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Transformers 3 Piece Luggage Set

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Type: Kids Luggage / Trolley: 2 Wheels

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2009 12:54
      Very helpful



      Children's 3 Piece Luggage Sets ... More than meets the eye !!!


      Going on a long journey with a young child can be "challenging" at the best of times. If you are using your own transport then many problems are of course avoided. If, however, you are using public transport or travelling by air or sea then the combination of children and luggage can cause many problems.

      It's hard enough trying to manage your travel bags if you are on your own ... if you have a young child with you it's a task that becomes almost impossible. Younger children (especially toddlers) simply want to play and in a busy airport the fear of losing them means that you find yourself dragging your entire families luggage with one hand whilst the other hand desperately tries to hold on to a toddler who doesn't really appreciate the fact that they need to held on to at all.

      Older children, of course, love to help ... it makes them feel "all grown up". However, adult sized travel bags and cases just aren't child friendly. Although you admire their determination you aren't really that happy that your possessions are being dragged up and down a flight of stairs by an eager faced "helper".

      Even worse is the scenario where you think that all is going well. You're sipping your over expensive latte and nervously glancing up at the information screens when you suddenly realise your child seems a little "too quiet". You glance sideways and suddenly realise that the case you have spent several hours strategically packing the night before has just been emptied out by your son who wanted to check that you had packed his swimming goggles !!!

      It's a nightmare ... they're too young to understand the stresses that travel actually involves but at the same time they also want to be independent and try to do everything themselves. If you're a parent and are planning a trip then it's a probem that you will more than likely face.

      ~~~ A POSSIBLE SOLUTION ??? ~~~

      A few years ago child friendly versions of luggage first appeared ... and believe me (having used the Transformers 3 Piece Luggage Set) they are worth their weight in gold !!!

      * Firstly, they are designed specifically for younger children because they are lightweight and easy to handle.

      ** Secondly, they may look quite small but are actually capable of storing quite a lot of luggage and are an ideal place to store all the various items your child may want to get out during the trip.

      *** And thirdly, they are now being designed in a range a popular TV and Movie related characters which means that they are easy to keep an eye on and, more importantly, that your child will want to be seen using them !!!

      The greatest advantage of these child-friendly 3 piece luggage sets, however, is the fact that your child can wear the backpack whilst pulling the trolleybag. It allows them to feel independent without being over-burdened ... and because they have an important job to do it also keeps them out of trouble.

      As a parent you no longer have to feel guilty because your child is trying to drag a suitcase twice their size. Also because your child now has their own luggage to "look after" they are no longer under your feet "trying to help" you !!! They can quite easily take much of their own belongings with them in the trolleybag whilst keeping the essential items needed for the journey (books, comics, cards, toy dinosaurs etc) in their backpack. They also have a handy wallet with them which older children can either attach to a keyring or attach to the loop inside the backpack ... it won't be in their pocket so it can't get lost.


      The Transformers 3 Piece Luggage Set includes a trolley bag, a backpack and a wallet. Each of the three items have been produced with an eye-catching blue, black and orange colour scheme and feature a stunning image of the heroic leader of the Autobots ... Optimus Prime. Each item is made form soft (but durable) polyester and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


      * Size: (H)39cm (W)26cm (D)14cm.
      * Weight: 0.7kg.
      * 1 external pocket.
      * Retractable locking handle.
      * Interlocking zips.
      * 2 base wheels.
      * Stand.

      * Size: (H)26cm (W)21cm (D)10cm.
      * Weight: 0.2kg.
      * Interlocking zips.
      * Shoulder strap.

      * Size: (H)8cm (W)12cm.
      * Weight: 0.02kg.
      * Velcro fastener.
      * Zipped compartment.
      * Keyring attachment.

      ~~~ TRAVEL TRANSFORMED ??? ~~~

      Whilst the Transformers 3 Piece Luggage Set certainly doesn't make traveling with kids completely hassle free it certainly provides a number of benefits when embarking on a long journey.

      ~~~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~~~

      Children's 3 Piece Luggage sets first appeared on the market several years ago but up until recently were an expensive item to buy. Recently, I have noticed them everywhere and they sell from as little as £10 for the set. They are aimed at boys and girls and come in a range of styles, colours and themes. I have seen Superheroes, Disney favourites, football teams, High School Musical stars and Star Wars characters (to name but a few).

      The Transformers 3 Piece Luggage Set currently sells for £19.99 at Argos but I have also seen the same product at Wilkinsons where it was selling for £12.99.


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    • Product Details

      Set includes trolley bag, backpack and wallet.

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