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Trunki Tote Bag

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3 Reviews

Brand: Trunki / Type: Kids Luggage

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    3 Reviews
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      17.04.2012 13:30
      Very helpful



      useful addition to a Trunki suitcase

      I bought the Trunki 3 in 1 tote bag to go inside the Terrance Trunki suitcase that I was buying for my little nephew. My sister and I have recently started to take short weekend breaks away along with my little nephew and to make the airports and travelling parts of the weekends easier on both my sister and myself, and to make this slightly more enjoyable experience for my little nephew I bought him a Trunki - a ride on suitcase.

      On the reccomendation of a few friends who have Trunkis already for their small children I bought the tote bag, they had said that because one half of the Trunki suitcase doesn't have any packing straps, when you open it things tend to fall out everywhere, this would then solve that problem.

      I bought the 3 in 1 Trunki tote bag from the Trunki website along with the Terrance Trunki case and the matching wash bag. The tote bag was £12.99, and the postage was free if you spent over £25.00. I placed my order on the Saturday, and the items were delivered on the Wednesday.

      The tote bag is available in 2 colourways; blue, green and orange to match Terrance the Trunki, and pink, purple and green to match Trixie the Trunki. I obviously bought the blue colourway.
      The tote bag comes with a short carrying handle attached to the bag and a long adjustable shoulder strap with you can attach or detach from the bag according to your needs.
      The tote bag fits perfectly into the side of the Trunki case that has no packing straps, the tote bag opens and closes with a zipper, you can either leave the tote bag inside the case and open and close the zipper to get things out or you can remove the tote bag completely, depending upon your needs.

      We tend to ensure that the liitle one packs any books and snacks and things that he will want during the flight in the tote bag and then remove the whole tote bag once we are boarded. The tote bag then easily attaches to the back of an airplane seat (or even a car seat - so it's ideal for long car journeys too), everything he needs or wants is then right in front of him and everything is at hand to keep him quiet and occupied during the flight.

      The tote bag has one large main zippered section, and then it has a pocket on the front, and then it has various pockets on the sides which are suitable for pens and pencils and suchlike.

      This is an expensive addition to an already expensive childs suitcase, however I feel that this was worth getting as I can see that the design of the Trunki suitcase would have meant that most things would have fallen out each time we opened it. I can only imagine the chaos that this would cause if you needed to open the Trunki and get things out mid-flight! As it is we just remove the tote bag with everything in that is needed and then put the whole tote bag back in the Trunki when we are at the end of the flight.

      I am definately pleased that we purchased this tote bag in addition to Terrance the Trunki suitcase, and I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend it to anyone buying a Trunki.


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      01.03.2012 09:45
      Very helpful



      a worthy addition to your suitcase

      If you had read my review on the Terrance Trunki that I had purchased for my nephew then this review will continue on from there, for those that haven't read it I will try and be brief on what lead me up to this purchase.

      The Trunki suitcase that I had brought for my nephew was perfect in every way, bar one small flaw. My nephew put all of his toys in there for his trip and the first time we used it on the plane a lot of his smaller toys fell out when you opened it, which was very annoying. Due to the small space on the aeroplane there is no easy way of trying to open the suitcase and with all my nephews toys in there me and his mum must have opened it a number of times during the trip. There is a strap in the suitcase but this only olds the bigger items.

      When I got back home I decided to look around and see if Trunki had designed anything to help with this problem and low and behold they had. There it was a Trunki tote bag and it came in blue and green, which matched Terrance's colour perfectly and it had a small price tag on Amazon of under £8. There are also pink Trunki bags for the girls.

      The Trunki tote bag is a mesh bag that fits perfectly into one half of the Trunki, leaving you the other compartment to fill with either clothes or larger toys or items. Not only can this be used in the suitcase, when you are going away on a long journey in has clips on so that it can be clipped to the car or aeroplane seat for easy access during the journey.

      If you need to carry the bag then you can also take the handle off Terrance the Trunki and attach it to the loops that are on the mesh tote bag instead to be able to carry it over your shoulder with ease.

