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Tesco Healthy Living Coronation Chicken Filler

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Spreads

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    7 Reviews
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      26.02.2012 12:09
      Very helpful



      totally delish sandwich filler

      I take a packed lunch to my work every day (saves the pennies, would cost a lot more if I just bought my lunch at work). I usually take sandwiches with me as that's easiest, so I am always looking for different sandwich fillings to keep me from getting bored.

      I don't often buy the pre-made sandwich fillers as I feel they are a bit expensive and also all seem to be full of high fat mayonnaise. Last week I decided to go for one of them since I hadn't bough any in a while, while looking at the selection available I spotted the reduced fat coronation chicken filler. I love coronation chicken and since this was a reduced fat version my mind was easily made up on what to go for.

      The tub is 230g and currently costs £1.45 (it is also in an offer at the moment of any 2 selected sandwich fillers for £2.50), though weirdly enough the normal coronation chicken comes in a tub of 250g for the same price, so you are getting a slightly worse deal for trying to be healthier, kinda annoying! The tub itself is clear plastic with a coronation chicken label on it, the tub can be closed again and again after use to keep it fresh which is very useful.

      Coronation chicken was invented for and named after the 1953 coronation of queen Elizabeth, a florist by the name of Constance Spry and a chef by the name of Rosemary Hume are credited with its invention, it is thought to be have inspired by a dish called jubilee chicken (named for the silver jubilee of George V in 1935) which is very similar. Coronation chicken is basically bits of cold cooked chicken in a curry/mayonnaisey/creamy sauce mixed with fruit such as mango, apricot or sultanas and sometimes nuts like almonds. It is a tasty sandwich filler and also goes great on a baked potato.

      The tesco reduced fat coronation chicken contains 147 calories per 100g and 0.8g of saturated fat, this is compared to the full fat version which contains 310 calories per 100g and 2.0g of saturated fat, so you are more than half the amount of fat and calories in the reduced fat version. The main ingredients are cooked chicken breast (obviously), reduced fat and normal mayonnaise (more of the reduced fat stuff than normal), dried apricot, sultanas, medium curry paste and mango puree.

      The taste of the sandwich filler is lovely. The sauce is creamy and curryish without being spicy (I'm a wuss when it comes to spicy food, even the slightest nip to it and I can't eat it!). There are enough bits of apricot and sultanas without it being overpowering (I'm a big fan of sweet and savoury mixed together, pineapple pizza = mmm if that's not your kinda thing I'd give coronation chicken a miss). My only slight disappointment is that the chicken pieces are a bit big, so when you put it on your sandwich you end up with a load of sauce and no chicken in some places. I managed to fill 3 largish rolls with this filler (so 3 days worth of lunches) but my third roll had more in it than the other two, so I imagine I would be able to stretch it to 4 or even 5 rolls if I was trying to be extra thrifty.

      I would definitely buy this again, it is a great change from my usual sandwich fillings and it has that pre-made sandwich filler convenience without being full of fat and calories. So if you like coronation chicken then go for it, If you don't know if you like coronation chicken then give it a go also, you might love it :)


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      09.11.2010 20:37
      Very helpful
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      For those who prefer theor spicy food creamy and mild

      I have a bit of a bland taste as far as sandwiches go and normally stick to cheese and onion, egg mayo or Tuna and Sweetcorn fillers from Tesco but decided to live a little after reading a review of these on Dooyoo!

      Each sandwich filler comes in a convienient 300g tub. According to how full you like your sandwiches I think you could easily get 6 sandwiches out of this amount. Each tub is about 39% chicken in a curried mayonaisse with peaches and dried sultanas and apricots.

      My first thoughts were 'ugh cold chicken curry' although it did grow on me. Infact you could probably heat this up and serve it with rice. As for the curry, I think i'd describe it as mild so not too strong if that is not your thing and the sauce was actually very creamy. Personally I prefer hotter curry and there was too much sauce and fruit and not enough chicken for my liking.

