of own brands but been really disappointed in the past, but - when I ran out and there was no Sunpat left in Tescos - I dubiously decided to buy their own brand..... ive never tried it before and I honestly couldn't tell the difference!!

              It is gorgeous! It has a fab creamy taste and has the chunky bite and
              crunchy peanuts inside just like sunpat has. It spreads really well on your
              bread and doesn't tear the bread (unlike some cheaper brands that don't
              really want to leave your knife) and it makes great Peanut Butter & Jam
              sandwiches. You get that good 'stick to the roof of your mouth' peanut
              butter texture!!!

              I gave it to my partner who is usually the first to comment when I try and
              substitute - and she couldn't tell the difference either.

              It's cheaper than Sunpat for the same amount - 87p for 100g compared to £1.30 for sunpat, and every little helps on your weekly shopping bill.
              If you're an avid Peanut Butter fan like me - definitely try it!!!!


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              08.02.2010 21:17
              Very helpful



              Wicked Peanut Butter And Loads Cheaper Than Sun Pat

              I brought a jar of this peanut butter to make some cookies with but it's so yummy I've been having peanut butter sandwiches for the first time in years! lol

              It's quite thick but easy to spread even when you do it straight from the fridge. The last jar of peanut butter we had was from Aldi I think and that ripped the bread to pieces while I was trying to spread it so I gave up because I like my bread looking tidy and in one piece! lol

              This one has got loads of peanuts in so it's mega crunchy to eat, it's even better than the Sun Pat one I think because this one from Tesco doesn't taste as fatty. It's got a very thick and sticky texture and it DOES stick to the roof of your mouth like any other peanut butter, that doesn't bother me that much though because if you're eating peanut butter you know this is going to happen anyway!

              The taste is proper nutty, you can taste the peanuts all the way through it and there are so many bits of nut in it that every mouth full is bursting with them. You have to watch out because some of the nuts are a bit sharp on the edges and if you cop the inside of your teeth with one it can be a bit sore.

              If you have it on bread the flavour is damped down a bit but on toast the heat of the toast brings out the taste of the peanuts big time, the peanut butter doesn't go runny either when you put it on toast and that's brill because some of the own brand ones do and then the toast goes a bit soggy.

              I think the taste of this peanut butter is very rich and you don't need that much on a sandwich to get all the flavour, if you put too much on you'll feel sick after you've ate it because it's got quite a sickly taste if you overdo it. When I used it in cookies yesterday they came out wicked, the recipe had said to use smooth peanut butter but the nuts in this one were wicked in the cookies and I just used a bit extra because of the weight of the nuts in the butter.

              This is mega cheap compared to SunPat peanut butter, this 340g jar cost 99p but a 400g jar of Sun Pat is over £2.00. This one is just as good and in a way I think it's nicer because of not being able to taste the fat in it as much.



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              23.12.2009 15:08
              Very helpful



              Not a terribly great take on a classic nutty spread

              Before trying Tesco own-brand crunchy peanut butter last time we ran out, I wouldn't have believed there could be any significant or even distinguishable difference between different varieties of a product that contains only four ingredients - namely, peanuts, sugar, vegetable oil and salt. But I am amazed to report that where Tesco peanut butter (compared with peanut butter made by other companies) is concerned, you certainly can - to quote another supermarket entirely's catchphrase -"taste the difference".

              I read - from other reviewers on Dooyoo who are more regular consumers of Tesco's own product - that there is quite a bit of variation between different batches. This might explain what was wrong with the peanut butter we got from them the time before last, then, because the stuff was like a pale brown greasy oil-slick. I always think of peanut butter as being a semi-solid material - it's infamous for sticking to the roof of one's mouth, after all - but the Tesco stuff was so liquid that it was in a state where it would positively have begun running down hill, had we released it from the confines of its (nice, straight-sided glass, but with comedy red-plastic lid, so unlikely to be any use for putting other types of jam in) jar. The texture was a particular problem when the 'crunchy bits' - the peanuts were concerned. Consuming solid bits of nut embedded in a semi-liquid matrix on toast seemed deeply wrong somehow, probably on the level that it was an experience similar to what I'd imagine eating something you'd chewed and swallowed once already to be like.

              Though I actually prefer to put peanut butter on moderately hot toast, so that it just begins to melt before you eat it, the Tesco stuff was far too runny even for me. If you put the already-runny stuff I got on hot toast, it would begin dripping off. The product is not cheap either - it costs over £1.50 for a 340g jar, so I wouldn't say it's particularly good value for money. Like all peanut butter, however, it is massively calorific - clocking in at around 600 calories per 100g, so if you are a person who's on a weight-gaining type of eating plan, it might be something to consider including in your daily regime. But that said, there are other, cheaper, nicer tasting and equally calorific brands of peanut butter on the market, so this no reason for buying Tesco's own stuff specifically.

