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Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach 18 Dome Bag

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Brand: Kathy Van Zeeland / Type: Travelware handbag

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2010 20:53
      Very helpful



      A classy little number

      ~Its me I'm a Kathy Van Zeeland Dome Bag, I've come home~

      There are so many nice and not so nice travel ware products that we can choose from to suit our needs and whilst there is a suitcase or bag for almost every situation some bags are not as versatile as others. The main thing I love about the Kathy Van Zeeland travel ware range that includes this Pebble Beach Dome bag, is the way that a stylish outer casing has been combined with a well thought out design whose shape, size and weight is such that it is easy to use even when travelling alone, making it a very useful and attractive item to have.

      The Pebble Beach range of products which include the KVZ Dome Bag look very smart when in use and also perform to a good standard when packed to the brim with all kinds of belongings. I find this bag very easy to use and I like the fact that all the components that make up the bag are well finished and of a good quality. I have had no problems with any of the parts of the bag so far and it has stayed looking smart and neat even though I have used it a good number of times. When I bought the dome bag I was thrilled to find it as it completed my set of Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach travel ware giving my luggage a lovely coordinated look.

      ~OK I can see its pretty, now tell me what else it can do?

      Well one thing the bag cannot do is pack itself even though I have tried training it up, I have failed time after time to be able to get it to do so which means I have to work out what will or won't fit within the bag safely and securely. With the size of the bag being 17.5 inches x 13 inches x 7.5 inches in size it does offer quite a good amount of space that allows me take all manner of items with me when I need to. A small hairdryer, hair straighteners and a hairbrush, plus a well stocked make up bag will fit into the bag with ease, leaving a little more room for some reading material, a small plastic bottle containing drinking water, some sweeties for the long trek ahead and a few other random items that may end up chucked in at the last moment.

      Generally I find that the above items will either go into this bag or into my 18 inch Shopper Bag from the same range with ease. Of the two it is hard to say which is the easiest to pack as each bag has its own merits. I feel that the large dual zips that run almost the whole way around the curve of the dome shape on this bag does make for easy opening and closing of the bag when I use it, yet can mean that things are more prone to falling out it I have over packed it once the zips are opened. I tend to be more careful when packing this bag because of that and try not to pack too much too close to where the zips run along, just to be on the safe side with it. I don't feel it is in any way a fault with the bag, it is more due to my over packing habits than anything as I often don't travel light!

      ~How easy its it to use the bag?~

      I feel the bag works well when I use it I like the fact that it is light enough before I pack it at just 3lbs in weight to be able to be used with ease. A bag that is too heavy before it is packed is going to be more of a strain to carry when full, so that fact that this is light when empty is a plus point as far as I can see. The bag is strong and sturdy in spite of its glamorous appearance and as such I feel it offers me a well made solution to my travel needs. The inclusion of the handles complete with an additional hand protection pad that can be used to keep the handles locked together when I carry the bag is another thing that I like about the dome bag, as it makes for a more comfortable feel when the bag is packed and carrying extra weight.

      The shoulder strap that comes with the bag can be taken off if not needed as the carry handles work well enough on their own, although I do like the fact that should I want to do so I can attach the shoulder strap and carry the bag using that if I want to. The strap is easy to take off and all I need to do to detach it is to unclip it from the fasteners when it is not needed and then store it away within the bag until its needed again. The shoulder strap has its own little moc croc pad that can be placed on the shoulder to cushion the impact from the weight of a fully loaded bag and I have found that works well when I use it. The length of the carry strap is adjustable and is another useful feature that I have used with ease to get the bag at the right height when needed.

      ~How does it look and is it built to last?~

      The look of this bag is lovely and it matches so well with the other items of Pebble Beach travel ware that I have. I like the shape of the bag as I find it easy to use and I feel that the lovely glazed jet black moc croc finsih that my bag has is very smart and stylish all at the same time. The textured feel of the PVC moc croc material is very good and it gives the bag a classic yet modern look. The Kathy Van Zeeland logo sits proudly on the front centre of the bag and I love the way it finishes off the whole look of this bag, giving it a little touch of bling without being too much. The KVZ heart set within a crown and ribbons really stands out on the bag and the oval that runs around the design makes for a neat and pretty border to it.

      The addition of the silver toned studs on the bag match in with the rest of the Pebble Beach range of products and they sit nicely on the re-inforced corners of the bag front. I feel that the attention to detail is very good as even the zips have the trade mark KVZ telephone shape to the parts that you grip onto when using them, making them easier to handle and giving a stylish edge to the bag. The KVZ dome bag is more than just a good looker and I feel it has been built to last. I have had no problems when using the bag and the outer moc croc material looks as fresh and new as it did when I got the bag. If I want to clean the bag all I need to to is take a damp soft cloth and give it a swift wipe over then follow that up with a quick polish using a dry soft cloth. This is very easy to do and leaves the bag in tip top shape with minimum effort.

      ~Things I like about the bag~

      * I feel this bag is so good looking that it is almost perfect.
      * The dome bag works really well and stores a good amount of items with ease.
      * I feel the bag is made from good quality materials.
      * The handles are easy to use and the shoulder strap is comfortable.
      * The bag is very light when empty, so is easy to carry when filled.
      * Cleaning the outside of the bag is quick and easy, as it comes up looking like new.
      * It is a perfect match with the rest of the Pebble Beach range of products.
      * The size of the bag is just right to be used as hand luggage when flying.

      ~Things I don't like about the bag~

      * The dual zips work well, although when the bag is over packed, things can fall out if unzipped in a hurry.
      * There is nothing else about the bag that bugs me.....yet!

      ~Summary, rating and price~

      Over all I feel that the Pebble Beach dome bag is a very nice addition to the KVZ range as performs well and looks good at the same time. I wouldn't say that the dome bag will suit every ones needs, or indeed every situation, as it isn't the type of travel bag you would want to take on a trekking or camping holiday. This bag is what I would term as being a chic city style travel bag and as such I feel it is the type of dome bag that is able to protect your belongings when you use it, as well as make a statement when you arrive at your destination. I love the way it matches in with the other bags from the range as the coordinated look is very smart and chic yet functional at the same time.

      As far as buying this type of travel bag goes, I have found that the KVZ range is often stocked online at QVC, Amazon UK and Amazon USA. For those who have bought some items from the range and need to source a certain item to match on with what they already have, I find that places like Ebay UK also often seem to have some of the Kathy Van Zeeland travel ware products listed and can be a good place to pick up hard to match items. As this range is not from a UK based design house they can sometimes be harder to source although they do appear on the sites listed here eventually.

      The range of Pebble Beach dome bags that I have seen come in a merlot wine shade and a sea green option as well as in the jet black colour that I picked. All colours that I have seen seem to have their merits, although I feel the black option has a slight edge to it. Prices can and do vary and you could pay from £35 to £45 for a bag like this one which I feel seems a fair price. As I have had no problems with my bag I feel it ought to get a full 5 star product rating as I feel it looks chic and smart and does what it should when I use it.


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