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Tesco Strawberry Jam

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Marmalades

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    5 Reviews
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      23.03.2011 16:46
      Very helpful



      An okay jam or everyday things, but nothing more

      We are very fortunate that both my husband and his parents like to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and so we usually have our own supply of home made jams in the cupboard, to which few shop bought products could compare. However, recently, we had used up all our own homemade jams from last season and our in laws were away so we couldn't help them use up their much larger supply of jams. So, unfortunately I had to buy some jam in the supermarket for everyday things like putting on toast or scones.

      Whilst in Tesco, I was very reluctant to purchase an expensive jam, since I knew when my in laws returned they would be more than happy to give us some of theirs, and so I decided to stick to the basics, avoiding the value stuff, and instead picking up this Tesco own brand strawberry jam, costing 50p for a 454g jar, which was very good value when you consider the price of some other jams on the shelves.

      The jar itself is nothing fancy, and if you are looking for something that will look nice on a table when you have visitors then this is probably not going to win any awards for looks. On the front of the jar, there is some nutritional information, which states that per tablespoon, there are 39 calories, 9.1g of sugar but only traces of fat, saturates and salt. Anyone who is shocked by the high sugar content, should remember the reason that jam tastes as sweet as it does. Within this range, TEsco also sell both seeded and seedless jams, such as raspberry, blackcurrant and bramble jelly. This product is also suitable for vegetarians but not nessecarily for those with a nut allergy, as it cannot guarantee to be nut free.

      As soon as I opened the jar, and went to spread some of this strawberry jam onto my toast, I was disappointed. I was disappointed by both the consistency and then the taste. Unlike the home made jam that my husband and I have both been used to, there just wasn't the same consistency to this product- it isn't that it was runny or stodgy, but it somehow just seemed more processed than the home made variety. I also found it quite hard to spread, with big clumps of the fruit getting in the way. Now, don't get me wrong, I love having fruit in the jam, but the pieces were just too big and thus too stodgy. The real difference however was in the taste. YEs, it was perfectly fine as a jam to spread on everyday things like toast, where you just really want a little bit of flavour or sweetness however it really likes the natural taste of homemade jar, or in fact more expensive jams have. If I hadn't of picked the product myself, on this occasion, I would have assume it was a product from the value range in TEsco, since altough it was fine, the quality and taste just weren't there.

      All in all, if like most people, you are trying to keep grocery costs down, then this is an ideal product for putting on things like toast or scones, however if you are looking for a more natural, fruity and tastier jam, then unless you want to make it yourself, I would advise you put more money into a jar of jam, especially if you have guests. So, whether you use this product, really depends on your budget and your use of jam. I would probably but a slightly more expensive jam again, when we are faced with none of our own homemade jam.


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      29.09.2009 11:37
      Very helpful



      Really good product

      We always have jam in the fridge as my niece absolutely loves the stuff! We usually have Hartleys as she prefers the stuff with no bits but we occasionally buy Tesco jam too. The jam usually retails at 99p for 454g but is currently on offer for 69p (until 5th October). The label is different than that shown in the picture and is now black and red with the Tesco logo and pictures of strawberries.

      As you probably know you can use jam for a number of things including toppings on toast or scones, in a sandwich, in a cake or in jam tarts. Therefore, jam is probably used an awful lot in most households. Personally, I tend to use jam on toast.

      Opening the jar you are greeted by a slight strawberry aroma, this is very sweet and extremely appetising. I find the jam very easy to spread meaning it does not tear bread. There are lots of bits in the jam including parts of strawberries but it is still easy to spread and gives an even colour. When spread thinly across bread it is a pale red colour. The jam tastes really nice and personally I cannot tell the difference between this and higher brands. It does taste quite sweet but also has a really nice strawberry flavour making it very tasty and also appealing to children.

      Once the jam is open it must be kept refrigerated and used within 6 weeks. This probably wont be a problem in most households as it has so many uses! The jam is prepared with 45g of fruit per 100g of jam and contains 65g of sugar per 100g of jam.

      A serving (a teaspoon) of the jam contains 39 calories, 9.1g sugar, trace of fat, 0 saturates and trace of salt. Therefore, bar the sugar this is a good topping for toast as it is relatively healthy.

