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Tesco Value Orange Marmalade

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Marmalades

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    3 Reviews
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      27.03.2012 21:33
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I have bought this marmalade quite a few times. It is cheap and one that I like quite a lot. It is from the Value range from Tesco's and it is one of their lowest brands in the supermarket. When I first bought it I wasn't too sure if it would have a nice taste but I thought it was worth a try.

      It comes in a glass jar with a screw off lid. It just has a basic looking label on the front with the usual colours of the Value range. The marmalade is a nice orange colour and does look quite nice inside the jar in my opinion.

      The texture of the marmalade is quite firm, it does not have a runny consistency and drip from the spoon when spooning it out of the jar. It is very easy to spoon out from the jar too. It contains small orange peel and the peel is quite thin and not just a sliced cut of the peel, it is a nice shaving in the marmalade, but it is not quite as many as a branded one but still a good amount for the price. It has a really nice smell of oranges and one that is a really nice pleasant smell and full of the citrus smell.

      For a 454g jar, it cost just 27p. An excellent price for a maramalade. When I first bought it, I expected it to be quite hard to spread on toast etc but I couldn't have been more wrong. This one is very easy to spread with a knife on toast or even bread. It does not tear the bread because it is quite soft. There is nothing worse than bread tearing when applying marmalade because it can be so annoying but that doesn't happen with this one.

      It has a really nice taste to it and one that has a good taste of oranges. The taste is not at all bland like I imagined. It is also not too sweet and is just the correct amount of sweetness for a cheaper brand of marmalade. It is also not a bitter taste like some other brands. I love this on toast and I have often used it to make a cake. The marmalade is a nice addition to cakes and gives for a really nice taste with this brand in the cake. Only 2 or 3 tablespoons in the mixture gives for enough taste for the cake and the taste is very apparent once the cake is baked and tastes delicious too.

      Like I said I love this on toast and it is a really nice breakfast one. It is so affordable for any budget for the very cheap price. What I really like about it is the way it stays firm when the lid is replaced and it does not turn to mush after a while. It is always as fresh and with a nice texture every time the jar is removed.
      Each tablespoon it contains, 38 calories, 7.7g of sugar and no fat at all. The sugar amount is quite high but it does not taste too sweet for the amount.

      It is also suitable for vegetarians too.

      The jar is best stored in a cool, dry place to help preserve it and keep it nice and fresh for when you want to eat it.

      My little grandson loves this one on toast too. He can easily eat it and he likes the taste of the orange content. For this reason and for the taste I just cannot fault this one. It is extremely good quality and excellent value for money in my opinion.

      I think if you only occasionally eat marmalade and waste most of the contents of the jar, this one would not have cost too much and so a lot of money wouldn't have been wasted in my opinion.

      I will continue to buy this one in the future because it gives me all of the taste that I expect from a cheaper brand of marmalade. I highly recommend it for anyone to give it a taste and bypass the price thinking it is an awful tasting one. It is a give away price in my opinion for a lovely tasting brand of marmalade on the market.

      The jar can be recycled too.

      Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        10.05.2010 14:21
        Very helpful




        I have recently tried out the Tesco value orange marmalade and this is my review.

        I have been trying out some of the items in the Tesco value range to see if I can save a few pence on my weekly shop and I have found that some of them are very good value but other items in the range are not that good and I will not get them again.

        The packaging is very plain but this is cos it is a Tesco value item and all of the items in the Tesco value range are basic products and you are paying only for the products and not for any fancy packaging. This does not bother me to much cos I am more concerned with the item and not what packet it comes in as this goes in the bin anyway.

        The jar is made of clear glass and it can be recycle which is good for me as I like to do my bit for the environment. The jar has a plain white label on the front and this has the usual red and white Tesco value writing and logo on it. To be honest I thought the jar is not that nice looking.

        The marmalade is a nice orange colour and I can see bits and 'chunks' of the orange and the rind going through the marmalade. It smells very nice when I spread it on my toast and I think the texture is good though it looks to be a bit watery when I am spreading it on my toast.

        The taste of the marmalade is very nice and I can taste the orange which is quite strong. I think the marmalade is very sweet but I think marmalade should be very sweet so this is ok for me. I think the marmalade is quite sharp too and this is cos of the bits of orange in the marmalade. I like the sharpness to the taste but I think some people might be put off a bit as it is quite sharp.

        The Tesco value jar of orange marmalade was a very good price and I think it only cost me about 30 pence or so from my local Tesco store. I usually spend £1.10 on a jar of marmalade so as you can see I made a good saving from buying the Tesco value jar instead.

        The jar is a good size to and it is 454g in size. For the money I paid I think this is a very good value item and I would buy it again as I enjoyed the taste and thought the marmalade had a very nice texture to it.

        It was a bit sharp although I like this so it didn't put me of at all but I think some people and maybe young kids wouldn't like the sharpness of the taste. I would suggest giving the Tesco value marmalade a try out and I will buy it again.


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        01.12.2009 14:15
        Very helpful



        Not bad if you run out!

        Loving marmalade the way I do I ran out of the stuff mid week, had little cash on me and decided to get some. Seeing this priced at 28p a jarI thought it was a go!

        The Packaging:

        454g in weight glass jar with a white screw on/off lid to the top of it. Around the middle of it there is a white and red label and on the front of that there is a photograph of a slice of toast with the marmalade on it and I'm told in red and white writing that it is Tesco 'Value' Breakfast Marmalade and there is an at glance nutritional chart on there. Other information to the sides of the label include ingredients and allergy advice being given, nutritional advice is listed and I'm told it is suitable for Vegetarians, size is stated (as I've given you already) and contact details for Tesco are given as usual. Cheap looking packaging this is really but it is informative enough to be fair to it.

        The Marmalade Itself:

        Well when you first open up the jar you may as I did think where is the smell or oranges? It doesn't have one as such. It has a light sweet smell but nothing distinctive about it. Appearance wise it's a very light orange in colour, transparent with tiny shreds of very thin orange peel in it.... in abundance. It spreads easy and looks a bit like a soggy jelly, you can see it sat on tour toast along with the peel and then all there is left to do is to eat it of course lol.

        Now this is an odd one. It tastes slightly of orange but I mean rally lightly. It's more of a sticky sweet sauce and the flavour I feel comes more from your tongue coming across orange peel but I really like it! Ok it's not really like marmalade in the conventional sense if you like but I like it's natural tasting sweetness and texture! Sure for most people this could do with having more oranges in it, but it's economy so it don't but it doesn't feel like it lacks quality if that makes sense. All I can say is that if you like light flavoured marmalade that is sweet this is worth a go and Me, I'd buy it again!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Sulphites
        Recipe: No nuts
        Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free
        Factory: No nuts

        Nutrional Information Per Tablespoon:

        Calories: 38
        Sugar 7.7g
        Fat: 0g
        Saturates; 0g
        Salt Trace

        Only available in Tesco stores.


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