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Mahalo Ukulele Starter Kit

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Mahalo

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    2 Reviews
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      22.04.2012 17:18
      Very helpful



      Great beginners set

      The ukulele is, by far, my favourite instrument. Small, light, portable YET with a cheerful quality to its sound that never fails to brighten up my day. This is also very easy to learn and play- far easier, I find, than a guitar- but then a uke only has 4 strings as opposed to 6.

      About my Mahalo Ukulele:

      On a detour to the music shop, the Mahalo Ukulele starter kit caught my eye (as I had been searching for a reasonably priced ukulele for a while) and after a little consideration, I decided to buy it in the tropical fruits design. I decided to buy the set because it would save me the trouble of buying my own pick and gear. In the starter kit, there was

      - A ukulele (of course) in my chosen fruits design
      - A pick
      - A tutorial DVD (however even without buying the full kit I am sure this can be found on YouTube)
      - A flimsy gig bag that is a little hard to get ukulele inside
      - Pitch pipes (but I prefer to use the piano or my tuner)

      All in all, a lovely ukulele set with good (though slightly quiet) sound quality. The paint has peeled a little bit off the wood, which is important only if you are looking for aesthetic appeal. Of course, the quality (of both the sound and design) is inferior to the ukuleles you have to pay hundreds of pounds for, but for its price, I am very pleased.


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        03.03.2012 18:03
        Very helpful



        The package is good for complete beginner and also good gifts to friends!

        Ukulele is described as one of the musical instruments which are among the easiest to pick up. From my own experience, it is not difficult for one to learn to play a few simple songs after learning for a month or two.

        This Mahalo ukulele starter kit basically provides you with what you need to start playing the ukulele. The package includes the ukulele, a gig bag, DVD, pitch pipes and felt pick. With all these, you can start learning playing the ukulele right away.


        Mahalo is known as one of the brands which produces ukulele at a lower price range. The ukuleles are manufactured in China. They do offer ukuleles in different colours and patterns, as in the case of this starter kit. The ukulele is compact and can be carried around easily. The bright colour will certainly attract the attention from the people around you.

        Let's move on to the most important part, the sound of the ukulele. You can't really expect much from a ukulele which you can get at such a low price. The sound produced is of decent quality but the problem is that the strings will go out of tune very easily. You have to be a little bit more patient as you will have to spend a little bit more time in tuning the ukulele.

        Gig Bag
        Well, it is a bag for you to put your ukulele in. A simple layer of nylon cannot really protect the ukulele well.
        The good thing is that it fits the ukulele quite well.

        The package contains a DVD which provides some basic training in ukulele. There are quite a number of websites and videos online which provides step-by-step guide in learning ukulele and resources for learning ukulele are available. You can turn to the DVD if you like but there are certainly other resources if you don't feel like learning from the DVD.

        Pitch Pipes
        The Pitch Pipes are also included. It is an easy tuning system, you blow down the whole for the string you wish to tune, and match the string to the note from the pipes. However, if you are a complete beginner, then you may find it difficult to make sure that the string is correctly tuned. As mentioned above, this ukulele needs quite a bit of tuning and I would recommend you getting an electric tuner. It will tell you on the screen whether the string is in tune or not and it saves you a lot of time.

        Felt Pick

        Well... that's a pick. I personally do not think that it is necessary to play the ukulele using a pick.

        To sum up, this starter kit is good for the complete beginner. It gives you everything you need to start learning. However, given that it's only a starter kit, you will probably want to get a better ukulele once your skills have improved.


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