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Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

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26 Reviews

Brand: Trunki / Type: Kids Luggage / Trolley: 4 Wheels

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    26 Reviews
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      14.09.2013 18:08
      Very helpful



      Fun suitcase your child can ride

      Last Christmas my girls were bought a Trunki each by one of their Aunties. I had heard of them but thought they were expensive and so they weren't something I had ever considered buying. We don't go away very often and so my girls had to wait until last week to get to use them. The Trunki has come a long way since being rejected on the BBC show Dragon's Den and I was looking forward to seeing them in use.

      Trunkis are available in many different designs, we have a Trunki Trixie which is bright pink and the limited edition Trunki Penelope the Princess Carriage which is purple with a silver carriage painted on the side. This one also came with a foam wand and tiara set, I wasn't that impressed with this and they may as well have not bothered adding it as it is so flimsy.
      Character designs of Gruffalo and Moshi Monsters are available as well as a good range of colours and designs.

      A suitcase that's a Ride On
      What makes a Trunki suitcase special is that it is also a ride on. It is suitable from age 3-6 but my very small for their age nearly 3 year olds managed to climb on and ride them fine. They have 4 sturdy wheels and the solid plastic case is shaped to be sat on. There are 2 horns on the front which your child can hold onto whilst they use their feet to push themselves along. The long shoulder strap can also be used to pull the Trunki along, my girls had great fun pulling each other around the living area where we were staying.

      As a suitcase
      The trunki has catches on both sides which can be locked using the plastic key attached to the shoulder strap, this ensures that it doesn't come open during travel or whilst being used as a ride on. The catches snap into place and are very secure even when not locked and I was never worried that they would come apart when unlocked.
      Once the catches are open you can lift the lid to fill the suitcase. Attached either end at the back is a small elasticated piece of material that can be used for underwear. The rest of the trunki can be filled with clothes or toys with an elasticated fastening to hold things in place before you close the lid. I was impressed with the 18 litre capacity and easily fitted in the girls clothes and dressing gowns for our time away.
      As the Trunki is so much fun my girls were really interested in the whole packing process and ownership of their suitcase. Although we didn't fly these would be great for holidays that require lots of waiting as your child has an instant seat if they get tired.
      The trunki has 2 short carry handles as well as the shoulder strap and so are easy to grab and carry if you need to. All the straps are securely fixed to the Trunki and I can't imagine them wearing out before the girls have outgrown them. On the shoulder strap there is a small ID label although we haven't needed to use this yet.

      Price and availability
      Depending on the design the Trunki currently (September 2013) sells for between £26 and £30 on Amazon. They are also available at John Lewis for between £30 and £40. Although great as a gift I would never have bought 2 of these myself as we don't go away more than once or twice a year.

      Would I recommend?
      In terms of quality and fun for your child I would but they are the luxury end of children's suitcases and I would want to be regularly using them to have paid so much for them. I am glad the girls were given them as they added fun to learning about packing for a holiday.


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        08.09.2013 12:37
        Very helpful



        A brilliant fun idea to keep kids happy at the airport

        We are travelling to Florida in May and I am trying to get prepared early and want to try and make it fun for my children so when I saw this suitcase I thought it would be perfect.

        My youngest who is four loves anything pink so I bought her the Trunki Trixi which I got at a bargain on Amazon for £21.42 (this price has now increased) brand new supplied by a company called Baba-me. The case itself looks like it should withstand a good few trips with my daughter.

        Trunki Trixi is pink and perfect for little princesses and you can get stickers to customise however after reading the reviews I decided not to buy these as apparently they fall off really easy and I try to prevent tears as much as i can!

        The case has wheels on the bottom to enable my little girl to sit on the case and be pulled through the airport rather than walking as normally the minute we get to the airport she always says "Mummy im tired, I need a carry" which, as any parent knows (certainly my husband) when you've got several large suitcases, travel bags, hand luggage, passports, money and three children in tow it can be pretty hard work.

        It also comes with a little fun passport book which you have to put together yourself so Im sure she will have fun doing this.

        The Trunki comes in several designs and I have since purchased a second one for my middle daughter who at Nine years old is probably a little old for it as it looks pretty small but she really wanted tipu the tiger case so I thought its hand luggage - even if she cant sit on it and be pulled its still fun for her to have. I got her Trunki from Amazon again from the same supplier at a total cost of £29.52 (price has since increased).

        Trunki Tipu the Tiger is orange with black stripes and suits my middle daughter as she loves anything 'funky' and hates the pink things my youngest loves so much.

        The cases open in the middle and has 18 litre capacity, secret compartments, teddy bear seatbelts, key, ID label and storage pouch, we are travelling with Thomas Cook and I checked online and they actually state Trunkis are allowed as hand luggage.

        Item Weight 376 g
        Product Dimensions 46 x 21 x 31 cm

        Overall I am very pleased with these cases and would definitely recommend if travelling as I am going to fill them with books, treats and colouring pens to keep my girls happy and entertained on a 9 hour flight.


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          04.09.2013 15:31
          Very helpful



          Thanks for Reading :)

          I wanted a small suitcase to take along with me on my holidays with the family, I already had my main luggage suitcase so just needed one that would hold a few things and meet the UK luggage restrictions. I was looking through the Argos catalogue, and saw this little gem.

          At first I was a little confused as to why it looked....well different to the average suitcase! Then the light blub switched on and I realised that not only is designed to hold luggage, but it is also designed with young children in mind. It is basically a little ride that children can hop onto while you pull them along with a strap. This looked like a great little invention that would be ideal for little nephew and cousins during my family holiday, so off to Argos I went.

