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Scooby Doo Wheelie Bag

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2 Reviews

Type: Kids Luggage / Trolley: 2 Wheels

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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2011 09:38
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      Jack loves it

      ==Scooby Doo Wheelie Bag==

      Jack has recently started spending nights away at my mum's. He is coming up for 4 and before now we haven't really had him away from a night at all so it felt quite strange to see him go. However after the second time of me taking his pyjamas and clothes for the next day in a carrier bag, my mum bought him this great little Scooby Do Wheelie bag.

      Jack is a fan of the old Scooby Doo cartoons and loves the ones with Scrappy Doo in so receiving this wheelie bag he was quite excited especially when packing it up to take with him to his Nanas. I did make sure that mum didn't' pay too much for this trolley bag as I didn't really want her to be out of pocket. However she said it was a affordable £9 fro the bag shop in town and actually a lot cheaper than the plain versions of the same size.

      The wheelie bag itself is not especially large although it looks a bit bigger when Jack is pulling it along. The wheelie bag is big enough to hold all of Jacks overnight items and a good deal of his puzzles and books to take to my mums. The retractable handle on the case is easily pulled up by pushing down the large button across the bar of the handle and again it is pushed away for storage easily too.

      There are three compartments that make up the bag, the main large one and two side pockets. The large compartment holds the majority of the bits needed for his time away and this is sealed by a good strong zip which has two of the metal zippers to help it be sealed up or opened up. The trolley case as a whole is made of pretty tough nylon type of material. This means that not only is it hard wearing and strong to use but also that it is easy to keep clean and a wipe of a damp cloth makes it look more of less as good as new.

      The wheels on the bottom of the case seem to be made out of a pretty hard wearing type of plastic material as well and these haven't really shown much signs of wearing in the months that we have had this bag. There are two little plastic feet on the bottom of the bag which means that when its not being pulled along it can stand up straight without falling over.

      The design of the bag is okay although probably not something I would have chosen for Jack although Jack does really like it. The large picture of Scoody Doo on the front is bright and eye catching and on the sides and back there is the SD logo of Scooby Doo's name tag and makes for a good design and unlikely to be missed!

      It holds a nice amount of items and Jack likes pulling it along on the wheels looking very important. The design is bright and well thought out and really I can't find any negatives about this case apart from the fact I personally think it is hideous to look at and would of much preferred a darker Star Wars design but considering it was bought for Jack I can't moan can I (Any more than I just have done). It does work well and is easy to clean so for all these reasons I feel a score of 4 out of 5 stars is in order and a recommendation if you have a Scooby Doo fan.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        16.12.2010 11:28
        Very helpful



        A lovely little suitcase for ids

        Last year when my kids and I went on holiday I decided my son was big enough for a suitcase of his own. I figured that he would be ble to put all his toys in it and that would leave more room for the essentials such as clothes in my large one.
        With both my son and I being big fans of Scooby Doo this bag seemed perfect for him and his face was a picture when I gave him it.

        The Scooby Doo wheelie bag is basically just that, it is a bag with wheels with the cutest picture of Scooby doo on the front of it. I looked at a few cases before deciding on this one and the rason I chose this over the others was because everything seemed right with this one whereas with the others I looked at they all seemed to be missing something be it with wheels being dodgy or the fact they didn't have proper handles.

        This one has a retractable handle that is easy for my son to slide up and down with no problems. It also has a seperate handle so I am able to lift it when the handle is down. This may seem like a small thing but it was surprising the amount of childrens suitcases I looked at that were missing this basic feature.
        The wheels are great and really smooth and don't send him in the opposite direction to which he is trying to go.
        It just seemed realy good quality and very well made.

        It proved to be extremely robust as my son is not the gentlest of boys with his things and of course as soon as he saw the bag he wanted to use it which was a few weeks before our holiday. I fully expected the bag to be wrecked before we even made ou holiday but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it remained pretty much intact bar some scuffing to the wheels.

        It isn't the biggest of bags but it is surprisingly spacious and was large enough to accommodate the essential toys he had to bring with him.
        It also has two side compartments which I found to be of particular use as it allowed me to also store some things in it at the airport.
        The size is also good for aeroplanes as it is perfectly fine as hand luggage for any airline no matter their restrictions.

        I paid £19.99 for the case which was a little more than some similair cases but I am glad I paid that little bit extra for it as it has proven itself to be worth the extra money. It is still in excellent condition and my son still actually uses it for storing his toys in the house and having his own case makes him feel more grown up and he loves getting it ready when he visits his dad at the weekends. I did buy it from a speciality kids shop which usually has more hard to come by pieces and is a little more expensive so I don't doubt it could be picked up online a lot cheaper.
        I would highly recommend this wheelie case for parents looking for a case for their children, not only is i adorable but it is brilliant quality and will suvive the rough and tumble it is bound to receive.


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      • Product Details

        Equipped with a retractable and carry handle with side pockets.

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