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Argos Zebra 3 Piece Trolley Set

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6 Reviews

Brand: Argos / Type: 3 Piece Luggage Set / Hard case

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    6 Reviews
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      26.02.2013 02:58
      Very helpful



      A great set of luggage and perfect for any teenager

      =Argos Flowered Holdall=
      One of my bad habits is buying luggage, I must have about 4 sets of suitcases and a variety of bags, but when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. It had a rose design which I thought was unusual. I was going to stay with friends for a couple of days, without sounding mad it was cheaper to catch an internal flight on hand luggage than it would have been driving, so another plus point as this would weigh less than a 18in suitcase. I paid about £20 for it.

      The bag has a 30 litre capacity, but for me as long as I could fit enough clothes in it that was fine, the size of the bag apr. 12in height, 18in width and 6in depth, and has a weight of 1.5kg. Weight and size it seemed to be the answer to everything. It even had a retractable handle and 2 wheels.

      =Shoulder Strap=
      Included in the bag was a shoulder strap, which I found to be useful as it gave me the choice to carry or pull along, the strap was comfortable to use, although I tended to pull it along more than carry.

      =First Outing=
      I will admit that even before I got out of the house it had been packed and repacked about 3 times, not for the want of over packing, but you need a degree in getting this packed, as really dependant on how you're going to carry it is how you pack it. This may sound mad, but bear with me.

      -Shoulder Strap Carry-
      For carrying the bag this way, I found that it was better packed as heavier items laid across the bottom, fill the gaps with roll up items, light nightie, underwear, as the zip is on the top of the bag, this evens the weight of the bag out and make it easy to carry.

      -Roll along-
      You need to pack this completely different, as packing as above the weight is not evenly distributed as you roll along and it won't really go anywhere without a massive struggle and it wants to tip over, so with this style of roll along, you need to pack at a sideways bottom up as you need the weight at the bottom of the bag to support the base to wheel it along.

      -Negative Aspects-
      To me, I want a bag that if I'm going to use I want a choice how to use it, if I want to swop carrying methods, great, but with this bag you can't.
      I also found that the handles were not strong on the bag, I was looking at the stitching and noticed that it was starting to come undone after about 2 uses, the material of the bag was not very strong either. Although I used mine as check in luggage, I would not have been comfortable using the bag as check in luggage, as I would have had visions of my underwear going round the luggage reclaim!.
      The zip was not very strong, even though there was space in the bag, it was a struggle to do the zip up, I did not want to pull hard for fear of breaking the zip

      =What did I do=
      when I returned back from my break, the bag went back to Argos, I know it was £20 for a bag, but I really did expect better quality from the bag.

      =Would I recommend=
      Apart from the fact I loved the pattern, I'm sorry I could not recommend this bag.


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      31.05.2012 22:49



      A bargain set of luggage

      This is a great luggage set for travel. You get three pieces of luggage.

      You get a large sized case, a smaller sized case and a weekender bag.

      The pieces of luggage are of excellent quality. They are made very well and they are strong and sturdy. The print is lovely. It's a black and white zebra print featuring black handles. The large case is ideal for holidays. You can fit plenty into it, although if you put too much into it you can sometimes struggle to close it. I just make sure that there's a small gap between the clothes and the lid so that I can close it better. The case keeps your clothing and accessories clean and free from dirt. The case also helps to protect your luggage from bumps and knocks.

      The smaller case is the same, although it's obviously smaller in size so you can't fit that much into it. However it's an ideal second case and it seems to close better than the larger case. The weekender bag is great for overnight stays. I've took this to hospital with me before for minor operations. I managed to fit a few items of clothing into it, aswell as some toiletries and belongings.

      I paid just under £40 for this three piece set of luggage which I think is great value.

      Excellent quality.


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        18.04.2012 20:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Funky fab, Zebra cases!

        ~ Argos Zebra 3 Piece Trolley Set ~

        My husband tends to buy me some strange things for Mothersday, my birthday, Christmas or pretty much any time he needs to buy me something, for some reason he doesn't ever just buy me a bunch of flowers or something along these lines, I usually end up with books, flowerpots, suitcases, a bathroom cabinet.... you get the jist anyway!