          == Price ==

          I purchased a blue one called the Trunki Terrance Child's Ride-On Suitcase and was priced at £24.95 rom Argos. There are a variety of other ones colours to choose from; some including pink, brown buffalo, Orange Tiger, red lady bird, green, and yellow bee one. The prices tend to differ depending on the colour and design and range from £25-39.99.

          I believe the prices are higher for the newer ones, which doesn't seem fair! This is one of the reasons why I opted for the blue Trunki version as it was the cheapest and it was blue so I knew my nephew would like it.

          == Brief product information ==

          ~~ Features Terrance design ~~
          ~~ Blue polypropylene hard-sided suitcase ~~
          ~~ 1 piece set ~~
          ~~ Cabin friendly ~~
          ~~ Key lock ~~
          ~~ 3 compartments~~
          ~~ 4 inset wheels ~~
          ~~ Waterproof ~~
          ~~ Side closing catches~~
          ~~Detachable shoulder strap~~
          ~~Features a seatbelt for your teddy.~~
          ~~Trunki passport included.~~
          ~~For ages 3 years and over.~~

          Ride-on suitcase specifications:
          Size H31, W46, D21.5cm.
          Weight 1.65kg.
          18 litre capacity.

          Info from http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2866596.htm please visit for more info.

          == Its Use ==

          This is really a great design to help keep children occupied and entertained while travelling, which we all know can be quite a chore trying to keep all children entertained because as soon as they get bored...tantrum time! Therefore I found this worked a treat in keeping my nephew entertained and happy while we rolled along the airports.

          The suitcase is made from durable hard plastic material that keeps all inside items safe and secure. I was also happy to find that it was quite lightweight, which meant rolling it along with or without my nephew on it a breeze (Weight 1.65kg without child riding it).

          The suitcase was easy to manoeuvre thanks to the wheels that a placed at bottom of the suitcase. The suitcase is designed for children aged 3-6 years and therefore was ideal for my 3 year old nephew. The top of the suitcase had little ears located near the front area, and act as little handles that children can hold onto while being rolled along.

          The suitcase has a carrying handle, and also has a long strap that acts a tool to roll your child along while travelling, the strap can also be attached so that it can be worn over the shoulder. I personally find it easier rolling it along the ground, but it is also comfortable enough to be worn with strap over the shoulder.

          My nephew loves his little cuddly toy, and takes it everywhere he goes. Therefore it is great that this suitcase also has a seatbelt for your teddy feature! My nephew was very happy as he saw his teddy strapped in while he was rolled along on the ride.

          This made the travelling experience so much more happier, it just makes me happier knowing my little nephew is laughing and having a good time. I would roll my nephew along while he would say 'giddy up, giddy up' and burst out giggling every time. He loved it that much that he even plays with it at home as a little ride! We also like taking it to parks as it can act as good storage option for picnic sheets, jackets etc as well as keeping kids happy.

          == Storage ==

          I was surprised with how much I could fit into the suitcase, it managed to contain a number of little toys for my nephew, as well as some of my own stuff too. It has a small pocket to keep smaller things safe, and also had three compartments and side closing catches to keep this even more secure. It come with a lock and key which again ensures all contents are kept safe.

          == Overall ==

          This is a great suitcase that not only acts a luggage holder but also a fun ride that keeps children occupied and away from tantrums. This blue one is also well priced, and overall good quality little suitcase that I would highly recommend.


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            25.07.2013 14:05
            Very helpful



            Novelty carry on cases for 3 -6 year olds

            Trunki ride on suitcases

            My grandchildren have three of these between them. The boys two came with us to Crete full of their toys and books for the holiday. One of them has the Trunki Trunkisaurus Rex, supposedly looking like a dinosaur but that needs a lot of imagination in my view. The second is a car of sorts but as I haven't seen it in a while I forget exactly. I remember the dino one as they are both mad of dinosaurs and it caused a bit of tension when one had the dino one and the other didn't!.

            My granddaughter's was a gift from her other grandmother and is the cow one Frieda the cow chosen especially as cows are her favourite animal. Hers is actually the one Dooyoo have above the reviews. My step daughter's new partner is a farmer and granddaughter loves being on the farm, she helps bring the cows in for milking, has helped give birth to a lamb, rubbing it with straw and has fed the motherless lambs with bottles too. She loves cows and hates horses. Personally I think cows are smelling slobbery animals and would far prefer a horse but each to his own opinion I guess. Anyway suffice to say this went down very well.

            The boys when they were younger got a lot more use out of their trunkis. While waiting at East Midlands they raced up and down the lounge area on the trunkis. They did pull them along the ramp onto the plane but of course could not carry them into the plane and stow them in the luggage compartment. This meant that we had to take over and add them to our carry on luggage as the parents had the boys!

            Once we arrived it was the middle of the night and the boys were in various stages of sleep and the trunkis once again became grandparents problem. I pulled the one I had along as my carry on was a back pack and I wore it. My husband had three lots as he had a trunki, his own and my step daughter's as she was carrying a sleeping child! I think if the child is not going to be able to pull the case along for any length of time then they do become a but of a pain as they are solid and cannot be hung over a shoulder.

            My ganddaughter gets a lot of use from her as every second or third week end she spends a night and sometimes two with her father. As they go in the car the weight is not a problem and it holds enough of her clothes and books and toys for an overnight stay. She feels special with her own little case and is able to pull it along and into the car and it makes her feel something familiar apart from Ted is going with her.