      I really like this jam and I think I will be stocking up whilst its on offer at a bargain price! Everyone in my family enjoys this jam as it has both a nice flavour and texture. Highly recommended.


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        20.07.2009 18:08
        Very helpful



        Cheaper jam


        Strawberry Jam always reminds me of hot lazy summer days sitting in Parks and fields enjoying the sun and some great jam sandwiches. I have always enjoyed strawberry jam, which in some ways is a bit oddas I don't really like strawberries. I was keen to try this product as I have had mixed results with the Tesco Value range I wanted something hopefully with a great taste.


        The Tesco's Strawberry jam is currently being sold for 99p for a 454g jar. This is about mid way in terms of price. As the cheapest is the Tesco value Jam at just 38p, while at the other end of the spectrum is a specialist branded jam at a massive £2.45 a jar.


        The product comes in a glass jar, with a screw lid that when turned makes a clear popping sound as the airtight container is exposed to the air.

        It looks an attractive proposition on the shelves, clearly stating on the front label exactly what the product is with a strawberry to back it up. If you turn the jar it lists the allergic advice, the ingredients and the Health advice on what each tablespoon of the product provides you with.

        Each Tablespoon provides:

        39 Calories
        9.1g Sugar
        < 1% Fat
        0% Saturates
        <1% Salt


        Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Strawberries, Sugar, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates).

        ==Allergy advice:==

        Tesco cannot guarantee the product is nut-free, it is made in a nut free area but nuts are used elsewhere.

        This product is suitable for Vegetarians.


        Once the jar is opened there is a very sweet and enticing smell of strawberries, I found this quite delightful and made me feel very hungry.


        The product is a bright red colour with little seeds within it plus a few strawberries that have been quite mushed and squashed up in the preparation of the product.

        I put my knife in the jar and found the product to be quite solid in texture, it looked ideal for spreading as it was not runny but as the same time not too solid that it didn't easily separate out when in contact with either the bread or the toast.


        First I tried the Strawberry jam in sandwiches. I found the jam spread evenly and easily on my bread. It tasted very sweet and certainly made my taste buds water. The Strawberry taste was distinct and very pleasurable. I enjoyed the taste but the stickiness left on my hands after consuming my food.

        I then tried the same product on toast and enjoyed the sweet strawberry sensation. It spread well and I found I enjoyed the taste just as much.


        This is my first experience of Tesco's own Strawberry Jam and for me it was a pleasurable experience. I found the taste to my liking although maybe a little sweeter than I would have chosen. I enjoyed the rich strawberry taste and found that my taste buds craved not only the aroma but the taste of it as well.

        What I did find was the further I down the jar I got the product became more liquid and runny. This made it harder to transfer from my knife to the bread without it spilling off and making a sticky mess. I would also have liked to see more strawberries as there seemed precious few in my jar and the ones I did find seemed quite hard and chewy.

        I will certainly consider buying this again, although I would probably prefer to experiment a little more with other Strawberry jams first. I do not think it is as good in taste terms as the branded ones such as Harley's and Robinson's but as the same time it is cheaper than these. That said it is still a good jam and one that I liked.


        I found this to be a good tasting and competitively priced Strawberry Jam. It maybe tasted to me sweeter than the branded items and that is reflected in its high sugar content. It was certainly enjoyable on toast or in sandwiches and I would imagine ideal also in cooking recipes.


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          14.06.2009 17:43
          Very helpful




          Whilst I was doing an online shop at Tesco a month ago I decided I wanted to purchase some more cupboard items to try and stop me nipping out to the shops and just buying junk when hungry, with items such as jam in my cupboards I can have an interesting snack.

          So whilst I was on this vibe I clicked the jam into my basket.

          A couple of weeks ago I fancied some toast and thought I would open the jam to make it a bit tastier.

          The jar comes in a 454g size so you get a good amount and the use by date was Feb 2011 so nearly 2 years before it starts to go off!

          When I opened it I was expecting a strong scent of strawberry to hit my nostrils but even when taking a deep breathe in its hard to get a pleasant smell from it, in fact it smells a tad chemical to me.

          I went to spread it on my toast and this proved too be a bit of a struggle, it didn't spread easily and I thought I would tear the bread in trying to do so.

