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Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach 25 Exp Spinner

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Brand: Kathy Van Zeeland / Style: Toys / Wheels: 4

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2010 21:41
      Very helpful



      A stylish and useable suitcase

      ~ A quick spin around the KVZ Spinner Suitcase!~

      Having reviewed my Kathy Van Zeeland 21 inch Upright Suitcase I thought it might be useful to also let you know about the slightly bigger variant that matches the glossy moc croc glory of my smaller suitcase. When I came to review the Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach 25 inch Spinner Suitcase here on Dooyoo it wasn't listed, so a product suggestion was made so that I can share my thoughts about it.

      The size of this case being 25 inches makes it the kind of case that you can use for more than just a night or weekend away from home. The case will happily store a weeks worth of clean clothes and accessories, as well as those must have/ can't live without times like a hair dryer, straighteners, a towel, spare shoes etc. I feel that the case is beautiful to look at and very functional when in use. The extra benefits that this particular case have over my smaller KVZ case are of course the extra space and the very handy spinner wheels which allow me to maneuver the case with a great deal of ease when its in use.

      The main compartment of the suitcase is very roomy and lined in a very nice shocking pink lining that is of the same shade as that used for the Soap & Glory range. The lining is light and bright and can be wiped over if it needs a spruce up, although it cannot be fully removed for bigger cleans. The stitching inside the case lining is of a good quality and I have not had any rips or tears so far. The lid of my case has an extra storage space which has a mesh covering complete with zip. I find this very useful for storing a hairdryer, belts, accessories and anything that I don't want rolling about loose in the main body of the case.

      ~What if I need to pack in a few extra items?~

      The case has an expander zip which is a very handy feature of the case and one that I have had to make use of often. The way the expander zip works is that when its not in use it looks like an extra feature of the case but sits flat on the outer casing. When in use the expander compartment is easy to make use of as you just need to unzip it. This will allow a good 2 to 3 inches of extra storage space inside the main body of the case. I feel that this is very useful as it means the case can accommodate a good amount of extra clothing etc when needed. The other features of the case that I like are the additional front storage compartments that the suitcase has at the front. I find that these will allow me to store one or two extra items in the front sections as and when I need to without compromising on the look of the case or the functionality of it.

      ~Extra features~

      The suitcase has a very useful metal extendable handle fitted to it that can be flipped up with a quick push on the plastic topped handle cover. Once in place the handle is at a good height for you to grip onto and is angled at a good position which makes for ease of use when trying to guide a fully packed suitcase through a hotel lobby or airport lounge. When the handle is not needed it can be pushed down and stashed away out of sight with ease. Again the method is a simple push and click one that can be taken care of in less than a few seconds.

      With the main handle stored away out of sight the case can be picked up via the top handle which is covered in matching black moc croc PVC and has chromed metal finishers to it. I find that the top handle is just the right size to allow for you to slip your hand under it and use it to pick up the case when needed. There is an additional side handle sewn in that can be used to give a little extra grip if tipping the suitcase onto its side which I find very useful to have. All in all I feel that the whole suitcase has been well thought out and functions as well as I want and need it to when I use it.

      The wheels on this case can swivel and turn around to allow for a slightly better amount of control than a fixed wheel allows. They are called spinner wheels and I find them easy to control when the case it fully loaded. The black plastic used to form them is durable and easy to clean when needed. All you need to do to spruce them up is give them a wipe over with a soft damp cloth and they will come up nice and fresh looking. As the wheels have plastic parts they won't rust and can be dragged through small puddles or used in wet, snowy or slushy conditions without fear of them becoming stuck. They shouldn't develop a squeak either as I find the plastic generally does not do that even after prolonged use.

      The design features on this case are the same as on the rest of the cases and bags in the Pebble Beach range. They have the signature Kathy Van Zeeland Heart and Ribbon logo set into a large well executed oval shape. The oval has a series of bumps on it, which look like they are small diamante crystals from a distance and the effect is very stylish and smart. The zips work very well and have tags which are made in the signature telephone shape that is very often used in Kathy Van Zeeland designs and the luggage tag comes shaped into a vivid pink crown. I feel that the luggage tag is a nice touch as it means you don't have to buy something to go on the case that might be out of keeping with it, just to write in your details when using the case to travel with.

      ~ Summary and rating~

      If I was to sum up the Kathy Van Zeeland 25 inch Suitcase in just a few words I would say it was glamorous, functional and very well made. I have not had any problems using the case at all and so far it has remained as good looking as it was when new, whilst safely transporting my packing to and from every place I have needed to take it. I really don't feel I can ask more from it than that and as such I do rate it very highly. As far as prices for the case go I cannot say it will be a budget buy to bag yourself one of these suitcases, what I can say is that in this case you get what you pay for and with prices ranging from a very low £79.99 up to £135.99 which is the more realistic of the two, I feel the suitcase does give good value for money.

      There are things you can skimp on, yet I feel having a good quality suitcase is not one of them. After all why pack all your lovely things into a cheaply made suitcase that will offer very little protection for them just to save a few pounds, when you can spend a little more and buy a suitcase that will not only look lovely but perform well too. This suitcase comes in a beautiful jet black, a warm red and a sea jade green, all have the same glossy moc croc design to them. All 3 colour ways have their merits and look very nice, although I felt the black case had more style than the other two colours with its sleek dark good looks. Over all I have been very pleased with my purchase and as I have had no problems with my Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach Spinner Suitcase, I feel it ought to get a full 5 star product rating.


      For purchasers in the UK places like Zappos, QVC, Amazon UK, eBags, TK Maxx and a number of other well known high street and online retailers stock Kathy Van Zeeland products. I have also found that the Amazon USA web site and sometimes Ebay UK can also be of help in finding a bag, suitcase, accessory etc from the range to help with completing a luggage set.


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