            She has brought it over here when she has stayed and as we have a bricked driveway she was actually able to enjoy riding on it and going down the slope which entertained her for about half an hour.

            She has taken it to Turkey twice with her choice of books and toys in it for their family holiday. My step daughter did say she got a little tired of chasing her up and down the airport while they were waiting their flight but her new partner is very good and spent most of the time pulling her along on her trunki.

            These little case are solid and do not bend at all hence the children being able to ride on them. This does mean that when you get clonked by one it hurts so beware of children pulling trunkis. The fact they are solid means that they do not stretch at all. What they hold is not able to be squashed in without possibly damaging the closing clasps. No sitting on these cases to force them closed!

            They are not huge in what they hold which is good in some ways as they are quite heavy before you add anything extra to them. They weight 2.6kg empty which is quite heavy I think. Most children would not carry a full one easily, this is okay when they can pull them but you have to be capable of taking over on escalators and stairs etc which can be a problem if the child is very young and you also have to carry him/her and your own hand luggage! They say they are adult friendly in that you can thrown them over your shoulder. It does have a long strap but it isn't something that fits snuggly and easily next to your body so this is a short term carry only

            I love the fact they say they are for kids only aged 3 - 6. I really can't imagine an adult or older child actually wanting a ride on case. My grandsons have really out grown theirs already and they are 7 and 9. They prefer backpacks now so not sure what will happen to their trunkis. As they are still in good condition and very expensive to buy I think I would sell them myself They cost around £30 each so they are an investment.

            I think these are a novel idea and fun for young travellers but they have their limitations. They are strong and will withstand the abuse of children riding them and bashing in to each other and other things but they are heavy. They are not flexible so cannot be stuffed too full and as they are a limited size 46 x 21 x 31 cm the items placed inside have to be somewhat smaller than this as the wheels and shape does restrict larger items.

            Because they are designed to be ride on they are solid and hence quite heavy, too heavy for a child of the age range they are designed for, to carry which could be a bit limiting. I think if you are aware of the limitations these are great personal cases for little ones, a novelty as they can be a ride on toys as well which will entertain them for a limited time at airports which of course are perfect for ride on toys as they are big and have lovely smooth floors. They will certainly be strong enough to outlast most children and be okay to pass on to a younger sibling so long as they are about three years apart. Most children will have lost interest by the time they are six or seven I would think.

            If you love to travel and have young children then this is a great fun suitcase for your child to keep their toys and books and maybe a change of clothes in, but be prepared to carry it yourself quite a lot.

            Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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              06.06.2013 22:05
              Very helpful



              A compact and fun child's suitcase.

              Trunki's are essentially just a suitcase on wheels ~ nothing exciting I hear you cry until you see that they are actually designed for your child to sit on them and either be pulled along or scoot themselves. Brilliant idea!

              Both of my children own a Trunki. My daughter has a vibrant pink one called Trixie and my son has Terrance who is blue. These names are the design names not their own choices I hasten to add. When I purchased these for my children, these were pretty much the only colours available but as the product has become more popular, there are now many designs to choose from. (I particularly like the Gruffalo one.) They all have horns on the front for your child to hold on to as they ride on it.

              They are made by a really firm plastic as obviously it needs to be able to hold a child on them as well as the contents. The wheels are securely fastened and move with ease even with a child on it. The maximum weight recommendation for these cases is 40kgs which is about the average 6 year old.

              All the extra features that Trunki have included really add to the quality feel of the product. Each one has what looks like quite a complex fastening system but my 3 year old has worked out how this operates after watching me a few times. This has its ups and downs as it means he can pack his things and then do the suitcase up himself BUT I worry that he could trap his skin in the gap when the 2 pieces are drawn together. The clasp has a lock on it which is simple to operate with the 'key' ( a piece of plastic) that is attached to the long strap. This is one negative as you wouldn't be able to use a padlock for example to lock these but then what kind of person would steal from a child's suitcase?

              There is a grab handle on the top and then a larger strap which can clip onto the front and back of the suitcase. I was quite concerned about the clasp that this clips on with as it seems quite flimsy but even with the amount of abuse that my children have shown it, both clips are still going strong with no sign of wear.

              Inside is where the fun carries on. There is a little pocket where teddies or toiletries could be stored. Then there is also an elasticated strap like many adult suitcases which pulls together and clasps to hold the clothes and contents securely. Although these suitcases look quite compact, they hold 18 litres worth. Now, like most Mums or infact just people, I don't work in 'litres' when it comes to clothing! Needless to say, a Trunki will hold a couple of changes of clothes, some slippers, toiletries and a small teddy. I would possibly struggle if we were going away for a week but for a weekend, it is ideal.

              I love how well made they actually are as they aren't particularly cheap at a price of around the £25-£30 mark. I was dubious about spending so much money on something that doesn't really hold much but I can see these lasting for decades. These seem very durable as they are made from the same plastic material used for adult suitcases.

              These are intended for airport use where children can race around on them in the departure lounge. My children however use them to carry their items round to their Grandma's for a sleepover. They are small enough to be used as hand luggage on a plane however which i feel is another bonus to them as your children don't have to see them going round and round on the conveyor belt at the end of the flight. Ours are also occasionally used as purely another ride on toys and I will often hear them making up stories about them too.

              I have awarded the Trunki suitcase with 5 stars as there simply aren't enough negative things about them to knock any stars off. Now, if only they made an adult-sized Trunki......wouldn't that wait in the airports be much more fun?


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                11.01.2013 17:58
                Very helpful



                I would recommend but not just as a travel case.

