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Yum Buttery Spread

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Manufacturer: Yum / Type: Butter

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2013 20:21
      Very helpful



      Good for a spread but not buttery enough for me.


      As a Bzzagent I am often sent products to try in return for my honest trail and review of the products, recently I was was asked to trial some new products from a range called Yum. The range to date includes:-

      Four soft cheeses, Original soft cheese, Green pesto soft cheese, Pink and black peppercorn soft cheese and Garlic and herb soft cheese.

      Four butters and spreads, Yum butter, Yum spreadable, Yum buttery spread and Yum Olive spread.

      This review is about the Yum Buttery Spread.

      ABOUT YUM ....

      Yum is a new range that has been manufactured by Arla and is sold exclusively in Tesco's. As stated above it is a range of butters, spreads and cheeses. Arla is a well known manufacturer and is also responsible for large bands such as Lurpack and are known for their use of natural ingredients, free from artificial colouring and flavouring as such I held quite high hopes from good quality produce.

      In my Bzz pack for this campaign there was a voucher to trial one of the spreads in this range, I am normally a butter fan rather than spread, although I do have a spread on the go in the fridge at all times, I really do find the taste of butter much nice than that of most spreads as such it seemed to make more sense for me to try the buttery spread.

      THE PACKING ....

      The Buttery spread comes in a standard looking plastic spread tub, however this has been covered by cardboard around the base, I am not sure why. If anyone knows do let me know in comments! The lid and base of the pot are black in colour and do look a little more upper market than your general spreads.

      The lid is quite clear and striking, the product name Yum is a mix of yellowy and orange in colour. The Y and M being yellowy and the U being Orange. Below this In the yellowy colour it informs us that the product is a Buttery Spread made with real buttermilk and with a deliciously buttery taste. This is followed by the best before date. On the bottom right of the lid there is a photo of some bread covered in a generous helping of the buttery spread.

      Both length sides of the tub are almost replica's of the lid and on both ends are written the words YUM YUM YUM.

      The base of the product contains the text "Yum, Yum, Yum and Yum! There's more than just one YUM to love. Altogether, we've got butter, spreadable, olive spread and buttery spread. Each on yummy at any time of day." The ingredients and nutritional information and the bar code.

      There is also a small text that informs us that the spread contains 40 percent fat blend, 4 percent buttermilk and 36 percent vegetable fat! That sounds bad enough but only adds up to 80 percent, what the heck is in the other 20 percent?

      THE PRODUCT ....

      The spread is a yellowy colour, it does look butter like in colour, the spread is a really nice consistency, it spreads really easily even when straight out of the fridge. I find with some spreads they can be a little hard and the bread tears when trying to spread. This is not a problem with this product.

      There is very little scent to the spread, nothing I could give any feedback to really. Taste wise it is very bland, it does have a slight creamy butter taste but not very strong. When I had this on toast it really did not taste that buttery, however I did notice the buttery taste when I ate it on a jacket potato. As I say I am a butter eater usually so I am more used to something with a stronger creamy taste so this might be why I find this a little bland. Someone who is more used to a milder spread might notice the buttery taste more readily.

      PRICE AND SIZE ....

      The buttery spread is available at Tesco stores across the country for £1. A quick look and it does not appear to be available online at this time. The tub contains 500g of spread and is suitable for vegetarians.

      INGREDIENTS ....

      Water, vegetable oil, buttermilk, modified starch, concentrated butter, lactic culture, salt, emulsifier, flavouring, preservative, lactic acid, acidity regulators, colour, vitamins A and D.

      Sounds so yummy when you read that doesn't it!

      SUMMARY ....

      I really am not sure what to say here, I do not hate this spread nor do I love this spread! It does what it says on the tin, it tastes fine, spreads really nicely but for me it really is just lacking a little in taste. There is nothing I can really find in the product that induces me to rave about it leaving me in a bit of a quandary about how to score it. It certainly is on par with any other spread I have eaten so does deserve a good score however it is not as buttery tasting as I expected. I am really stuck between 3 and 4 stars. I think I am going to go with 4, it does taste as nice as many of the best spreads out there and does spread really nice and evenly.


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