        Motherday about 2 maybe 3 years ago I received this Zebra Print trolley set, he had gone to the effort of (trying to) wrap it all up nicely but told me before I had even opened it, 'oh, they're from Argos and they were on offer'.
        I quite like animal print stuff although I wouldn't want to wear fur so I did actually like the design of these bags.

        As the name suggests this set comprises of three bags, one large suitcase, a small suitcase and a little bag/holdall.
        I liked this as it made it more convienient and the fact that i had a nice matching 3 piece luggage set didn't disappoint me.
        However, I did wonder when exactly he planned for me to use them as we had nothing coming up!

        The larger suitcase has only recently had it's first outing and I used it for my two eldest boys clothes when we went away for the week, inside has plenty of room for their clothes and I did take too many, it has elastic straps inside which help to keep the clothing in place and helps make it easier to actually close the case ;)
        It has an extendable handle and two wheels making it easier to monouve.
        It is expandable, this is very simple and just needs to be unzipped around the edge allowing an extra 2 inches of space.

        The smaller case has had more use as I used this when I went into hospital to have my 8 month old son, I found I was able to pack nappies, wipes, babygrows, vests, my pyjamas and slippers into comfortably with a little room to spare.
        It is basically a smaller version of the larger one with the same features. I have found this one more convienient to use if I am honest.

        The bag/holdall is basically an over sized handbag, it is quiet useful on day trips with four children and I find that I can easily fit in a change of clothing for my little ones plus baby bottles/drinks, etc.
        There's also various pockets in the bag for storing little items, I find these particulary useful for shells on the beach, the side pockets don't zip up at all so my children collect the shells and dump them in there to look at later on, this also saves getting everything inside the bag covered in sand!

        Oh, the two cases also have a zip up compartment in the lids making it useful for any little bits like socks/bibs etc.

        I had a lot of comments about my case whilst in hospital with everyone saying how cool and funky it was, I like them so much more compared to boring black or navy cases that we have owned in the past, however the last suitcase I bought was a hard shell lilac number from Tesco and I found the shell type ones easier to clean up etc, they seem to look better for longer. The problems with the Zebra print cases is that as they are black and white, the white can start to look a bit grubby, I do wipe them over with a wet wipe and this seems to do the trick but they don't look as good as they did new.

        I am not sure of the actual price he paid for these but it must have been a good barain or I wouldn't have had them!

        Overall I am really pleased with these cases and am hopeful that they will last well and serve me for another few years yet!


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          14.06.2011 18:09
          Very helpful



          Great fun package

          This interesting luggage set was available from Argos last year. It is no longer in stock but can be picked up from eBay. The sale price I paid was £30 and that was just before the summer holidays which I thought was great. I was after something cheap and cheerful after looking at my old case a few weeks before going away I decided the scruffy case had come to the end of it's life and threw it out. I knew Argos did great value so looked through their catalogue and found this set. As we go on Ryanair quite a bit I thought the middle sized case would come in very handy as well as the larger one for family trips.

          The sizes are as follows large case - 26in x 18in. Smaller case 18in x 14in. Holdall 18in wide. The larger case is suitable for 2 adults plus a child travelling reasonably lightly. The smaller case is ample for a 2-3 day break for 1 person. The holdall will do 1 person for a few nights away. Inside the cases are straps to hold your luggage in place and a large pocket to hold toiletries or other items.

          The wheels on the 2 cases are made of plastic and are ok but not brilliant. Make sure you pack evenly or it may tip from side to side.

          The handles are ok. Comfortable to hold but not particularly long. As a tall person it can give you back ache as you have to bend slightly. If you are over 6ft I wouldn't recommend.

          This is a very Girly item but it is ideal if you want a bit of fun to stand out in the crowd. Beware though your husband probably won't carry it so pack lightly!


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            10.05.2011 13:31
            Very helpful



            Great luggage set for any occasion.