                The Gruffalo Trunki was a must-buy for us as my children all love the book. Paying £29 for a small plastic case seemed sheer lunacy. I also have the Ladybird design and here are my thoughts:

                What is it?
                A Trunki is a child sized suitcase that has wheels and can be ridden to keep the child amused while at airports or stations etc. In reality my children play with them at home as a toy more than being used out!

                If I were to rate this as value for money purely as a travelling case then it would not get much. It opens but only one side has an elastic to keep the contents secure so everything the other side falls out all over the place. The cotton insert is not sufficient to keep much in and falls off. It doesn't hold enough for a journey of longer than a few days so is great if you are using it just for the kids toys and odd bits but not for their holiday wardrobe.

                Where the Trunki comes into its own is in entertainment. My children love them. At home they are constantly filling them with bits, wheeling them round and riding on them. £29 for the hours they have had playing with them is good value. The cases are very durable and made from strong plastic, the side fastenings are easy enough for little hands but also very strong and the attached key is easy to use but can be opened in an emergency without it by an adult should your child lose theirs!

                The case is not good when commuting without a car. The children will only carry them so far and on a tube in london the bulky shape is sheer hell. This is a case for taking out only when in a car and not walking far but do not let this put you off. I love these products, you can buy additional accessories for them and although I have not done so, I would do if we travelled more.

                Here are some things I have used our for successfully:

                As my hospital bag when I had my son, held everything we needed for him for a few days.
                Weekends away. They hold just enough for a few changes of clothes, books and toys.
                Toy storage. Perfect for storing big sets of toys in when not being used travelling and look great in the bedroom.

                To summarise:
                Not just for travel, these are excellent as toys, I cannot justify the cost just for travelling
                Take a car as the kids get tired walking them
                Don't expect to fit in much and be careful when opening them up!


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                  02.11.2012 09:43
                  Very helpful



                  Fun and practical storage!

                  In September I went on a week long caravan holiday to Cornwall. I wanted something for my 18 month old daughter to put her clothes and some toys in separate from my suitcase. I had already bought one of these for my nephew a few years ago so I decided to get my daughter one to make the trip fun.

                  There are several different designs available ranging from the original blue and pink to a bumble bee and dinosaur. Initially I wanted a Great Britain limited edition for the Olympics but decided it was a bit faddy so we settled on a Trunki called 'Harley' which is a ladybird design.

                  I got my Trunki from Amazon for £29.99 they also sell them in Argos, Boots, Toys r us and on several online sites.

                  The Trunki is designed for ages 36 months to 6 years. I personaly couldn't see any reason why a younger child couldn't use this. My daughter has no problems using it. The Trunki measures 46 x 20 x 31cm. It is made of a very sturdy plastic. As we chose the ladybird design ours is bright red with black spots. It has the Trunki logo in black on the side and at the front there are antenna and eyes. The Trunki also has two handles at the top to allow you to pick up the case and a strap which also includes an identity tag. Finally the best part of the Trunki is that it has four wheels. The Trunki is designed to be ridden on by your child. The case is slightly narrowed in the middle and has grooves designed to accomodate your childs legs so it is also easy for them push themselves along. Your child can also be pulled along on the case by uncliping the strap that you can use to carry it on your shoulder.

                  The case itself is secured by two large plastic clips which are on metal hinges. There is also a plastic key which you can use to lock the clasps shut. My daughter can't open the case and hasn't attempted to do so yet. Inside the case there is a rubber seal around the edges. This not only ensures a secure seal when it is shut but also prevents little fingers getting trapped. Inside the case is a luggage strap which is described as a teddy seatbelt in the instructions and there is also a small pocket attached by poopers to the bottom. The case could be used for toys or clothes or perhaps both. We went away for a week and inside the case I managed to fit eight outfits which I secured using the strap then in the other side of the case we fitted my daughters toy lapptop, some colouring books and pens, a dvd case full of dvd's and finally a few toys. The case shut with ease and I was suprised how much fitted in considering how small it looked.

                  As we were travelling by car I put the case in the boot. It took up hardly any room. Onve we arrived at our destination my daughter finally got to have a go of the case. I hadn't shown her before we left. She promptly sat on the case and started wheeling herself around the caravan. There are two black horns at the top which your child can use to hold on. It was a godsend on the holiday as when we were in the caravan it gave her an extra something to play with. Luckily we had lovely weather so we spent most of our time outdoors.

                  From a parents point of view the case is easy to carry. The strap is adjustable so I carried it on my shoulder. The plastic that it is made from is very sturdy so I feel confident it will survive several bashes by my little girl. The case also came with a Trunki passport and details of games you can download online. I haven't got around to this yet.

                  There are also several accessories available to go with your Trunki. There are sticker sheets to customise your Trunki, there are also inserts to carry certain toys separately, a wash bag and a cup holder. The only downside to some of the accessories is that they come in blue or pink which doesn't really go with our Trunki.

                  Finally the Trunki is the right size for hand luggage on an aeroplane which will work out great for us as we are off to Euro Disney on the new year.

                  Overall we love our Trunki. I like that my daughter has her own place to keep her clothes and toys when we travel. It is also perfect for overnight stays at nanny's and finally it doubles up as a fun ride on toy.

                  For the money the Trunki represents good value as it will last us a number of years I would definately recommend this product!


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                  02.11.2012 08:01



                  Holiday must have.

