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Tesco Seedless Raspberry Jam

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Jam

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    3 Reviews
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      28.11.2009 10:46
      Very helpful




      I'm not a huge lover of jam. I really don't like it to be perfectly honest with you, but after making myself some homemade pancakes I wanted something a bit different from my usual lemon juice and sugar to put on top. That was when I came across the Tesco Seedless Raspberry Jam in my fridge. My mum loves it but I'd never been tempted to try it until the other day.

      The jam comes in a 454g clear glass jam jar (funnily enough...). It has a black screw top lid with the best before date printed on it, in this case, October 2011. The label on the jar itself boasts a picture of juicy looking raspberries and simply states the name and brand of the jam. The spotlight nutrition guide is also posted and then there is a more detailed nutrition guide round the other side of the label. The ingredients and recycling information is also printed on this label.

      The jam itself is a very cloudy, dark red colour, it just looks like any other raspberry jam to me (then again, I'm no jam expert). Upon opening the jar you're hit with a very sweet and sour scent. It's like sour raspberries mixed with ALOT of sugar. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that how they make jam anyway? It doesn't exactly smell appetizing but it doesn't smell bad, I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

      I spread it on my pancakes, well, I tried to spread it on my pancakes, this jam is very jelly like and I've found that you have to stir it around with a fork before you even try to spread it on anything, anyway, I spread it onto the pancakes and took a bite. It was sweet but didn't really taste like raspberries. It was just a sweet, falsely fruity tasting goop. Nothing exciting.

      With saying that, you'd think I'd never tough it again, right?
      Wrong. I've found that a teaspoon of this mixed in with 30g of plain oatmeal tastes amazing! It gives it just the right amount of sweetness and the fruity taste isn't so false when it's mixed with the oatmeal.

      Per tablespoon
      37 calories (2% RDA)
      7.8g sugar (9% RDA)
      Trace fat (<1% RDA)
      Trace saturates (<1% RDA)
      Trace salt (<1% RDA)

      I then did my little nutritional information reading trick. You read the carbohydrates per 100g then the sugar per 100g, if the sugar is less than half of the carbs then it's an okay amount of sugar, anything more than that and it shouldn't be consumed very often. Yep, just a little trick I learned in nutrition class at school.
      Anyway, 61.3g carbohydrates and 52.2g sugar.
      It really is just pure sugar.

      As I didn't buy this I have no idea how much it cost, but I asked my mum and she said it was nothing more than £1, so it isn't expensive. It's available in the jam section of Tesco.

      - tastes good in oatmeal
      - cheap

      - false tasting
      - packed with unhealthy amounts of sugar
      - smells a little strange

      Overall I've found this to be an okay jam. It hasn't turned me into a jam lover but I'll be using it as something a little different to add to my oatmeal every now and then. I wouldn't recommend you eat too much of it though, the sugar content is ridiculous.

      Thanks for reading!


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        30.09.2009 20:10
        Very helpful



        A really yummy jam for alot less than leading brands

        Mmm, jam. I love jam on toast or jam and coissants on a saturday morning. It's one of my weekend treats I look forward to all week after a long week of not having time for breakfast!

        I usually bought one of the more expensive leading brands of jam but when credit crunch set in, I started to give lots of the supermarkets 'own brands' a go.

        Tescos raspberry jam was one of these and..... I was not dissaponted by my usual jams cheaper alternative, in fact, I like it better!

        Its very fruity, a real sweet raspberry taste, I had actually expected it to be quiet bland but nope.

        I comes in a clear jar with tesco label and little raspberrys on it, does not look too bad in the fridge as one thing I cannot stand is the horrible value labels! They are not too bad hidden in the cupboard but just a no no for the fridge!

        Nutritional values per tablespoon:-

        Calories - 38

        Sugar - 9.1g

        Fat - trace

        Saturates - trace

        Salt - trace

        and costs around 80p 454g jar.


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        18.06.2009 02:02
        Very helpful



        A nice enough jam!

        I absolutely love jam! Almost on anything as well lol. I've always really been quite conventional when it comes down to it and been stuck in a rut with strawberry jam for years now! Up until recently when my Mother told me she's made a mistake out shopping and picked up the wrong thing but I'd have to lump it! I was gutted and it took me ages to take the plunge and give this a whirl on toast..but I fell in love! lol.

        The Packaging....

        454g glass see-through jar with a dark red and white label going across the middle and towards the back (but not quite meeting up). On the front of that in light gold, turquoise and black writing I'm told it is Tesco Seedless Raspberry Jam and there is a photograph of some rather tasty, fresh looking raspberries on there. Under that photo there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information on the jar includes ingredients and allergy advice, nutritional information is given, there is a recycle symbol and the weight is stated (as I've listed already), contact details for Tesco are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. There is a black lid at the top of the jar which simply twists on and off easily and it has a gold pop up button on it to let you know if the jar has been opened or tampered with and on that the best before date is clearly stamped on. Decent enough jar but nothing special but does tell you most of what you need to though, though I'm not told if it's vegetarian or not.

        The Jam....

        Dark burgundy with a hefty sweet, but natural whiff of fresh raspberries. When you first go to use the jam it is very set of course and the jar is rammed full of the stuff but as you use it it does become gloopy and it is best stored in the fridge because it will melt if left out and go really sloppy (even if a room or whatever isn't hot!).

        Taste wise well it's sticky, fruity and sweet though not overly so. It has a slightly tarty, sour taste to it which makes me think this has a squirt of lemon or something citrusy in there to make it more tangy and on closer inspection of the ingredient list I can't see anything like that but I'm still convinced lol. It's very easily spreadable though not too thin and of course doesn't contain any seeds at all so is of smooth consistency.


        A nice jam and it is good quality. May be too 'tarty' for some palettes but for mine I really like it. I like the fact that it not only tastes of raspberries but smells of them too and there's no mistaking what this is. Great on a sandwich, toast, crumpets, scones, anything really and not bad on the old hips neither! Makes a pleasant change so it does!

        Nutritional Information Per Tablespoon....

        Calories: 37
        Sugar: 7.8g
        Fat: Trace
        Saturates: 0g
        Salt: Trace

        Only available in Tesco stores priced at 99p and also available with seeds at the slightly cheaper price of 69p (same size).


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