      If you're after a bit more twang then try the Chicken Tikka filler from their range. Other flavours in the Healthy Living range include:

      Cheese & Spring Onion
      Chicken & Sweetcorn
      Egg Mayo
      Seafood Cocktail
      Tuna Crunch
      Egg & Bacon
      Prawn Mayonaisse
      Chicken & Bacon
      Chicken Caesar.

      All in all, pleasant enough, but too mild for my personal taste.


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        10.08.2010 07:48
        Very helpful



        I liked this very much and will definitely be purchasing it again!

        Popping into the local cafe or deli on the way to work makes life simple but the cost soon adds up - for that reason, I recently decided that I would try to start buying groceries from the supermarket and making my own lunches instead - as a middle ground, I decided to try Tesco's own brand of Coronation Chicken sandwich filler.

        I used the coronation chicken along with a pack of tiger rolls which i also purchased from Tesco's - the coronation chicken itself was very tasty, just the right side of spicy for me and plenty of creamy sauce to make sure it didn't taste dry. The tiger rolls were a poor choice to accompany the sandwich filling in hindsight, with far too much of a bread to filling ratio - as a result my rolls still tasted a little on the dry side but i'd put this down to my choice of bread.

        A couple of days later the remaining sandwich filler went in a simple white bread sandwich and my suspicions about the tiger rolls was confirmed - creamy, tasty chicken and a superb sandwich with only the addition of a small lettuce leaf.

        I hadn't purchased this because of the 'healthy living' aspect but I suppose it's another positive selling point - regardless, i'll definitely be purchasing it again as it's much cheaper (and just as tasty) as the coronation chicken from most cafes!


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        06.07.2009 22:22
        Very helpful




        Wandering round Tesco, i was beggining to get extremely bored. I do love going shopping with my mum and two little brothers, looking at all the delicious foods and deciding which things i'd like to eat in the following week we were shopping for. However a 14 year old girl, can only take so much of Tesco, and after we had been there for around 45 minutes I decided to take a seat at the front of the store, to wait on my mum finishing the huge shop.
        I started to trail to the front door seating area, and I trailed down the yogurt and aisle, and decided to take a "short cut" through the cold meat section. This "short cut" turned out to be a longer way to go, as my eyes cast over to the sandwich fillers sitting there neatly inbetween the various cold meats and hams.

        What the hell i thought. My mum wouldnt mind if I put one extra thing into the trolley, and so I went over for closer inspection. There were various sizes of containers, all sitting upright in the shelf. I glanced up and down the shelf, deciding which one to treat myself too- or rather my mum was going to treat ME too-. There were many too choose from, and I didnt know where to begin. I have had bad experiences with Tesco's normal sandwich fillers (in that the tuna mayonnaise was extremely fishy, and the cheese and onion was lumpy and rather horrible on the tongue). So I took my view from these ones, and skimmed over TESCOS ==healthy living== range.
        They were the same as the normal ones, in that the flavours were identical however the only difference was that these ones were supposed to be "healthier". There were 4 different flavours; cheese and onion, tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn, egg mayonnaise and coronation chicken. The latter tempted my tastebuds, and I plucked a 300g plastic tub of coronation chicken sandwich filler from the shelf.
        I then went on a mission to find my mum, and pursead her to let me have it.

        After a little persuation, my mum told me to "hurry up and put it in the trolley, and this was all i was getting for the next week, as I take everything for granted and dont ever bother to contribute to the shopping money". RESULT, into the trolley went my sandwich filling.
        We arrived at the check out- a stressed out mum, 2 wailing little brothers and a trolley overflowing with unnessecary food and comics for the boys!
        BEEP. The tired and frazzled looking till-lady swooshed the corontation chicken through the till. I glanced up at the screen, and too my surprise the filler was on offer. It had been reduced from £1.44 down to £1.24. Okay so it wasnt a huge reduction, but like tesco says, every little helps.


