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Tesco Thick Cut Orange Shred Marmalade

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  • Rubbery texture
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    4 Reviews
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      03.09.2015 08:23


      • None


      • "Rubbery texture"

      most unpleasant, particularly the texture (like rubber)

      We eat marmalade every morning and have tried many supermarket brands, but rarely shop in Tesco so have not tried theirs until now. This I have to say, was a most unpleasant experience. The marmalade resembled a solid block of rubber inside the jar, and so had to be scraped and scooped out into a dish, which I then had to microwave to soften in order to make it fit to spread. The flavour was only marginally better than the texture, being 'mediocre' at best.


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      17.02.2014 16:43
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive but found it bitter and not very pleasant

      ===The Product===

      Tesco Thick Cut Orange Shred Marmalade.
      454 grams in a clear glass jar.
      Image of lots of oranges on the front (label has changed form the image above).
      Tamper proof button on the lid and a long shelf life until November 2015.
      Suitable for Vegetarians but cannot guarantee nut free.
      Refrigerate once opened and use within 6 weeks.
      Produced in UK for Tesco.
      Coloured with caramel.
      1 tablespoon is 39 calories and 8.3 grams of sugar.


      59p per jar.

      ===My Opinion===

      This is a different sort of Tesco marmalade that I have only just tried.

      I had already bought their Thin Cut marmalade which I quite enjoyed so thought I would get this Thick Cut version for a change.

      It comes in a standard shape jam jar and is a very dark orange colour verging on brown. The consistency is thick and not see-through.

      Inside the jar the marmalade is set and quite jelly like - interspersed with pieces of thick peel.

      I was disappointed as soon as I opened the lid as their was no orangy smell at all to this marmalade - not even when I put my nose down to it.

      Still I thought the proof is in the eating.

      I enjoy marmalade with toast and a cup of tea as a sweet little snack when I get a craving for a sweet item but do not want to have to eat chocolate or biscuits.

      The marmalade comes out of the jar easily and spreads well. Unfortunately that is about it.

      It did not really have much of a taste at all - and even the sweet element of the marmalade was overshadowed by a bitter taste and then after taste.

      Definitely not to my taste at all.

      I don't mind 'sharp' or tart' food but this just seemed bitter to me - and a sort of artificial bitter as well.

      I would not want to be finishing my jar at all - so have passed to my husband to see if he wanted to use it before I threw it out - as I would really prefer to have my toast on its own with a little butter and not use this at all.

      However the jar is still here and he has not bothered to use any yet - though he might eat it as he tends to be a human dustbin anyway.

      Definitely not for me and disappointing as the other Tesco marmalades are quite edible.

      ===Star Rating===

      2 stars. Bitter and not very orangy and not for me.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





      Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Oranges, Sugar, Citric Acid, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate), Colour (Plain Caramel).


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      20.09.2008 14:30
      Very helpful



      Recommended as a nice marmalade.

      There is one thing that I do love much to the disgust of both my daughter and my hubby and that is marmalade, they both hate it and say it puts them off their own breakfasts just to see me eat it. I have tried many brands of marmalade some good and some bad, the Tesco thick cut orange shred marmalade is one of the good ones.

      This comes as most others do in a see through jar which allows you to see the rich orange colour of the product you are buying. When you open the jar you will be greeted with a lovely strong orange smell and also a less lovely acidy bitter smell that I guess comes from the orange rind.

      The taste of the marmalade is very sharp and tangy although it does leave a tiny bit of a bitter taste on the tongue immediately after eating. This is one of the better lower priced marmalades out there and the only real problem I found with it is that after the jar has been opened and you have started using it there seems to be a watery build up on the top of the marmalade that means you have to stir it in before using the next time.

      I am not too put off by this as it takes only a few seconds to give the marmalade a bit of a stir before using and although this isn't usually necessary with other brands it is hardly a serious problem and it does not affect the nice taste.

      This marmalade costs 87p per jar and contains 39 calories per tablespoon and I would suggest it probably takes three tablespoonfuls to spread a slice of toast so around 120 calories per slice of toast. There is also a high sugar content to this marmalade and all others in truth with this one containing 7.8g of sugar per tablespoon.

      It does not make for a good fro you breakfast or snack but it does make for a very tasty one!


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        29.08.2008 16:04
        Very helpful



        It's ok, I mean I don't hate it I just wouldn't buy it again!

        The one thing I couldn't live without in my life is marmalade. Nothing gets to me more than going to grab my jar and someone has eaten it and has put back an empty jar in the fridge! I love the stuff, I really do, on thick toasted buttery bread, anytime of the day! I eat so much toast my Mother goes barmy because I prefer it over proper meals eating as much as 8 slices of bread a day and if not bread muffins, croissant's, crumpets and crackers are all fair game to my belly. Yum.

        My Mum shops in a variety of supermarkets as we have a few local to us so I don't actually ever get the same preserve twice! So I'm constantly testing new products in this area. So last week this one pitched up!

        The Packaging....

        454g see through recyclable glass jar with black screw on/off lid with a gold button integrated into it that states the best before date (mine actually gives me two years to open and eat it) and the button rises slightly if opened or tampered with. The label on the front is red in colour and I'm told it is Tesco, Thick Cut Orange Shred Marmalade and that is all written on top of a sliced orange picture. On the bottom there is an at a glance nutritional chart for ease of use. Then on the side of the jar I'm told the ingredients and that it is suitable for vegetarians and allergy advice. Then I'm given more comprehensive nutritional information, told to eat it within 6 months of opening (providing it is kept refrigerated), size is stated (as I've listed already) I'm given contact details for Tesco and finally there is a bar code.

        The Marmalade...

        Open it up and take a sniff and you can smell a hint of orange but it is overpowered by a bitter smell which is obviously the orange rind but it doesn't really smell like that. It's very strong but it isn't actually particularly a nice smell and actually makes me feel a bit sick to be honest.

        The first time I opened this marmalade it was of course, dark orange and set. However once you set about using it it doesn't stay that way. Looking at mine now I'm 1/2 through the jar and some is set (in the middle) but at the sides there is alot of liquid and tip the jar to the side and you got a small lump of the mixture and the honey like liquid forms the most part looking rather unappetising and to be honest I do need to throw the jar away now as I don't want to drink the stuff! I can't spread this apart from the small but I have set lol

        However I have eaten half of the jar as I said (and smell isn't bad spread). What I ate was ok, it's as simple as that really. Colour wise it's nice enough on the eyes. Yes there is plenty of dark orange rind in there to give it a bitter taste but the whole thing is incredibly sweet and over powers the bitterness. Instead of being sharp it falls flat and just doesn't taste that nice to be blunt about it. The marmalade itself is far too thick and gooey hence why I feel that humidity has got to it and it's melted. The rind shred is thick and smooth and tastes soggy but there is plenty within the product. Simply it's ok but to me I think works out rather uneconomical as I have to throw away half a jar (even though I stored it as recommended in the fridge!).

        To me this isn't that great and I would't buy it again. It makes me think of the Tesco Strawberry Jam (review available lol) in which had similar problems to this! For me Tesco just can't make preserves!


        Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Oranges, Sugar, Citric Acid, Gelling agent (Pectin), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates), Colour (Plain Caramel).

        Nutritional Information Per Tablespoon....

        Calories 39
        Sugar 7.8g
        Fat Trace
        Saturates trace
        Salt Trace

        Only available in Tesco at 87p Per Jar.


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