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Eastpak Container 85

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4 Reviews

Brand: Eastpak / Dimensions(cm): 84 x 44 x 38 / Capacity: 142L / Type: Wheeled duffle bag / Trolley: 2 Wheels / Type: Soft Case

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    4 Reviews
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      04.08.2013 10:43
      Very helpful



      A fantastically tough and spacious bag ideal for travelling

      I brought this bag a few years ago just before a holiday to Morocco. My old suitcase was falling apart so I when I found this one for just £50 on ebay I decided to give it a go. The bag is made by a brand called Eastpak which are supposedly world famous although I admit I'd never heard of them before. Eastpak was first started in 1976 after being transformed from a company supplying military backpacks and duffels into one providing a range of functional backpacks, shoulder bags and luggage for school, university, sport or travel with the motto "built to resist". Indeed this bag comes with a 30 year warranty and I have to say it has been one of the most durable bags I've had.

      --- Price & Availability ---
      The Eastpak container 85 costs £110 at full price from shops including John Lewis and Eastpak themselves. It can be brought slightly cheaper on Amazon for around £85 or if you want to grab a bargain and don't mind getting one second hand you could always try ebay as I did. They are very expensive to buy new although the high quality of the bag does compensate a bit and if you get one you can guarantee it will be around for a long time.

      --- The Look ---
      This is a very large sized suitcase with a capacity of 142 litres and dimensions measuring 44(H) x 84(W) x 38(D) cm or 33.1(H) x 17.3(W) x 15(D) inches. This makes it really spacious inside which is great and gives me more than enough room to fit all my clothes for 2 weeks plus a few extra pairs of shoes. Despite its massive size it is surprisingly lightweight at 3.6kg making it okay to carry when needed. The bag is made of a strong polyester material which is really tough and resistant to fraying, rips or other signs of wear. It is available in a wide range of creatively-named colours and designs including black, midnight (looks identical to black to me), brown, sunday grey, checked black, blakout spicy (black with red handles), olive or die, stop here (black and white photo print) and to blue or not to blue. I own the blackout spicy colour. Pockets can be found on both the inside and outside and all can be zipped up. There is also a telescopic handle which slides out nicely along with 2 wheels underneath and thick straps which are chunky and soft making them comfortable to hold, even when the bag is filled with heavy items.

      --- Usage & Features---
      The eastpak container 85 is designed to be used as both a holdall and as a movable suitcase and it does indeed function well as both. As I tend to pack rather a lot I mostly pull the suitcase using the wheels. These have a smooth system which makes the bag run along really nicely and the handle is the perfect length for pulling it along. When it comes to carrying the bag it is equally easy due to the padded haul loop with a soft Velcro bit and cross-over straps. The bag also features a lock loop to keep it secure and give you extra peace of mind.

      --- Summary ---
      This is a great travel suitcase which not only looks stylish but feels really high-quality and has been incredibly tough and long-lasting. I have been impressed with how well-made this bag is and so if you are looking for a suitcase or bag which will last you a while I would definitely recommend the Eastpak company.


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      13.05.2013 22:50
      Very helpful



      Great back , well built and trusted brand

      I have quite a few weekends away for work coming up over the summer and my travel bag is certainly past it's best so as it was my birthday last week my other half decided to treat me to this Container 85 travel bag by Eastpak. I was very happy on opening my present as I've had a canvas Eastpak rucksack for nearly 16 years now and it's still going strong ; so I took this as a good indicator of Eastpak's build quality. Eastpak even provide a 30 year warranty with this bag so they are confident to.

      The first impression I got from this bag was it felt very well made. The handles are thick and well stitched with padding for your hand. There is also a lock loop for security and sturdy telescopic handle for when you want to wheel it. The wheels also have a quality feel to them and seem solidly made. There is also a good sized zippable pouch on the outside of the bag plus another inside. The bag itself is made from polyester but feels thick and hard wearing (I would have prefered canvas like my rucksack though). The bag is available in a wide range of colours and patterns though my wife chose a khaki green. I have never had a bag with wheels before as I've always found them a bit girly but given the colour and maker this really does feel quite masculine and will make it much easier to lug around my hefty tool bag at the same time.

      The bag is spacious and has an internal capacity of a 142 litres (I would have thought 85 given the range name) and measures 33" long , 17" high and 15" wide. An ideal size for a long weekend and ample space for my trainers as well.

      Overall I'm very happy with it and if it lasts even half as long as my Eastpak rucksack I will be suitably impressed.


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      10.02.2011 10:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      great useful product

      Eastpak is a well known travel brand. They manufacture a range of bags, rucksacks, holdalls and suitcases. Their ranges are sold both on the highstreet and online for a mid level price.