        The next day , mid afternoon, I was feeling rather peckish. This time, (surprisingly) it wasnt for chocolate or something sweet, I was more in the mood for something savoury, and so into the fridge I dived -not literelly of course-. I rummaged around, there didnt seem to be anything i fancied. Then i stumbled across the sandwich filler my mum had generouisly purchased yesterday.
        I retrieved it from the fridge, collected a plate and a knife, and took the bread from the cupboard. I placed the little plastic tub on the worktop and took a closer look. Well, like I stated earlier,the tub contains 300g and this is clearly stated on the front of the product. In the top right hand corner there is a small mint green circle, stating that there is 41% less fat. A good start. To the left of this is the TESCO HEALTHY LIVING logo and underneath there is an orange strip which reads coronation sandwich filler. In the background of the text there is a faint picture of the gooey gorgous stuff secreted in the pot.
        I couldnt help but look at the nutritional information, clearly stated on the front of the pot. Per 50g, or if you prefer, one sixth of a pot (the recomended serving size), it contains a rather low 74 calories and a relitavly low 3.8g of fat. Next, i decided it would be a good idea to glance at the ingredients, just to check if this was infact, too good to be true. To my surprise there was a rather large amount of ingredients in this small pot. Cooked chicken breast made up 39% of the mixture, reduced fat mayo contributed to 28%, mango chutney 4.5% and apricot and sultanas made up 8.5% of the funny looking mix. Among the other ingredients were, mango puree, tomato puree, mustard and garlic puree- to say the least. Not bad i thought and continued to open the pot.

        I layed my bread out on the plate and opened the pot which was fairly easy to do. I eased of the sticker and popped up the plastic lid.
        I took a peer into the pot, and was quite unsure about what I was faced with. The filling was a rather bright, currylooking yellow in colour, and it looks quite creamy. Throughout the creamy, yellow looking mix, there are quite ovviously small peaces of apricot, and sultanas, or raisins burried within. It did look quite delicious, and through the time i spent admiring it, a sweet, spicey curry scent wafted up to my nostrils YUM i thought and proceeded to dip in my knife. I pushed in my knife to the pot and the mixture felt rather soft and eased easily onto my knife. I contined to spread it out onto one of my slices of brown bread. Roughly (?), a sixth of the pot was more than enough to spread a peice of medium white bread. I plonked my other peice of bread ontop, and cut my sandwich into 4 pieces. (I cant eat things in one peice, i have to pick at them and disect them).

        I put it on to my plate, and sat down at the table, intriegeud into what this "concotion" would taste like. After picking off the crusts, I sank my teeth into the rest of my sandwich. Yum. It was truly gorgoues. If i was blindfolded I would no way know that this was a low-fat version. It was very creamy, and tasted as though it had been made with regular mayonnaise. The taste was unusally creamy, yet sweet at the same time, obviously coming from the fruits from within the mix. The chicken wasnt too overpowering, hwoever I could definitly detect there was a nice amount of chunky chicken. The sultanas were very sweet, and once finishing my sandwich i seriously thought about going back to the pot and plucking out some of the curry flavour coated sultanas. I, youl be pleased to know, didnt do this.
        I can 100% say my experience of munching on this was truly beautiful, and couldnt reccomend it enough.

        This showed through perhaps, when I came down at supper the same night to see my little brother happily munching into it in a sandwich. And the next day at lunch, my mum decided to try it out on her baked potato. (Though she did add mayo too it- this is unfair as she is twig- thin).

        ===5 Sense Summary===

        *Smell- Curry and creamy
        *Appearence- Bright yellow in colour, visible sultanas and chicken chunks.
        *Sound- None- my tummy rumbling.
        *Texutre- Chunky chicken, chewy raisins and smooth curried mayo.
        *Smell- sweet and curry like.

        A beautiful sandwich filler, which was popular with whole family, and will definitly be purchased again.
        I have since then tried the tuna mayonase and sweetcorn in the same range, and have again, been extremely pleased and satisfied.

        Sweettooth 93
        Also on ciao under same name!


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          11.03.2009 17:42
          Very helpful




          Coronation chicken is one of the UK's most popular sanwich fillings sitting on the shelves alongside such classics as egg mayonnise, prawn cocktail and cheese and onion but what most people probably don't realise is that is is uniquely British and has it's own unique history!