              I always worry about alflatoxins, the carcinogenic chemicals released by moulds that grow on poorly-stored, or out-of-date nuts when I'm buying peanut butter, and for this reason tend to avoid the really inexpensive brands. Lidl, though, it must be said are currently selling an excellent 'American style' peanut butter that's slightly cheaper than the Tesco stuff, and which I mention because it is streaks ahead of it in terms of both taste and texture. Slightly surprising, for a product containing not that many ingredients, but there you have it.


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              06.10.2009 21:42
              Very helpful



              An other great product from Tesco

              I am a big peanut butter fan from being about 4 iv always had peanut butter in my sandwiches at school. and today i still eat it from the spoon.(what i am doing as i write this)
              it has to be crunchy to! non of that smooth stuff!
              i was walking round tesco and came across Tescos own. i thought id give it ago,

              Now peanut butter is better on hot toast. and to tickle my taste buds it has to have alot of peanuts in it..

              Tecos own crunchy peanut butter tickles all the right taste buds full of lost of peanuts and a nice peanut buttery taste.

              When you open the jar (340g jar) you get a sweet peanut smell not to over powering.
              its like a mustard colour and its full of small chopped up peanuts and very gooey.

              they is a very rich butter taste with alot of chopped up peanuts. and you can taste the peanuts in there to! and its got a really rough texture.

              a little jar goes a long away unless your like me and eat it with a spoon.

              each table spoon contains
              0.8g sugar
              7.6g fat
              1.3 saturates
              0.1g salt

              Allergy advice - Contains peanuts.

              sunflower oil
              vegetable fat

              For a great peanut butter with lots of crunch give tescos own brand a go.


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              04.08.2009 15:39
              Very helpful



              Spread a bit on your crumpet

              I am somewhat of a peanut butter fiend... even though I'm constantly making sure I watch my weight; I can't go without the stuff.

              My general pick of the bunch is usually a stores own brand (as it is noticeably cheaper than the branded ones).


              Tesco's own crunchy peanut butter currently comes in 2 jar sizes; 340g and 700g.
              For some bizarre reason (for the past couple of months), a 340g jar costs £1.89, whilst a 700g jar only costs £1.48!
              Thus meaning I've gone a bit crazy stocking up on the large jar at such a bargain price!

              The packaging is exactly that of the dooyoo picture (the crunchy version has a red top, whilst the smooth version has a blue top).
              The nutritional content per serving (which I'd imagine to be around 10g) is clearly labeled on the front, however, I'll list the per 100g content:

              Calories 615; Fat 51.2g; Saturates 10.5g; Sugars 4.9g; Salt 0.4g.
              Ingredients: Peanuts (good!), Sunflower Oil, Dextrose, Vegetable Fat, Salt.

              On opening you will be hit by a distinctive peanut butter smell, which is neither too sweet or too salty-strong smelling.

              The consistency of this product irks me, as it seems to vary between batches. For example, one day I opened a jar of this to find a horrible layer of oil on top of the peanut butter (where the excess had obviously separated). Needless to say this wasn't very pleasant, and even after pouring off the oil, the peanut butter was still far too runny and sloppy.

              Other jars have had a very nice thick consistency to the butter, with no excess oil. When getting a jar like this, you do not have to keep it in the fridge if you do not wish, as the mixture does not get runnier at room temperature.

              I would imagine that this is due to production quality control issues, which is a shame.

              **Eating It**

              Due to the above complaints, if it wasn't for the taste this peanut butter, I certainly would not bother buying it regularly.

              Personally, I only like crunchy peanut butter, and this has (IMO) the perfect amount of crunch for my taste.
              The peanut chunks are large enough to give it a decent texture, but not so big that you feel like you are eating large, jagged peanuts in a brown mushy paste!
              The ratio of chunks to paste is always very good, so if you get a knife-load and spread it on a crumpet (my weapon of choice for peanut butter!), you will get a good covering of peanut pieces without needing to go digging for more.

              The butter itself is salty (but not grossly so), and complimented with a slightly sweet undertone. This stops it becoming too rich and sickly (which I tend to find with some of the premium brands).

              It also tends to avoid gluing itself to the roof of my mouth, and thus avoiding that unpleasant face pulling debacle whilst trying to remove it with your tongue...


              For me, the texture and taste of this is perfect, and I actually think it tastes better than a lot of the premium brands.

              As mentioned, its biggest let down is the fact that you may occasionally get a jar where the paste is far too runny.
              Yes... this can be rectified by refrigeration, but the boyfriend likes peanut butter in his sarnies, and trying to spread this stuff straight from the fridge usually ends with a catastrophic mess of crumbs, mangled bread and blobby peanut butter mountains.

              Although all peanut butter is high in fat and calories, I still eat it daily, and am pleased to say that I'm still managing to lose weight. All in moderation my dears ;)

              As long as the price stays the way it is, I will keep on buying this. I do have to knock it down a star though because of the inconsistency with its consistency!


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