          So then I took a bit and all I could taste was sugar, it was like I had poured a spoonful on my bread and I wasn't impressed but being hungry and too lazy to eat any more I ate the toast.

          It left a nasty taste in my mouth afterwards as well.

          On checking the jar now to write this review I can see why it tasted so much of sugar is there is 9.1g of sugar per tablespoon of Jam which is 10 of your RDA and in total out of the 454g in the jar over half of its contents is just sugar.

          Now I am not an expert on jams so this may be normal but I have had other branded strawberry jams and they actually tasted of strawberry and wasn't just like licking sugar off a spoon.

          I won't be buying this again and its probably just going to sit in my cupboard until I move house and throw it away!

          If you do love sugar but aren't keen on licking the sugar bowl and therefore want to try this its currently 92p at Tesco.


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            27.08.2008 05:13
            Very helpful



            The first half of my jar was better than the second half which had melted although stored in fridge!

            I have a few guilty pleasures in my life. Some I'm actually willing to share with you all, some I am er not.... lol However the one thing I make no secret about is my love of bread, or bread like products in general.

            I love bread, muffins, crackers, croissants, crumpets, all of which on here I have written about at some point. I've pretty much given up on meals much preferring something of the above. I guess to alot of people it all sounds rather dull and my Mother frequently moans when she says to me 'I'm making salmon salad for tea tonight are you having some' and I reply 'no ta I'd rather have some toast if it's all same to you!'. I don't get bored though! I have a variety of toppings and one I have been eating alot of lately is strawberry jam. I love the stuff and am getting through a couple of jars a week at the moment. My Mum, who does the shopping has tried to slow me down on eating what she calls junk of late and she's started buying shops own brand preserves in what I think is a blatant attempt to stop me in my tracks! It hasn't worked though!

            So as I say Mum got me this last week!

            The Packaging....

            Slightly different to the jar on the picture but only slightly and I think this is new packaging though it is definitely the same jam. It's a 454g glass jar you can see through. Has a black screw on/off lid situated at the top with a gold button that the first time you open it pops up slightly so you know if its been tampered with before you get it or not and on that the use before date is stamped on there too.

            Around the middle of the jar there is a sticky label. On the front I am told it is Tesco Strawberry Jam and to the side of that there is a picture of strawberries and beneath that there is an at a glance nutritional chart. On the rest of the label, on the sides I am told the ingredients, allergy advice and nutritional information and told the packaging is recyclable, how to store it, contact details for Tesco, told the size as (I've stated already) and there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough jar and doesn't look too economy.

            The Jam....

            A very dark red in colour. When you take the lid off there is a distinctive waft of fresh, sweet strawberries that smells so promising. The first time you dig into the jar to get some jam out it is really set though not hard, it's a nice consistency and looks easy to spread and it is. The further down the jar you get however the more it seems to melt into more of a slushy jelly liquid over time and is quite wet so you have to be careful getting it out or you get in a right sticky mess! You have to refridgerate this or you could pour this on your toast or bread believe me!

            Taste wise well it's actually rather pleasant. Strawberries it is and it's quite sweet but at the same time has a sharpness to it which is rather sour and as you eat it not only can you see the dark berry seeds you can crunch them in your teeth too. There is no doubting what it is.

            The only issue I have with it is not only as I mentioned does it get rather more liquidy as you take some out the jar but over time it also seems to get wetter when applied to warm food stuffs such as toast and I find that it drips over me and this jam is really sticky as you'd expect! It isn't too bad but I do get in rather a mess!

            Overall it's nice enough in taste. I'm hard pushed to find any strawberry pieces within in but it tastes of it well enough. To me this is an economy jam and quite like a juice in some respects but if watching the pennies it isn't a bad option and cos it's very wet it turns out to be rather economical! Not a gourmet choice sure, but it's ok I just wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it.


            Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Strawberries, Sugar, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates).

            Suitable for vegetarians.

            Allergy Advice....

            Recipe No Nuts
            Ingredients Cannot guarantee nut free
            Factory Product made in but free area, but nuts elsewhere

            Nutritional information.. per Tablespoon

            Energy 39 Calories
            Sugar 9.1g
            Fat Trace
            Saturates 0g
            Salt Trace

            Only available in Tesco at 69p per jar.


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