          It was created especially for the coronation lunch of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. It was created by Constance Spry and was served to the Queen accompanied by a rice and pea salad.

          It consists of apricots, sultanas and chicken in a mayonnaise (low fat in this case) flavoured with curry powder.

          I've always been a fan of Coronation chicken but obviously being drenched in mayonnaise it's not the healthiest of options. When I saw Tesco's healthy living version I decied to try it. I found that there was hardly any difference in taste what so ever to the regular coronation chicken sandwich filler. It was still delicious as ever.

          I would definately recommend it to anyone. I know a few people who think the idea of chicken, apricots and curry is a bit odd but it really is lovely and you don't have to have it on sandwiches. You could have it on jacket potatoes or even as a topping for a salad!


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          25.06.2008 20:37



          Overall a nice alternative in sandwiches and a heathy option

          I thought I would try this filler as I have tried a few in the past and they have either been really strong like the chese and onion ones I have tried or tasteless, so thought I would gie this one a go. I liked the idea of sweet with savoury. The filler contains chicken, curry mayonnaise, sultanas, an peach pieces which sound strange but works really well.
          I tried it simply in a sandwish and it was so so tasty, its so moreish. The flavour of the mild creamy curry works well with the sweetness of the sultanas and peaches. The combination is really nice and the curry flavour is not hot so if you dont like spicy things you will still like this. The price is reaosnable at £1.29 for a tub which comes in a plastic container and easily reselable. The best thing about it being its from the healthy range and you wouldnt know it, so combined with wholemeal bread is a very healthy lunch and perfect to take to work, or have on a potatoe.


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          04.06.2008 14:13
          Very helpful



          Makes a nice change.

          My other half always takes sandwiches with him to work and we have a cooked meal at night when he gets home. Usually we buy ham, chicken and beef for these but he has become really bored with these and wanted a change. I suggested the usual suspects, cheese, tuna and egg but he didn't want smelly egg sandwiches and tuna mayo can go soggy and cheese isn't something you want every day is it.

          We shop on-line with Tesco as the supermarket is too far to walk and getting a taxi would cost just as much as the delivery charges. When we did our shop a couple of weeks ago and the sandwich filling issue came up he sat and had a good look about on the site and decided to get one of their range or sandwich fillers which is something we have had in the past and really enjoyed. So he could have a couple of days of something different to break up the monotony and hopefully really tasty into the bargain.

          Tesco do several very enjoyable varieties of sandwich fillers. Cheese & Spring Onion Sandwich Filling 170g and also in 300g, Chicken & Bacon Sandwich Filler 300g, Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler 300g, Chicken Caesar Sandwich Filler 250g, Chicken Tikka Sandwich Filler 300g, Chunky Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filler 300g, Chunky Seafood Cocktails/Filler 300g, Coronation Chicken Sandwich Filler 300g, Egg & Bacon Sandwich Filler 300g, Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling 170g also in a larger 300g tub, Prawn Mayonnaise S / Filler 300g, Tuna And Sweetcorn Sandwich Filling 170g and a larger 300g tub, Tuna Crunch Sandwich Filler 300g

          We have been consciously trying to cut down on the amount of fat in our diet so my other half decided to go for one of the fillers from the 'healthy living' range that Tesco do. I say range but it is only two sandwich fillers. Really they should do a few more to offer more choice! They offer Healthy Living Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler 300g and Healthy Living Coronation Chicken sandwich filler 300g. A bit healthier, always a good option to take.

          The other half opted for coronation Chicken which is described as Chicken Breast with peaches, sultanas and apricots in a curry style mayonnaise, sounds rather nice doesn't it but reading that you automatically wonder if there will be much chicken in it and if it will just be a tasteless disappointment because it is the healthy option. Well at £1.29 for 300grams we decided we would give it a try and find out. All the 300g pots cost £1.44 as far as I am aware.