                  My friend bought one of these for my little boy last year and what a god send! He has the blue,green and orange one so its brightly coloured and attracts the attention of any toddler. They are very well made and hard wearing. They come with a adjustable strap that can be easily removed to avoid injuries but can be very useful for us parents to carry the trunki around once the little ones have had enough. We have used it at the airport and its ideal size to carry the important belongings to get you through the airport and flight. I also like the range of accessories that you can buy to add on. It's very easy to keep clean, jus wipe it over with a damp cloth.( which is a must for any parent) I also find this great for sleepovers and fits just enough in. Inside there are 2 clip straps which keep the contents secure whilst being wheeled around or rode on and there's a small fabric compartment to keep smaller items in. This has got be the must have for any family holiday/outing.


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                  28.06.2012 13:26
                  Very helpful



                  Great fun for kids one less bag to carry for the adults

                  Earlier this year we went on holiday with my boyfriends sister, her hubby and their 2 kids. As
                  their youngest was only 3 at the time when we came across the Trunki suitcases during the
                  pre holiday shopping trip we thought it would be perfect for him.

                  The Trunki is a funky kids suitcase with wheels designed so it can be pulled along or used for
                  the child to ride along on. The Trunki cases are ideal for around 3-6 year olds and come in a
                  huge range of characters including a cow,fire engine, ladybird and many more. We decided to
                  buy the Trunkisaurus which is a green dinosaur themed Trunki with green marbled effect body
                  and 2 white horns at the front to hold onto. Although the Trunki already looked good we also
                  bought one of the Trunki sticker packs for £1.99 to add to the case so Rex the Trunkisaurus
                  gained eyes, scales and funky horned wheel arches but I think the Trunki should come
                  with the extra stickers included in the price rather than as an extra purchase.

                  The Trunki is apparently made of the same plastic as adult cases are made from and it does
                  seem pretty sturdy so it should last a few years of being crashed into unsuspecting travellers
                  at the airport. The case measures 46 x 20.5 x 31 cm it is designed to be used as a carry on
                  bag and fits within the dimensions for cabin luggage with most airlines.but isn't recommended
                  for in hold checked in baggage which is a shame because it would be fantastically easy to spot
                  a bright green dinosaur coming round on the conveyor belt!

                  The Trunki has an 18 litre capacity so there's plenty of room for some toys and a change of
                  clothes to survive the flight. Trunki recommend that you don't exceed a 50kg load and
                  judging by the current excess baggage charges your bank manager will probably recommend
                  this as well. The load limit does mean this isn't going to break if an older child has a sneaky
                  shot on Trunki when they think nobody's looking.

                  The Trunki opens like a normal clam type suitcase and has 2 locking clasps at each side
                  which are easy for small hands to operate. There are 2 carry handles on the top and a
                  shoulder strap which unhooks to become a tow strap. The Trunki has a thick soft rubber
                  seal which stops liitle ones from hurting themselves by trapping their fingers.

                  On the inside there is a storage pouch and teddy seatbelts on one side which are basically a child
                  friendly version of the straps on a normal suitcase which stop your junk falling out when you
                  inevitably open it upside down. The one downside we found with the Trunki was the fact that
                  although the straps kept larger items such as a teddy in place it would have been good if there
                  were stretchy mesh pockets like you get on some adult cases rather than just the storage pouch
                  as some smaller items just rolled about then went everywhere if you weren't careful opening
                  the case.

                  We used the Trunki to carry some toys and his favourite soft toy to keep Arran amused on the
                  plane and at the apartments plus a change of clothes in case of any accidents or delays. I'm
                  pretty sure you could easily fit a weeks worth of summer clothes for a 3 year old in this if you
                  wanted to use it for clothing but our main purpose was to keep him happy and amused
                  for his first flight. The Trunki also comes with a passport which you can use to download
                  and print out games,puzzles etc which can be placed in the passport although we never
                  got round to doing this due to buying Trunki the day before we left.

                  Little Arran didn't actually see this until we arrived at the airport as his mum packed it and put
                  it in the car the night before. Arran instantly fell in love with Trunki and happily spent the next 2
                  hours riding or being towed around the airport without even realising there was anything inside
                  it let alone toys which we were keeping secret until the novelty of Trunki wore off or we got on
                  the plane. Trunki is quite stable works really well as a ride on especially on smooth airport floors
                  when you have a big brother and cousin to push or tow it along the only downside is the wheels
                  are fixed so turning it isn't easy. During our time at the airport in the UK and on arrival in Tenerife
                  Trunki got a lot of attention from small children wanting a shot and parents asking about it and
                  I can imagine the chaos in a couple of years when every kid under the age of 5 is zooming
                  about the airport on a Trunki

                  We carried Trunki on as hand luggage with no problems but although Trunki is designed for your
                  child to take on the flight it's not ideal for getting stuff out mid flight so we ended up putting the
                  in flight toys and books in a plastic zip bag and taking the bag out just before we got on the plane.
                  Once we arrived at our apartments Arran loved unpacking his case with everyone else and had
                  plenty of fun using it as a ride on or towing it around the apartment and it was handy for keeping
                  all his toys in one place when he'd finished playing as well.

                  Overall I think Trunki suitcases are fantastic they help keep little ones amused at the airport
                  and even on a break closer to home kids love having their own suitcase especially when it's
                  a cute looking case they can ride along on. Our Trunki has just finished his second holiday
                  abroad with Arran and has been taken on a few weekend trips to granny's house as well
                  and still looks good as new so Trunki should still be around for a few more holidays in future.

                  All I want to know now is when are Trunki going to make an adult sized version because the
                  inner child in me really wants one!

