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Social Science at Kingston University

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2006 11:17
      Very helpful



      The teaching is great, flexible timetable

      I am just about to start my second year at Kingston University, where i am studying a BA hons degree in Business Economics, which is part of the Arts and Social Science Faculty.
      I have written this review to give an insight of my first year at the university, what the modules i took were like and general info at the area and the university. In doing so i hope i will be able to help people who are interested in studying the course i am doing, or for people who are just about to start their first year at the university.

      I will give a list the modules which i studied in my first year and give a detailed analysis of a few of them to help you understand what’s involved in that particular module.
      Modules: Introduction to Economics, Maths 1, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, the Modern Business Environment, a Foundation to Economics, Stats 1, Accounting.

      Introduction to Economics: This was a very useful module for me and several others simply because i had never studied economics before. The module helps to give you an insight into what exactly economics is and how it is relevant to the modern world. The teachers who taught this module broke each lecture down into detail and made sure it was easy to understand and comprehend. This module consists of 5 Worksheets, which can be completed at home and submitted by a deadline, and 2 online Tests. The good thing about this module is that it is easy to pass, and help to gain confidence before moving onto harder and core modules.

      A Foundation to Economics: This was one of my favourite modules and again is easy to pass, as long as you put a reasonable amount of effort into it. Once again the teachers are very good, and the module structure is easy, week by week you learn a new topic and at the start of every seminar the teacher will recap what was done last week and help with any questions. This module consists of a group work assignment, and two individual assignments. (A tip when doing the group assignment, volunteer to be group leader, not only does it look good, but you get bonus marks for your assignment, which always helps.)

      Stats 1 was also one of my favourite modules, when growing up i hated everything and anything to do with maths, how ironic i was to take economics. I never seemed to understand statistics, whether it was because of the teaching or my lack of participation, however at Kingston i enjoyed studying it. The module was fun, easy and interesting to study. The module consists of an 80% end of year exam and two multiple choice tests which can be taken home (20%).

      You have to be willing to read and put in some effort if you want to pass the year, even though the first year grades don't count it is always useful to no that you are heading in the correct direction.

      Tips: Books, well you’re going to need a lot of them and trust me when i say they put a serious dent into your pocket. a few tips that i would like to pass on, firstly try the library, they have all the books and you can have them on loan for up to 2 month, and then just renew them it saves you a lot of money. Secondly don't buy the books from the Kingston bookshop near town, why well they rip you off big time, ive found cheaper prices on eBay and Amazon. Remember quality of the book isn’t too important as long as it helps you get through the year.

      The timetable i had was very flexible and only had a 9hour week, with one day off. This is what i loved about the timetable it gave me a chance to have a day off to work to get some money or have some time off to study, however their are no guarantees you will have the same timetable as me.

      The teachers are very good for this course, they will help you as much as they can, they are always willing to help, and have no problem helping you or meeting you, as long as it’s during office hours.

      I hope this review has helped in any way shape or form, and if you are thinking of studying economics go for it.


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