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Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach 18 Shopper

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Brand: Kathy Van Zeeland / Type: Flight bag

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2010 15:25
      Very helpful



      A well made travel ware product

      ~ My Kathy Van Zeeland moc croc black beauty!~

      I originally began my Kathy Van Zeeland collection with a very lovely handbag which I still have and I was thrilled and excited when I discovered that there was also a Kathy Van Zeeland travel ware range. I found that there was much that could be bought that could be mixed and matched and I ended up with a super little range of matching suitcases and travel bags to give me that ultimate matching travel ware look that is so very smart and chic.

      When I wanted to review my Kathy Van Zeeland moc croc black beauty it wasn't listed here so a product suggestion was made. I feel that the KVZ moc croc Pebble Beach bag matches in so well with the other items from the range and performs so well that it is more than worthy of a mention here. If you have yet to view the range of Kathy Van Zeeland Travel Ware you may like to know that Kathy updates her designs to keep up with new trends and designs her range with the requirements of women travellers in mind. She also trys to keep prices down, although with this not being a UK brand I have found that we do end up paying a little more over here for the pleasure of owning some of the beautiful creations within the Kathy Van Zeeland range.

      Having sampled what is on offer from the travel ware range I have not been disappointed and as such I can highly recommend the product I am reviewing here. I feel that this large and very useful travel bag which forms part of the beautiful Kathy Van Zeeland Travel Ware range, has a very stylish look to it which is backed up by a decent amount of space to store any extra items or accessories I may need for a trip away safely. The inside of my Pebble Beach travel bag is well made and has room for a good amount of items. It is held within in an equally well made and very durable outer black glossy moc croc style casing that looks sleek and stylish.

      ~So chic - Surely it would be wicked not to get one?~

      The look of the exterior of my KVZ travel bag is lovely, its very stylish and sleek and looks wonderful when used alongside the matching items from the same travel ware range. The outer material is a very good quality glossy black moc croc PVC which makes for a very stylish and hard wearing material which looks consistently good when in use. I have not had any major scuff marks on the main body of my KVZ Pebble Beach travel bag, even though it has been used a good number of times and I feel this shows that that the bag has been built to last. The only small point I would make here is that at the bottom corners of the bag there is a small amount of scuffing to one edge only that is no more than 1cm long and its so minor that you would have to look very hard to see it.

      Most of the glossy black moc croc exterior of my bag remains as good looking and smart as it was when new and if it gets a little dusty or dirty all I need to do to freshen it up again is to give it a quick wipe over with a soft damp cloth and then go over it with a clean dry one. Within under a minute my super duper chic black bag can look as glossy and new as it did when I first purchased it with minimal elbow grease. The handle height on this bag is good as it enables me to slip it onto my shoulder to carry it when needed . I have found that it can also be looped over the extended handle of one of my matching suitcases in order for it to sit safely on top of my suitcase and enable sme to steer both items with ease.

      ~How does the bag perform?~

      When using the bag I love the way it looks with its blingy silver toned KVZ trademark crown and ribbons surrounded by an oval design which looks like it has small crystals around it. These are in fact punched marks on the oval yet from a distance they do look very sparkly and pretty. The bottom of my bag has silver toned hardware feet which mean I can put my bag down and not worry about it getting dirty, dusty, wet or scuffed when travelling. I feel this is a very thoughtful touch and is another of the reasons that I like my Pebble Beach bag.

      The large zipper that has been thoughtfully placed to fit along the the top of the bag opens to the full width of it and this is very useful for stuffing in last minute items that won't fit into a case. I have been able to fit a hairdryer, straighteners, toiletries and even a spare pair of flat pumps and some reading material all safely within the bag and still been able to zip it securely up when using it. The zipper is strong and well made and this is another thing I like about the bag. The bag is so well made that it can cope with carrying a good amount of weight, so if you are not one of those who travels light and tend to over pack then the bag will be a good choice for you.

      The inner lining of the bag is in a very cute and girly Soap and Glory pink and it is a wonderful surprise to see when you first open it up. This is made to tie in with the pink theme used for the insides of the suitcases from the same range and it also goes well with the pink leather look crown shaped tag that comes with the bag. The stitching on the lining of my bag is still 100% perfect with no holes or rips to see and I am very pleased with that. The tag is very useful as it allows you to write in your name and address on it and it should ensure that if you become separated from your beloved bag it could be successfully retuned to you.

      I find the bag sits well on my shoulder considering it is of a good size and when it is fully loaded it has nice thick rolled edged straps that don't cut into my skin when I use it. The length of the straps is about right for me and the bag functions well when I use it. The black moc croc PVC is thick enough to allow the bag to stand well even when empty and it keeps its shape very well when loaded up. The bag seems well balanced and is easy to manage and whilst it is larger than a normal handbag it doesn't look too large or ungainly when in use. The size of the bag is roughly 17.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 13 inches.

      ~Summary, rating and price~

      Having used my KVZ travel bag a good number of times, I am more than happy to say that it continues to perform very well when in use. I find it very easy to pack as it has a good amount of space within it with an additional extra storage compartment in the smaller zipped section inside the bag. I feel my bag stands out as a very elegant way to transport my belongings when travelling and I have been more than happy with the consistent way my bag performs when I use it. The bag can be taken on as hand luggage when travelling by plane and it is well within the allowed sizes for this. I feel this is another aspect of the bag that makes it very useful.

      The price of the bag is often no more than £40 but can be a little more at closer to £50, which I feel is about right for a good quality travel ware item. Prices do vary as this is not a UK based product and this can also mean the bag is sometimes hard to source. My bag is in a sleek gleaming black colour way, although there are other colour options that I have seen. As far as I am aware the deep wine and sea jade green colour options can still be found and these tone in with the matching suitcases from the same range to give a fully coordinated look.

      To rate the product I have to take into consideration how it has performed when I have used it, what the condition of the bag is like after a good number of uses and the price I paid for it. Over all I am more than happy enough with it to be able rate my Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach bag with a full 5 star rating. Not only is the bag glamorous and well made, it functions extremely well when its in use and has remained in tip top shape even after many uses. As such I feel that makes it a very handy bag to own and I would not hestitate to buy another should the need ever arise.


      For anyone thinking of buying items for the Kathy Van Zeeland range in the UK a number of suppliers and retailers do stock some, if not all of the items on offer. Products do change from time to time and this is something you may want to consider if buying items one at a time, as you may end up with an incomplete travel ware set if buying one item every now and then.

      Suppliers of the KVZ range include Zappos, QVC, Amazon UK, eBags and TK Maxx as well as a number of other high street and online retailers. Other places where you may find Kathy Van Zeeland products are the Amazon USA or Amazon UK web sites. Ebay UK is often a good place for finding a certain bag, suitcase or accessory etc from the range to help you complete a fully matched luggage set.


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