                  Trunki costs around £29-£40 depending on where you shop we paid £30 for ours and Sainsburys
                  are currently selling them for £29.99 while Argos is charging £39.99 so it's worth shopping around.


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                    28.05.2012 20:16
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    don't know how i would cope without it going abroad!

                    My daughter has been coming abroad with me since she was 2 years old and when she was 3 she was given a Trunki in the Tiger style to take on her holibobs in future - The tiger one was picked as she was massively obsessed with Tigger from Winnie The Pooh At the time!

                    The great thing about Trunki's is that they are hand luggage approved - so you have it there by your side right up until the plane takes off - which makes waiting times for youngsters fun!


                    Who is it for?!

                    Trunki advise that the cases are suitable for children aged 3+ and supports a maximum weight of 50kg which is very generous.



                    The Trunki can hold a total of 18 litres - which for children I think is a very generous amount.

                    The size of each Trunki are as follows:

                    H31 x W46 x D21cm

                    So as you can see from these measurments it is not very bulky at all.


                    About the design

                    You do get Trunki's in a wide range of colours and animal styles so there is always going to be something to suit every child. My daughters was mainly orange with black tiger stripes. On each Trunki you have the well known label on the side and there is a lock down the site for which you recieve a set of plastic "keys" to open and close.

                    The Trunki opens through the middle of the case - like a traditional suitcase - in my opinion its very secure if you use the key and lock.

                    The Trunki is made out of a very hard but light plastic and each Trunki comes with four wheels on the bottom which are used your your kids to glide around on. Your child is supposed to sit on the top of the Trunki which is saddle shaped for comfort. Due to the hard material off the case it is very stable and my daughters so far has not had any damage due to weight.

                    On the top of each Trunki you get handles to easily carry around and you also get an adjustable strap inside which can be detached and clipped on to one of the sides and used either to pull your child along on the Trunki or you can also attach to the other side to use as an across the body strap to carry as luggage.


                    My Verdict

                    As I have previously said this case is an absolute god-send when you are sitting with a tantruming bored child in the middle of an airport. So many children who go abroad have these now and are great for keeping them occupied.

                    One thing that would likely put a possible buyer off would be just the 1 year guarentee from the manufacturer - which in my eyes is not a lot - but saying that we have had my daughters Trunki for 3 years now which has gone through 2 trips there and back abroad and many trips to Scotland to see relatives and is showing no signs of giving up - just the odd scratch and wear and tear.

                    At age 6 she still loves this and always wants to take on trips with her - she even uses it at home to pack home toys into!

                    Great luggage in my opinion!


                    Price & Availability

                    You can buy Trunki's freely on the internet and some shops including John Lewis for around the £30 mark and you are always able to find a stockist if you need one very quickly.


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                      17.02.2012 18:58
                      Very helpful



                      Trunkie suitcase

                      Ever since I saw these suitcases I knew I had to get one for my little girl. We travel quite a bit and she comes with us, since she's been born we've taken her to Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Wales and I see no problem in travelling with little kids. Up until now however (she's 2) she has never really needed her own bag, she just shared a suitcase with me but she was getting to the point where she needed just as many clothes and shoes as me and now that she is two she has to have her own airplane ticket and seat and so gets a baggage allowance and so I though it was high time to get her one of these. 

                      The Trunki Tipu the Tiger is described as a ride-on suitcase for globetrotting tots. I knew this would be perfect for my little girl as she is very girly and loves carrying around little handbags so I thought her own suitcase would be a really big thing for her. Now, at this point we have not actually used this suitcase on an aeroplane so I cannot comment on how it works through an airport but we have used it to go to Wales and various weekends away at the Grandparents house. 

                      I think this was a really clever marketing idea that somebody came up with. The suitcase is curved at the top so it makes a little handy seat for kids to sit on. My little girl loves to sit on this and its small enough that her legs go either side and hit the floor so she can push herself along on it as the suitcase is on wheels. She just does this around the house but I can imagine at an airport where you face a few hours of just sitting around waiting for your flight this would be a great way of keeping the kids entertained.

                      There are various designs you can get in the Trunki range but we went for Tipu the Tiger as we love Tigers in our house, read The Tiger Who Came to Tea frequently so thought this would be the best one for us to get. It cost around £30 which I didn't think was bad. The case looks just like a Tiger and I think this is half the appeal of the suitcase. Tipu is bright orange and has black tiger markings on her/him, not too sure if its a boy or a girl! The wheels are white with black circles in the middle so this almost looks like tiger eyes. There is another eye right in the middle of the case where it closes and this has some tiger eyelashes around it. 

                      The suitcase opens in the middle just like a regular suitcase and does have handles at the top so as an adult you can carry it when your little ones gets tired of scooting on it. There is also a long handle which allows you to throw it over your shoulder too. The case is made out of plastic but is actually quite light when it doesn't have anything in it so it is quite easy to carry. Even when it's full it is not too cumbersome. 

                      Now, according to the information we received with this case it is accepted as hand luggage on most airlines although as I've stated above we actually haven't used it on a flight yet but will be soon so I am happy to find out that is can be used in this way. To be honest this is all I would probably use it for anyway as I don't think it's amazingly big. For a weekend it's fine but there's no way you could get a whole week of a little kids toys, shoes and clothes in here. As a case for a few toys and a few changes of clothes it is perfect though.

                      The inside has been designed well I think. There are straps on the top half so I like to put clothes in this bit so I can strap it back and it will not fall out when you open the case. The bottom half is big and open and perfect for toys etc. The suitcase came with a little toy passport which I think is a really nice feature as it gets kids excited about travelling and going away. 