            I fournd that this versatile 3 piece trolley set has been a great buy and has come in very useful on many separate occasions. For a long trip, weekend stay or overnight bag, this set has the answer! All the elements of the set have a high volume capacity and the design is such that it looks great and stylish and can easily be spotted on any airport conveyor belt system with its zebra print design!


            3 piece set includes 18 and 26in travel cases and weekend bag.

            Black and white zebra print.

            Polyester. Soft.

            Security/clothes retaining straps.

            1 pocket.

            2 wheels on each trolley case.

            Retractable tow handle.

            18in case. Size (H)45.5, (W)36, (D)24cm / (H)18, (W)14.1, (D)9.4in. Weight 2.9kg. Capacity 39 litres.

            26in case. Size (H)65, (W)47, (D)28.5cm / (H)26, (W)18.5, (D)11.2in. Weight 4kg. Capacity 87 litres.

            Tote bag / weekend bag. Size (H)27.5, (W)40, (D)17cm / (H)10.8, (W)15.7, (D)6.7in. Weight 0.55kg. Capacity 19 litres.

            Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.


            There is nothing nicer than a matching set of luggage and this inexpensive set seems just the job. The larger suitcase is ideal for around a week's luggage for a holiday, the middle size just the right size for a weekend and the the tote bag can either be used for an overnight stay or for hand luggage along with either of the larger sized suitcases.

            I am 46 and totally love the look of this set. The zebra print is very eyecatching and a lovely design. It has also served well as a travel case for my 17 old niece who totally loved the design and she was delighted with the matching tote bag for all her odds and sods.

            The price of this set will not break the bank - It has been far more durable than my more expensive set which cost me an awful lot of money and this set does not look like a cheap item in the slightest. I always worry when travelling that the airport staff will damage my cases. This has not been the case thus far with this set but even if the worst did happen at least I have not lost a fortune in outlay.

            My set is now nearly two years old but is still going strong. The only damage so far is a tiny bit of the stitching coming away around one of the handles of the tote bag - but to be fair, this has been the one that has had the most use out of the whole set.

            Both of the two cases have retractable tow handles which are a real blessing when the cases are full. I am 5'8" and I have no problems over any terrian using the cases. My younger niece is probably just below 5 foot and she also has never had a problem transporting them either. The wheels of the cases are very sturdy and seem to glide over any given surface and are not noisy in the slightest.

            I would highly recommend this set for anyone considering them.

            Also on Ciao


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              21.02.2011 20:51
              Very helpful



              Nice looking & good size, but not the best quality.

              About a year and a half ago my old suitcase was reaching the end of it's life, so I decided to look for a replacement. I was flicking through the Argos book when a 3 piece zebra print luggage set caught my eye.

              I admit it, I'm a big fan of animal prints. I'm fully aware they aren't everybodys cup of tea but I love them - leopard, tiger, zebra... (I should also point out that I would never actually wear anything from an animal!)

              This set consists of a large suitcase, a smaller suitcase and a holdall.

              ** Large suitcase **

              The largest suitcase is covered in a black and white zebra print polyester material. It has a black plastic extentable handle which is easy to use, robust, useful and just the right length for me. The suitcase has wheels on the bottom which makes it really easy and lightweight to wheel around.

              The inside of the suitcase is lined with a black and grey zebra print material, which looks smart. There are 2 straps inside which are extremely useful for strapping luggage into place - not only does this keep my luggage safe and sound, but it compacts my luggage and creates more space inside my suitcase.

              There is also a large zip up compartment (or 'underwear compartment' in my case!) inside the lid.

              The suitcase is a lot larger than I initially thought it would be, which I was very pleased about. It can hold a fair amount of stuff - I can easily fit a weeks worth of clothes for me and my daughter inside. It has a 87 litre capacity.

              One thing I particularly like about this suitcase is that it is an expander. To use the expander I just open the extra zip on the outside of the suitcase - this releases an extra few inches of suitcase which allows me to pack more, which I'm always grateful for. If the expander is not needed I just leave the zip closed.

              The dimentions of this case are 26 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide and 11.2 inches deep. The suitcase weighs 4kg. The suitcase is tough, solid and sturdy - none of my stuff has been damaged whilst inside it.

