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Spider Man 4 Piece Luggage Set

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2 Reviews

Type: Kids Luggage / Trolley: 2 Wheels

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    2 Reviews
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      02.09.2012 20:36
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money

      I bought this set as I was originally just looking for a gym bag for my then, 5 year old boy and spotted this on Amazon for just over £20, it was a bargain that I couldnt resist.

      My son loves all things superhero and so i knew this would be a winner for him. When the set arrived, I was really impressed with the great quality of all 4 products. The set comprises of a roll-along suitcase, rucksack, swim bag and wallet. Each item features Spiderman within a black spider and has really strong bright vibrant colours of blue, red and black.

      ===The suitcase===
      The suitcase has big chunky wheels on the bottom and a couple of plastic 'legs' at the front which enable the case to stand both when empty and full. Sometimes, cases like this can tip if they are not packed correctly but this has not let us down yet and also doubles as a little chair when waiting in long queues!!!
      The case zips all the round around which is helpful at packing time, and it is surprisingly spacious. I have been known to squeeze a weeks worth of clothes, shoes and toys into this which I never would of expected when I first got it.
      You can lift the case with the handle on the top or of course, pull the case along with the black plastic handle.

      ===The rucksack===
      The rucksack is a great size and is really handy for sleepovers or day trips out and of course, ideal for use as a school bag and easy fits in a small lunch bag, drinks bottle and a couple of books.
      The bag has the same Spiderman design as the suitcase and a zip that winds over the top of the bag, again giving enough lee-way to pack a few extras in.
      There is also a handy hook noose on the top so that your chikd can peg his bag up safely.

      ===The pump bag / swimbag / gym bag===
      This is the reason I bought the set. I was looking for a pump bag that my son could use for football, karate etc but also it would be ideal if it could be used for swimming so this is ideal and is waterproof so really is versatile.
      The bag has a drawstring at the top so easy to open and close. The string is quite lengthy and so when worn on his bag, its a little too long so he has to wear it diagonal across his chest.

      ===The wallet===
      The wallet is great and my sons favourite part of the set as it makes him feel really grown up.
      What we have found though is that there is hardly any space for coins which is what little boys and girls have most isnt it so its not really ideal but we still use it on holidays where my son is allowed a set amount each day to go to the shops or the arcades.

      Overall, I am really impressed with this range and it has inspired me to buy a similar set for my older child and for me.


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        08.05.2011 16:14
        Very helpful



        My review

        With summer on the way me and my partner had decided to book disneyland paris this year and along with our girls we are taking his son (my step son) Josh.
        Both my girls have been to disneyland and have had a good few holidays abroad too, they have there very own luggage in the form off trunki the case, I love trunki products but Josh is too old for it.
        With my dooyoo amazon voucher last week I wanted to buy Josh some lightweight kids luggage for his trip to disneyland. I spent hours browsing amazon and in the end i decided the spiderman set was the way to go knowing that he is in fact a huge spiderman fan.

        The four piece spiderman luggage set cost £19.99 from amazon uk including the postage cost.
        The colours of the luggage set is different from the dooyoo picture as the set is mainly black in colour.

        Spider Man 4 Piece Luggage Set consists of a wallet, draw cord swimming or trainer bag as some call it, back pack and a wheeled main luggage case.

        I really liked the wallet that comes in the set. It is a perfect size for kids to keep there spending money in. Its made from nylon and has a zip compartment inside for the coins. The wallet is mainly black with a bright red image of spiderman on it. When i gave Josh the wallet though he had trouble pulling the zip on the coin compartment to open it so i have put a small keyring on the zip and he can open it now with ease. Spiderman wallet is very cute and could be used for dinner money etc i hope Josh will continue to use the wallet even after his holiday.

        The swimming bag wont be used on holiday so Josh is going to use it for his swimming lessons now ,which i take him too every week. The bag is made from pvc plastic, it has a draw cord top opening and closing but the cord also doubles up as carry straps so he can use them on his shoulders. The bag is big enough to fit a large towel in and a pair of trunks. Could also be used for P.E at school and will fit a kit and trainers in too. I know this bag should be light weight but the material is so thin i cant see it lasting forever.

        I was quiet disappointed with the back pack that comes in this set. It is way smaller than i thought it would be and similar size of bag my little girls take to nursery not the size that Josh would need however it will do for taking around the disneyland parks. The back pack measures 11 inches tall and 9 inches wide, more like a mini sized back pack. The bag is black again with a bright spiderman image and web too. To access the bag there is a zip going around in an oval shape. There are no more compartments or pockets inside just the main part however it is big enough to put a water bottle in, his wallet too and hopefully a sneaky snack.
        Again on this bag the zip is too fiddly and hard to open yet another keyring ( with his name on it this time) he can manage the zip now.

        The trolley case in the four piece spiderman luggage set is the largest sized bag. Trolley case measures 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Its has a small material handle at the top for carrying around or the trolley handle can be also pulled out at the top to wheel the case along the ground. When pushing and pulling the handle in and out it feels strong and sturdy and easy to do. This case is made from material and hard plastic, the plastic lines the case inside making it pretty strong compared to the other bags in this set. I like the zip on the trolley case because it zips all the way around just like a normal suit case but it has its own little spiderman zip pull and this is one bag Josh can manage to open , close himself.
        The wheels on the bag are at the bottom, look like chunky casters, hard plastic and roll with ease.
        Design is very nice on this bag no different from the others in this set but bigger and stand out even more.
        This bag is made to last and i have every faith it will unlike the other two feel very flimsy and not so well made.

        To be honest if I never gave the four piece spiderman luggage set to Josh straight away and took time to explore it for myself I definitely would have sent it back to amazon however its spiderman and Josh was sold on that instantly plus the excitement made it more worth it.

        Looks like everything he is packing will fit in the case and Josh cant wait to visit disneyland, he is also excited he has his own luggage too.

        I cant give the four piece spiderman luggage set a great rating because i personally feel it was a little over priced and not that great in the terms of size and quality. However as the main part being the trolley case , wallet and swim bag i recommend it from this, so three dooyoo stars.
        Be great for spiderman fans.


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      • Product Details

        Set includes wheeled bag, backpack, gym bag and wallet.

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