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Marks & Spencer Girls Polka Dot Upright Trolley Bag

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Brand: Marks and Spencer / Type: Trolley / Kids Luggage

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 00:07
      Very helpful



      For kids who like to travel in style.

      We've all had that moment of walking into a shop and absolutely falling in love with something; usually something not very practical or strictly necessary. Well, for my then six year old daughter, it was this red and white polka dot child's suitcase from Marks and Spencer. We regularly stopped at M&S at the metro centre to pick up some shopping for my housebound Grandmother on our weekly visit and it was there, right in the doorway as you enter, that her eye was caught.

      I could see why it appealed to her so much. With it's striking red and white polka dot fabric pattern and classy white furnishings, it certainly is very, very pretty. But at £45 it seemed a lot of money, and for weeks all my daughter could do was stare at it longingly and have a little push around of it when we called into the shop. Then one week, while with her Grandfather, she finally became the proud owner of her very own suitcase. With a 20% discount, and knowing how much she loved the thing, my dad decided to treat her. She was over the moon. I was slightly less happy, thinking that although it was lovely, it was a bit frivolous. We've owned the case for a couple of years now, but it's still available at M&S at the same price.

      The suitcase is aimed at children and I'd say a very good size for ages 5-11 years old. It's made with an incredibly durable and good quality material, while at the same time being lightweight at just 2.1 KG...leaving more weight allowance for packing. Because the fabric is so flexible, you can pack a surprising amount of stuff in here. On the numerous occasions we've used it I've managed my daughters entire weeks wardrobe plus both of our beach towels and even squeezed in a couple of pairs of my shoes that I couldn't fit in my own. I've also used it for both of our luggage for shorter breaks and easily fit in 3 complete changes each. It's strong enough that I can pack it full and still not worry about it bursting open.

      Inside is also lined with good quality fabric and netting on the inside lid part gives good storage for socks, underwear. hair accessories etc. It has an elastic cross harness and buckle to keep your nicely pressed holiday clothing secure and flat. On the outer lid, there's a useful pocket to contain those things you forgot to pack, or items you'd like to get at quickly. The case closes with a double zip which can be padlocked, and feels very secure. In it's six trips through airport baggage to date, it's proved trusty and reliable.

      My daughters favourite part of the case is the handle. It's very quick and easy to release/collapse with my daughter managing it effortlessly herself. It's a perfect height for kids, and not too low to be uncomfortable for adult use either. While it doesn't have swivel wheels, it's still very easy to manoeuvre, and again my daughter manages this with no assistance, meaning I have one less thing to stress about and can concentrate on my own luggage and passports. I would also consider using this case myself if I were going away for a few days-It's a perfect size for adult short break luggage. It's possible it may go as hand luggage on a plane, but as we've only put it through hold, I can't say for certain and would advise you check with your airline. Personally, I think I'd find it a bit big for hand luggage, especially if all the overhead space has already been taken before you. For rail travel, it's perfect. It easily fits in both overhead and between seat storage.

      Another massive plus is the gorgeous pattern which makes it easy to spot as it comes through airport luggage. In case you want to be extra sure, it also has a lovely, big white leather label which my daughter proudly wrote her name in. The one downside though is the fabric does mark, and while most dust and dirt marks are easily sponged off, there are a couple of black scuff marks that won't budge which I think are oil from the conveyor belt/transporting trolleys. Obviously, this doesn't affect the usability of the case, but it is a little annoying.

      Overall, I find myself surprised at just how much use and how practical the case has been, as I worried it was a bit expensive and unnecessary to begin with. My daughter has had it 2 years now and it's been on numerous holidays and stayovers, and been used by both of us at times. I can trust that she can manage it on her own, giving me one major thing less to worry about at stressful journey moments and would recommend it for children aged 5-11 years old. It will easily hold a weeks worth of clothes for them, and then some. I'd also recommend it for adults who need something for short breaks. It's classy enough that despite being aimed at children, you wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with it. Two years later, my daughter still loves her case, and I can see it getting used for a good few years to come...she clearly has very good taste!


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        30.05.2013 12:48
        Very helpful



        highly recommended

        - - - - - - - - - - -
        Today Im writing about a travel case from Marks and Spencer. This case is perfect for light travel like weekends away or hand luggage, and has a unique design makig it easy to spot. This travel case is only avaliable from Marks and Spencer either in store or online and is currently £45, however watch out for sale days where they give you extra mmoney off, this is what I did.

        Details of the case -
        Dimensions - length - 53
        width - 37
        depth - 21

        Weight - 2.1kg
        Capacity - 31 ltrs

        * Locking twin tube with zip cover
        * Rollerglide wheels
        * 190 denier
        * Internal elastics with a quick release fastener
        * Padded top handle
        * Rear panel slip pocket
        * Unique design.

        - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        I travel abroad a lot, like a lot, a lot. I also work abroad for 6 months of the year so I know how important it is to have good quality travel bags and suitcases. I bought this particular product for 2 reasons, one being the unique colour and design because I like the colour and the pattern but also because its easy to spot against all the other suicases and two because I think Marks and Spencer, from my experiences are a really good quality brand.

        The case is a good size and can be used for hand luggage with most airlines, it has an extra pocket on the front, which I like to use for my purse and passport, inside you have the main compartment but also there is a zip part on the back of the lid. This comes in useful for little bits and bobs such as underware, shoes or beauty products such as make up. The main compartment has 2 elastic straps that go across diagonally to keep clothes in place. This works well and the clasp is easy to operate but doesnt come apart by itsef.

        Moving it around - It has two wheels on the bottom, that are fixed wheels, meaning you can only tilt the case and move it forward and back. They are ok and move easily but I do find that free moving wheels are better as they move in any direction.
        The extendable plastic handle is of a good length and clicks into place making it nice and sturdy. when down it also has a cover with a zip which I think is good for protection of the case but a bit fiddley.

        The material the case is made out of is strong and of good quality as are the zips. I love the colour being so bright, however it does pick up dirt more easily. I have used basic laundry wipes to get the dirt off and its ok, but it still has some stains.

        MY OPINION
        - - - - - - - - - -
        This is a great quality bag, that is strong and safe. It is big for the size it is and the extra pockets really make a difference with extra storage. I love the unique colour and design, and it saves me time at the airport as I can pick it out easily against other cases. I think it is fairly priced for what it is, you get what you pay for as they say and the durability is great. This case is going to last a long time.

        Now if dooyoo did half points I would give it 4.5 due to the wheels being fixed, But its not thats much of a gripe to brig the score down by a whole point, so I give the case 5/5 and would highly recommend it.

        Thanks for reading and rating,


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