              There is a material handle attached to the top and side of the suitcase, however after using for just the second time the handle on top snapped off! I couldn't reattach the handle and it's made using the suitcase really inconvienient (you wouldn't have thought it would make much of a difference but it really does). Also after about a year my case somehow decided that it didn't want to stand up anymore! Very annoying...

              I have also noticed that this suitcase gets dirty very easily - I'm not sure whether it's down to the material or the colour of the case - Probably both! Everytime I pick it off the baggage carousel it looks a little bit more grubbier than before.

              ** Small suitcase **

              The small suitcase is very much like the larger suitcase, just on a smaller scale. It has the same zebra print exterior and interior. It also has the handy straps and zip up compartment inside.

              It has an extentable handle and wheels, plus a handle on the top and on the side. Unlike the large suitcase I haven't yet experienced any problems with the handles.

              Again, I am pleased with the size of this suitcase. I can easily fit a long weekends worth of luggage inside and have even used it on a week-long holiday. The dimentions of this case are 18 inches tall, 14.1 inches wide and 9.4 inches deep. It is very lightweight and weighs 2.9kg. The capacity of this suitcase is 39 litres. It is strong and sturdy.

              It is also an expander, which like the larger suitcase enables me an extra few inches.

              The only real downside is that it gets grubby quite easily, like the larger suitcase. Although this one does appear to be in slightly better condition. I usually just give it a wipe over with a cloth.

              ** Holdall **

              The holdall looks like an oversized handbag and has 2 thick black straps to comfortably wear the bag on your shoulder (or hold). It the same zebra print exterior and interior as the suitcases. The holdall is roughly 18 inches wide, 10 inches high and has a 19 litre capacity.

              There are plenty of different compartments to store stuff within the bag, which include...

              - 2 Decent sized pockets on either side of the bag (useful for storing small sized bits, not valubles though as they aren't secure and wandering hands could dip into them)
              - A small vertical zip up pocket on the front of the bag (useful for small bits that you need to keep safe but might need to keep getting out of the bag)
              - A main zip up compartment
              - 1 Small pocket inside the lining (which is where I usually keep my phone for secure and quick access)
              - 1 Smallish zip up pocket inside the lining (which is where I usually keep small valubles such as money, passports and jewellery etc).

              The main compartment is quite large (certainly larger that I expected when I first saw the bag) and holds a good amount of stuff. The holdall is suitable for overnight stays and probably weekends stays for most people - although I haven't used the holdall for weekends (I tend to use the smaller suitcase as I don't travel very light!).

              This bag has been very useful for me to use as hand luggage - it's spacious, is an acceptable size to be considered hand luggage and matches my suitcase at the airport!

              I haven't really had any problems with the holdall, however the like the suitcases it does get grubby quite easily.

              ** Price & Availability **

              I brought this set from Argos in 2009, however it doesn't appear to be in the Argos catalogue anymore - maybe it will come back? Or maybe you can pick up the set from somewhere like Ebay? It was selling for around £45.00, but I managed to get it at the reduced price of £30.00 - Bargain!

              ** Overall **

              This luggage set looks great in my opinion and certainly beats a boring brown or black suitcase! They are hard to misplace and the suitcases are easy to spot on the baggage carousel at the airport, which is really handy and a total time saver.

              I'm satisfied with the size of both suitcases and the holdall (and the fact they are expanders). The extendable handles, wheels and internal straps are very useful. I'm also pleased with the amount of compartments which the set has. I'm also pleased with how strong and sturdy the cases are (not the bits attached such as the handles etc, just the cases themselves) - they have both withstood the wrath of baggage handlers well!

              The set also came with plastic zebra print luggage tags. The tags looked okay but certainly not great - biro pens wouldn't write on them so I had to use marker pens! They attached to the cases via a metal chain. My tags fell off and got lost pretty quickly.

              If you can pick up this set for a good price, then I recommend. However I wouldn't buy at full price due to the quality (mainly the large suitcase) and the fact it gets grubby quite quickly.


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