          On the website while shopping for home delivery you can get up nutritional information tables for the majority of the products, I did this to compare the ordinary and healthy living coronation chicken sandwich fillers. They show the nutritional values of 100grams and per serving. I soon noticed that both tables were identical but the shorter information logo, which appears on the packaging, was different so they have obviously made a mistake and just duplicated the information tables so they are not accurate. I can tell you the per serving values though.

          Per 50 gram serving (one-sixth of a pot)

          Original filler;~~~~155cals,~~3.0g sugar,~12.9g fat,~1.0g saturates,~~0.4g salt~

          Healthy version;~~~83cals,~~4.2g sugar,~4.6g fat,~~0.4g saturates,~~0.4g salt~
          % of guideline daily amount;

          A sandwich made with medium sliced white bread and a small amount of margarine will therefore add up to about 320 calories based on 50 grams of the filler being used.

          As you can see the fat content is far lower, even less than half the amount! Calories are almost halved too, however the amount of sugar is surprisingly higher than in the original form.

          It comes in a clear plastic tub with a large label stuck over the lid and down the sides to make sure it stays shut and so you can tell if it has been opened by someone else I guess. The lid is 9cms x 9cms and the depth of the pot is 7cms.

          The portion of the label covering the lid has a pale blue background with a picture of a roll filled with lettuce and the coronation chicken filler. The top of the lid says "TESCO, Healthy living" across the top. A dark orange strip across saying "Coronation chicken sandwich filler" in white lettering and a circle saying inside it that it has "50% less fat than the standard Tesco coronation chicken." There is the nutritional information I have shown above, "Chicken Breast with peaches, sultanas and apricots in a curry style mayonnaise. Keep refrigerated, 300g" and the display until and use by dates.

          The only other information on the tub is on one side of the label where it shows their allergy advice a complete list of ingredients, "once opened consume within two days of opening and by use by date shown". There is a red circle showing that it is one and a half points on the Weight Watchers diet.

          Tesco allergy advice taken from the websites product information

          Gluten, Egg, Sulphite, Mustard
          Other Allergens;
          There no nuts in this recipe and there are no nuts on site, however we cannot
          guarantee that the raw material entering the site are nut free.

          Warning: Although every care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain.

          The lid is easy to open you just have to run either your nail or a knife along the edge of the lid to tear through the label. The filler is rather yellow in colour think a very creamy korma and you have the idea. Through the pot you can see the colour of the mayonnaise and flecks of spices throughout, along with the chunks of fruit.

          The smell is very sweet with a curry twang to it, mouth watering to say the least. You can see by looking at the list of ingredients that there are rather a lot of spices in this filler so it is difficult to pick out which is the most prominent in both taste and smell but in my opinion it is the cumin in both cases but not in a bad overpowering way.

          When making a sandwich you need more than you would think as the chunks of chicken are very large compared to what I was expecting you certainly know they are there! We all know there is nothing worse than buying something such as a sandwich filler which is meant to be chicken only you wouldn't know it as you cannot see or taste it but in this chicken is the most plentiful ingredient, making up 39% of the product.

          The pieces of fruit are not over plentiful but that to me is a plus rather than a minus, as they do not become the focus of the taste.

          This is not in any way hot. Those who do not like spicy food will not dislike this, as there is no heat to be found.

          The mayonnaise is very creamy and tasty and you would not guess it was a half fat version as it is not watery or bland like some healthy ranges can be. The fruit makes it very juicy and adds another layer to the flavours.

          I think the only criticism I have of this product is it is a little sweeter than it needs to be so some of that extra sugar they add to the healthy living version is in my view not necessary and leaving it out would have made it even healthier anyway!

          As a sandwich filler it is very nice and tasty without being overpowering. We have both enjoyed it that much that we have been ordering it every week since. It makes a nice change and the rest of the Tesco fillers are also worth trying.

          As well as using this filler in sandwiches it is nice severed with salad or as a jacket potato filling.

          I highly recommend this sandwich filler and would say it is suitable for anyone who likes something a little different. I would think even kids would like it.


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        • Product Details

          Apricots, sultanas and chicken breast in a reduced fat curry mayonnaise.

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