                      All in all a very well thought out case tailored just for kids. 


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                      07.06.2011 18:34
                      Very helpful



                      I love it!

                      Trunki, what a great innovative product. Never again will you have to moan at your children to carry their luggage when you go on holiday. The inventors at TRUNKI have thought carefully about this product and it really does solve a real problem parents have.

                      You can buy trunki suitcases in all manner of animals and now vehicles. We have the fire engine! They are a little expensive at 29.99 but worth it if you have a fussy child that refuses to help pack or moans when they have to carry anything. 29.99 is worth the price if it prevents an embarrassing situation of a screaming child in the departure lounge.

                      Our trunki fire engine has 4 wheels and is bright red with details of a fire engine. It has, like other trunkis little handles on the top so a child can ride the suitcase as you pull it along. I wanted to try this out in the shop 1st as some suitcases can wobble alot when pulled and possibly even tip over. This one is pretty sturdy although we have still had a few wobbles! For this reason I wouldn't let a child younger than 4 ride on.

                      Inside the case it is quite roomy and there is plenty enough space for a Childs luggage. I actually put a few of my bits in aswell. The close mechanism is strong and a child would struggle to open it without support. I think this is a good idea as you dont want your child emptying out the contents in the arrive hall!

                      Included is a shoulder strap to carry the trunki although this can be painful with it being hard on the outside. I prefer to pull it along.

                      I think this is a great product available from Early Learning Centre, Amazon and ive seen them in various luggage/bag shops too. They really turn heads and other children are very jeleous of them! Treat your child to a trunki for fun, fuss free travelling.


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                        15.03.2011 10:14
                        Very helpful



                        see review

                        Travelling with children is brilliant fun, the excitement in their eyes as we depart when every one they know is still sleeping, having breakfast in a café all add to the excitement but it can also be a fraught experience with tired children who want to be carried no mean feet when trying to juggle hand luggage removing shoes, belt keys etc from pockets!

                        Recently we were discussing travelling with children and sharing our tips as to what makes travelling with children as smooth as possible when a friend of mine said she had got her children Trunki suitcases which meant whilst in check in queues the children could sit on the case and be pulled along she also said they are light enough and small enough to go into overhead lockers and you are able to get a great deal in them she had used hers for a week away.

                        I have to be honest I have seen these cases and thought they were rather gimmicky more of a hindrance than an asset however when she offered us the use of them for a recent weekend away my girls were extremely excited and so of course in the interest of consumer knowledge I decided to put them to the test.

                        What are they?
                        Trunki's are essentially a child's wheeled suitcase they come in a range of animal designs as well as plain Blue or Pink the difference is that these are designed for the child to sit on and be wheeled by the parent the suitcases are very bright and eye catching so appeal to the children indeed the one my daughter borrowed was a tiger and she spent lots of time growling at it when asked what she was doing she advised she was talking to the tiger so he would know what was happening!

                        Cost and Stockist
                        You can buy the Trunki from the official website at www.trunki.co.uk I have also seen it available on Amazon which is where I got mine using of course my Dooyoo points the rrp is £39.99 I paid £30.00 each you can get the plain one for £25.00.

                        Why buy?
                        Airlines charge a small fortune for the privilege of allowing you to take your clothes on holiday The Trunki will easily fit enough clothes for a child for a week possibly two weeks holiday in mine this weekend I packed two pairs of my jeans, all my daughters clothes including 2 pairs of pyjamas, two pairs of jeans, two fleeces, a pair of shoes, a towel, as well as story books and a teddy and I believe this was probably half full. Both my girls who are aged 5 and 3 enjoyed packing their own case and pulling them along at the airport they both managed this easily and even through I was carrying another bag when the youngest got tired I managed to pull her along very easily on the Trunki.

                        We also found that the Trunki was very light to carry that the strap was easy to put the case over the shoulder as well as to pick up using the handles indeed the Trunki.

                        I have to say from being a cynic I am a convert indeed I purchased mine immediately on my return from our weekend away and my daughter has already packed it with summer clothes1 I did get mine for less than the rrp but I wholeheartedly believe these are worth the price and if you frequently fly you will soon recover the cost of these cases. The company philosophy is to make travelling with children easier and less stressful and I believe that travelling is part of the holiday and it should be fun and these do make it fun I mean lets be honest who wouldn't want a suitcase the could sit on I want a adult sizes pink one !

                        My friend has also purchased these for her two children having seen how much stuff I got into mine which means she doesn't have to pay for luggage for her daughters.

                        So in summary do not be like the Dragons and miss out on this product as it really is a brilliant product and did add an extra dimension to our adventure my daughter loved her tiger and enjoyed walking him.


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                          07.03.2011 00:14
                          Very helpful



                          Can they make these for adults

                          I really wanted to write about Trunki products before the summer comes and some off you may find my reviews helpful especially if your looking for some luggage for young children.

                          Trunki is a brand name now but i had originally seen the trunki case on a tv show called the dragons den, although the dragons did not invest i really loved the case, this was before i had my girls. I had only heard good things about trunki cases so a few years ago now before taking my girls on holiday i bought to trunki cases. We have two very bright pink trunki cases named trixie.

                          The trunki suitcase is the very first trunki products i bought. Trixie trunki cost me £35.00 each case from trunki.co.uk. At this price i think they are great but now if you shop around its possible to get them cheaper.

                          Trunki trixie is not only a luggage case but also a ride on toy. When the case is closed it can be sat on and wheeled along or the child can push themselves along. These are great fun and both my girls love to ride on them. As these cases are approved hand luggage we often take them on the flight meaning they zoom around the airport until its time to fly. Its a very good time waster while waiting two hours to bored the plane and also tires my excited kids out as well also meaning i get peace on the plane while they have 40 winks.

