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Yum Original Soft Cheese

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yum

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    2 Reviews
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      18.06.2013 22:26
      Very helpful



      Great value with a voucher

      In one of the tesco free magazines there was a voucher for 50p off the Yum soft cheese range. I had 3 magazines, so 3 vouchers. The spread was also reduced to £1, and so I got 3 pots for £1.50. I thought that as it lasted to august this year, it would be ok to buy 3 at once.

      The spread is quite plain, but tastes so much less synthetic than other soft cheese brands. Its very soft, almost melting in your mouth. It tastes like real cheese and is creamy. It doesnt smell of anything, and it also comes in other flavours including pesto, and black pepper which are also very nice and slightly more interesting than the original.

      It tastes great on toast as it melts even more, or crackers. It also works as a stir in sauce with pasta and chicken. The original flavour is great for people who like a slight taste of cheese but also dont want bits in the spread. It goes on really easily with a knife as its so smooth.

      Another thing I really like about this brand, is that the pot is very aesthetically pleasing. It is black, with the YUM logo and writing on the front. It tells you what it goes well with, and also the ingredients. It comes with a film that peels off, and then the lid snaps on tight.

      I have also recycled the pot to hold fruit as it is really easy to clean. It normally costs around £1.70 but Im not sure that I would buy it again unless there was a voucher, as I normally prefer real cheese, and make my own cheese sauce.


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      18.06.2013 19:26
      Very helpful



      Wonderful simple tastey and versitile!


      As a BuzzAgent I am sent trials of products in return for my honest reviews of the products I try, recently I was sent some vouchers to try a new product that has been produced exclusively for Tesco. The range is named Yum and to date includes:-

      Four soft cheeses, Original soft cheese, Green pesto soft cheese, Pink and black peppercorn soft cheese and Garlic and herb soft cheese.

      Four butters and spreads, Yum butter, Yum spreadable, Yum buttery spread and Yum Olive spread.

      For this review I will be reviewing the Original soft Cheese.

      When I first saw the name Yum I was a little unsure if this product was a little gimmicky or if they were so sure of their range they were assuming we would all love it and think it was yummy. Who knows but here are my thoughts on the product!

      ABOUT YUM ....

      Yum is a new range that has been manufactured by Arla and is sold exclusively in Tesco's. As stated above it is a range of butters, spreads and cheeses. Arla is a well known manufacturer and is also responsible for large bands such as Lurpack and are known for their use of natural ingredients, free from artificial colouring and flavouring as such I held quite high hopes from good quality produce.

      I have to admit I am not a huge fan of flavoured cheese spreads but I really do adore plain soft cheese so have eaten many over the years, as such it was an easy option for me which soft cheese I chose.

      THE PACKING ....

      The cheese comes in a really classy looking plastic black tub, with the name Yum in massive lettering across the centre of the top of the tub. They appear to have chosen different coloured lettering for all of the products and the original soft cheese appears to have been designated the colour blue as such Yum is written in blue, for some reason they have chosen to choose two different shades so the Y and M are in a light blue whilst the U is in a dark blue! A little unusual but it does actually work and looks nice.

      To the right in the upper corner is the text "delicious soft cheese .... just add your imagination!"

      Below this is the text original in the light blue colour, Soft Cheese in White and then Full fat back in the pale blue. To the right of this is a very tempting photo of fresh salmon on some of the soft cheese, very yummy looking! The same pattern is copied on both sides length ways and on the tub ends there is the wording "divine on a bagel with salmon and dill".

      THE PRODUCT ....

      When I opened the tub there was the usual tamper proof silver foil lid to be peeled back to reveal the soft cheese.

      The cheese itself is a really brilliant white in colour and very smooth in texture. There is no scent that I can notice coming from the cheese when opened.

      This cheese is a lot smoother than the ones we usually have in the house, some of them are a little tacky in texture however this is a little denser and spreads on more like a very very thick cream. The taste is bland, however it really pleasant, if I closed my eyes my tastebuds would be telling me that I was eating a very mild smooth expensive cheese rather than a spread. There is no funny taste left in my mouth that I find with some spreads. I think this is due to it being a fresh spread, it needs to be eaten within 5 days of opening which is a much shorter shelf life to some of the others we purchase. However the difference in quality is much better and as such I would happily loose shelf life for the taste!

      The first time I tried my cheese I went for the simple option and spread a small amount onto a good old Jacobs cracker, however it was so gorgeous I have actually taken to cooking with this. So far I have had it on a jacket potato, made a pasta source, cauliflower cheese sauce and smothered it on various crackers and breads. It has been lovely on everything. I love how simple it is to use it for a sauce, I have simply thrown in a drop of milk and heated it up and bingo sauce. I added various veg to one of the pasta sauces which came out really nice and I added a small amount of cheddar and my Yum buttery spread when I had it on my cauliflower. The only thing I was not to keen on the mix was when I tried it out with a jacket potato and baked beans, that was just my personal taste though, it did not taste right to me, however it tasted lovely on a plan potato with buttery spread and melted into the potato.

      PRICE AND SIZE ....

      Yum products are available at Tesco and the Original soft cheese is priced at £1.70 for 250 grams (although on special offer at the moment for £1)

      INGREDIENTS ....

      The ingredients listed on the site are simply soft cream cheese, contains milk

      CALORIES ....

      This is a full fat soft cheese so is not low in calories or fat per 100 grams of product there is 259 calories, 25.1 grams of fat and 1 gram of salt.

      SUMMARY ....

      I am in love with this soft cheese, as long as we are shopping in Tesco this is going to be my new first choice for soft cheese without any hesitation. My mum and dad have also pinched this on a few occasions and agree that it really is indeed living up to its namesake and is indeed Yum.

      I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone! Yum in name, Yum in flavour!

      If I could award it over 5 stars I would. For me this product is 5 star plus!


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