      My nephew loves it when he goes away we get Terrance and his bag out, he then gets to go through his toys and pick the ones he wants and puts them in his very own case. Making sure the smaller items and those needed during the journey are in the mesh bag, so once seated the bag can be attached to the chair in front so my nephew can easily access his toys during the journey. When you are ready to go it is easy to throw all of the toys back into the bag and pack it away into the empty half of the suitcase.

      All of my nephew's trains, cars and animals fit in there perfectly, we also put in there any other toys he may like during the journey so that we do not have to open Terrance the Trunki again until the end of the journey when we are putting the back into the suitcase ready to be pulled through the airport.

      Originally Terrance was only used for flights and filled with toys for the whole holiday, but Terrance is now also used for weekends away as well, as the toys go into the mesh bag in one half and his clothes in the other side.

      When I purchased this from Amazon it clearly stated that it didn't come with a shoulder strap and that you would have to use your Trunki's one if needed. In reading some reviews a lot of people were surprised that it didn't have a strap with it.

      Overall a great idea by Trunki they must have read my mind or read other people's reviews to create an accessory that would be worth every penny and help to take the stress out of taking children and all of their belongings away on holiday.


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      30.05.2011 16:09
      Very helpful



      My review

      Trunki Tote Bag

      Trunki travel cases are very popular and even before i had my little girls i can remember being at the airport and seeing
      loads of kids on the trunki cases. I also remember watching the inventor being on the tv program the dragons den, the dragons
      did not invest however trunki products went on the be a great company.
      My girls both have a trunki case each and i have went on the purchase the trunki wash bag, pencil case , back pack and the only thing
      i had not bought was the trunki tote bag because i wasn't sure we would use or need one until i got a money off voucher for
      the trunki website, was rude not to use the voucher!

      Trunki tote bag cost me £10.99 from www.trunki.co.uk. I have seen the tote bag for sale on amazon for the same price.
      The trunki tote bag only comes in two colours , pink and blue. I bought a pink one to match my daughters trunki.

      The trunki tote bag is made from mesh material and is very lightweight. Inside the bag there are no pockets just one big holdall but on the
      outside of the bag at the front there is one pocket shaped like a half circle or saddle shape and has a small zip to keep the contents inside the pocket
      I like the little tabs each has the word trunki on them and the zips have a T for trunki on them this shows its a genuine trunki bag. I found it
      hard to believe that there are not cheap fakes of trunki products on the market especially as the real tunki items don't cost much really and
      trunki products are great quality made to last.

      Trunki tote bag has a zip fasten and runs around the edge of the bag, it opens up fully to making it easy to pack. My girls found the zip easy to open and close
      themselves so don't need my help to use the bag. At the top of the bag there are the plastic hoops this is for clipping the strap to making the bag
      easier to carry like a shoulder bag. We got the strap with the tote bag and its the same kind of strap that attaches to the trunki case with the clips on the end.
      If you want to carry the bag as normal there is a small carry handle strap at the top.

      You can also attach the tote bag to the back of a car seat, bus seats or plane seats the clips are thick black plastic clips on the back of the trunki bag.
      As we have not been on holiday yet i have no way of testing it on a plane however i tried it on the car seat last week , it takes a matter of seconds to clip onto the seat and it stayed put throughout our journey but
      Hannah was strapped into her car seat so could not reach the bag to get her things out of it ha ha.

      What i like best about the trunki tote is the fact it fits snugly inside the trunki case even when full. As we have a half of the trunki with the straps on it (only the new version)
      i often found that the straps kept the larger items safe but as soon as i opened the case the small items fall out and land on the other side of the case or floor.
      The trunki bag can be stuffed full of toys, put in one half of the case and kept safe and all the items in the bag together for this reason i like
      the trunki tote bag and this was the main reason i went ahead and bought it.

      The bag is shaped like a trunki and measures, 11 inches in height, 16 inches in depth and 31 inches wide.

      Trunki tote bag is just a cool trunki extra not an essential but definitely a handy item. Can be used as a weekend away bag for the kids.

      I recommend the trunki tote bag.


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