      I bought this product from ebay as it worked out over £30 cheaper than the highstreet. (RRP around £70) I did look at other online stores such as Amazon but their prices were pretty much inline with the highstreet.

      I chose this particular bag because I needed a holdall on wheels and there weren't many around. I felt there was a real gap in the market. I liked the shape of this bag, not too square like some others I had seen. The fabric also felt strong and durable.

      I first used this bag around a year ago on a trip to France. Beware - it wont fit in an overhead container on a plane. You will have to check it in. It was pretty much filled to bursting for our week long trip but I dont travel heavy anyway. For some people this bag wouldnt be big enough for a week.

      Dimensions are... 84 x 44 x 38cm with a capacity of 142l.

      Another good point for this bag is the handle. I found, when looking for these kinds of bags the handles were rather flimsy and I imagined when the bag was full they could possibly break or twist quite easily. The handle on the Eastpak is strong and held in tightly.

      Overall I think this is a great bag for a short break and should last a fair few years. The extra pockets are handy and the handle is long enough for tall people.


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        02.01.2011 20:56
        Very helpful



        If you want luggage that stands the test of time , Eastpak is the way to go.

        10 years ago I bought my first Eastpak product. It was a back pack.
        I had always thought their bags to be somewhat over-priced and could always find a version of similar size and colour for a quarter of the price.
        But, with East pack you really do get what you pay for. The quality of these bags is second to none. That back pack I bought is still going strong and has been tested beyond any limit imaginable....stuffed full with heavy books it has stood the test of daily abuse. The material has not frayed or broken and the zip, despite beind stretched to its limit, is still intact.

        Naturally, after withstanding many arduous years, I find myself turning to Eastpak for all my baggage needs.
        I have bought other smaller backpacks, computer bags and suitcases...this suitcase being one of them.

        It's big.
        It's VERY big!
        ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT LITRES of big! Now, for a soft suitcase, which it is, that is one ample clothes carrier!
        But, apart from its size, its strength is what sets it apart.
        The company originally began making duffel bags and knapsacks for the armed forces but after noticing that students were beginning to use army day bags as school back packs, they began to manufacture for the consumer as well.
        Their bags have continued to be famed for their durability as well as their functionality and aesthetic appeal.
        Easkpak were the first to use 'Cordura', an extrememly hard-wearing fabric that is resistant to tearing, fraying and scuffs. This material is not only tough, but it retains colour well and is light-weight.

        It's a soft bag with a flat, structured hard bottom and rounded sides. A 'no-nonsense' bag that is perfect in its simplicity. It has a large side zippered side pocket. The supports are metal and the telescopic handle pulls out and locks easily and is just as easily put away.
        The bag, despite it's size glides along on its wheels very smoothly...even when filled to capacity. Because of it's length it is possibly even easier to wheel along and there is no bending down neccessary and no bashing into the backs of your legs! I can't vouch for other people legs, mind you....though most are wise enough to get out of the way when they see this coming!
        There are two handle, one at either end of the bag as well as the two usual handles which meet in the middle and can be fastened together with the soft velcro that wraps around them. There is also a shoulder strap, though, depending how full could be difficult to use.
        The zips on this bag are big, thick and strong and give peace of mind.....these are not gonna bust easily!
        My bag is 'Shed Brown'. Dark enough not to show the dirt too much yet a colour not often seen in luggage, at least not that I've noticed. (Easily distinguishable from other luggage on a conveyor belt.)I believe it is also available in navy, black and grey and possibly other colours depending where you buy it from.

        I bought this for a two month trip to Norway and it held enough stuff to last the entire time...including thick jumpers, boots and other warm clothing. There was even room left for the inevitable shopping whilst there and the pressies to take home. It could also be great for a couple going away for a week or two and even a family weekend trip in which you would prefer to take only one bag.
        Naturally it would not be cabin friendly and if you were to fly with it, weight could be a concern.

        The bag weighs 3.9 kilos, which is surprisingly light for its size.
        The bag measures 84 x 44 x 38 cm.
        Lies flat so it can easily be stored under a bed or on top of a wardrobe.

        Only niggle for me is that the zips do not lock together. The zip is unlikely to come open of its own accord, but I would buy small luggage locks to fit the zips and prevent it opening and also make it more difficult to prise open! Not that bad a niggle to remove a star.

        THe RRP is 85 pounds, but I bought mine from Amazon for 62. It is now available for 57...
        Keep a look out for it on eBay too....there are a few that look very similar but vary in size...make sure you get the 138 litre one if you want the biggest, or a smaller one if you don't require the big option.


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