                          Trunkie are made from solid strong plastic and come in very bright colours. Trixie for instants is bright pink with purple trim. Although these are very strong hard cases they are incredibly lightweight even when full. I remember being surprised how small they were when i received them but again these are for young children and they do hold a lot. Trunike cases measure 46x21x32 in diameter.

                          A trunkie is shaped like a mini rectangle shape with a curved top. The top and sides are shaped slightly in the way shape of a horses saddle is the best way to put in. It has a material carry handle, making it easy for adults to carry and gives a little extra gip too. Trunkies have horns on the front and a locking catch, looking straight on at the trunkie it resembles an face (maybe i just have a good imagination). Trixies horns are actually grip handles for the kids to hold onto when the adult is pulling the case along, these are strong rubber. Wheels are on the sides of the case, these are also strong plastic with little indent grooves on them. At the front and back of the case their are little bumpers these are to stop the case toppling if the child leans forward or back, a pretty good idea as my girls go wild and quiet fast when riding on trixie.

                          When opening the case it has a rubber trip going round the edge of the case this is just a safety feature. Inside the case there is loads of space , trixie holds 18 L so plenty room for all the kids clothes and things we pack. On the left hand side of the case is a flexible cord seatbelt to fasten teddy in however my kids never use this but can be used to secure important items into this half of the case.
                          All packed now ready to go!
                          When the case is full and closed trixie is securely closed and locked, this is just a plastic clip in the side of the case with a lock built in. With the case we got a pink cord strap, this hooks on for pulling the case along when the kids are sitting on them also attached to this cord is a plastic key for opining the lock. I'm sure this is fairly new to trunki cases because my nephews' case does not have this feature, either ways its a great idea. The clip is easy for my girls to close on their own but once locked its locked until we reach our destination, ideal for us because my girls would have these empted and repacked every five minutes.

                          My girls love riding on the trixie trunki case and even when not in use for travling they play with them in the house. We have laminated flooring and they love to zoom around. Perfect for toddlers i would say to keep them entertained at the airport etc plus when they get fed up you can sit them on and pull doing all the hard work or not because they are very light so take no energy at all.

                          Trunkie cases are strong , robust hard wearing , last a long time, and a lot of fun. I feel they are very cheap for what they are.
                          I would highly recommend trunki cases to anyone with young kids and an upcoming holiday of coarse these can be used for travelling anywhere, my girls take their trixie trunki to gran , granddads and even their daddys house at the weekends. Can be used all the time.
                          Highly recommend.


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                            22.11.2010 10:04
                            Very helpful



                            Equally fun for young and old alike.

                            These suitcases are really fun for little kids and seem to come in a variety of designs such as a cow, a ladybird, a tiger, a gruffalo and a bubble bee. Now my eldest daughter (who is at university now) has a thing about ladybirds, and hence, last year as a bit of a joke, I bought her the ladybird version of this suitcase, and now she absolutely loves it to the extent that anytime she goes anywhere to stay, this is the one suitcase that she takes with her, and all her friends love it.

                            At the time, I managed to get it for £35 (although the price seems to have come down a bit since then) and it looks quite quirky. It has a hard plastic outer shell, so should be able to take a few knocks and scrapes. For the ladybird version, the outer shell is dark red with black spots to resemble a ladybird. There are 4 fairly large wheels (which aren't steerable), and one end of the case has been made to look a little like a head with 2 horn type things at the top and a little nose in the middle. There are 2 handles on the top to carry it, and it also has a detachable shoulder strap to aid carrying if required. The clasps are also lockable, which is a useful feature (if anything just to stop your kiddie suddenly opening it in the middle of an airport to start spreading the contents across the floor!!). It has an 18 litre capacity and has been designed so that it can be carried onto an aircraft as hand luggage and be stored away in the overhead lockers, which we have tried twice when we've gone away with no problems.

                            Inside the case, it is fairly basic with just the one big storage space between the 2 suitcase halves and no special pockets or storage spaces. However, inside the lid bit, there are a couple of straps to hold everything in. But it seems to have plenty of capacity for my daughter to carry her things when she goes away anywhere. The edges of the case also have a rubber lining for some added protection.

                            Now this case is aimed at the little kiddie market, probably around the 3 to 6 year old age group because the idea is that when you are travelling around anywhere on holiday, your child can straddle the case, hang onto the horn bits at the front and be pulled along by yourself using the supplied strap. Great fun for them, but my daughter is now a little old for that - although she has tried and the case survived with no ill effects - so obviously a strong design. Of note, we did get some strange looks as my daughter was pulling this through an airport once to go on holiday because I think some people must have thought that we had lost the little kid somewhere who had been riding on the back of it!!

                            In summary, this suitcase is fun and quirky and does get you noticed. It has quite a large capacity and can conveniently be carried on to aircraft as hand luggage. But whilst it is primarily aimed at the kiddie market, I don't see why grown kids and adults should miss out on all the fun.

                            So in my opinion, this case is for young and old alike. Highly recommended for a bit of fun.


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                          • Product Details

                            Trunki is designed especially for little ones who can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage, whilst parents can keep them in tow. It's the ultimate travelling companion! Trunki makes travelling even more exciting for children--and less stressful for parents--in a fun, practical and safe way. Trunki's innovative design allows it to be sat on, ridden and pulled along, or adults can carry it with a shoulder strap.

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