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Mathematics With Finance at University of Leeds

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Mathematics with Finance (G1N3) offers an integrated, three-year degree programme. It trains students for professional careers in Financial Services, an international industry in which the UK currently enjoys a prominent role. The course is structured so that throughout the three years, two thirds of the time is spent studying mathematics modules, and one third on business and economics modules.

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      28.05.2002 00:43
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      This is my current course, and after one year of it, I can say that it has been a mixture of interest, boredom, difficulty and simplicity. For the most part of the year I feel the course has been rewarding and engaging, though various modules on the course dictate this, ie. if a course is boring one week it tends to be boring till the end and visa versa. The course has been structured well sofar, though there isn’t enough linkage between the Maths and Business Departments. As a Maths with finance student, you are under the joint ownership of both departments, though you will report more toward Maths. The course is delivered in two semesters and there are weekly (compulsory) Maths tutorials that are useful, and fortnightly Economics classes (also compulsory but you can get away with missing them more so). It is essential that you prepare fully for these, despite that being difficult if you have classes/tutorials early in the week. All modules are decided for you, unlike other Mathematics courses in which you get a degree of freedom. The Maths modules are pretty standard and you will be with almost entirely other Mathematics students. However in the first year Economics modules and Accounting you will be with loads of Business chumps! Seriously it’s a good chance to meet lots of new people. Maths & Business people tend to make quite good bedfellows. The standard information about this course can be yielded from the university website, though what you ought to glean from this review is that the course is a good one but only if you enjoy the Business part. Economics A-level isn’t necessary but recommended. Accounting is deathly boring. The Maths modules aren’t too difficult (except Real Analysis) but grounding in Statistics is pretty much recommended (I hadn’t and there’s a lot of Stats that I’m struggling with). Further Maths is certainly not essential though it will help. Finally, use the Mathematics departmen
      t as much as possible to help you because you are paying over a grand a year to do so. If you choose this course, like around 40 others per year, you will enjoy it and be in a pretty unique position if your aims are leaning towards the world of Finance. Also, there is a ‘year in industry’ scheme (which is what I want to do) in the 3rd year that allows you to earn cash (good money too; one person last year earned £20,000) and gain valuable experience. Leeds are pretty flexible about the areas of work and I definitely feel that this aspect of the course makes it a real winner.


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