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Absolute Gold Intensify

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Brand: Absolute Gold / Type: Sun Care

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2008 19:46
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      I'm not a sunbed queen on any accounts, I go through phases especially when I am losing weight, wearing things a little more daring and revealing than what I normally do and want to look good. I have very pale and sensitive skin, I look like a milk bottle when I have no colour and often use a light fake tan in the winter months, however with summer drawing near and holidays on the horizon, I wanted to get a little bit more natural colour again and decided to start havaing a couple of sessions of the sunbeds every week, which after work, I always feel relaxed when I am lying under the tubes and soaking up the rays, and feel even better when I get off looking a little bit browner than the day before.

      I have been using sunbeds for around five years now, had never ventured under one before and over that period of time I have used many different kinds of creams for protection and tan acceleration. Tan acceleration creams come in quite a few different varieties, you can have ones that cool your skin down, one that make you tingle when you are under the bed, dark tanning creams that act as a barrier but also increase you colour and just general ones that protect your skin whilst you are on the sunbed.

      I prefer just dark tanning creams that give you added protection but also accelerate your tan, thats why I use Absolute Gold Just Intensify. This particular product I paid £10, from my local sunbed shop for a 250ml, however they can be bought as single 20ml sachets for around £2.50 each, which when you work it out, if are a regular visitor to the sunbeds it works out more economical to purchase a larger bottle and get more uses out of it.

      Absolute Gold specialise in tanning creams and there are various different creams for different skin types and tones that you can use. The Just Intensify is a level 1 ultimate dark tanning solution with multi vitamins within it. Coming in a well presented bottle, various colours depending to the level you are using, this particular cream smells a little bit like banana custard to me and is very pleasant to smell as some of them these days don't actually smell very pleasant.

      Before going onto the bed, you apply the cream liberally all over your body which protects your skin and enhances the results that you would get if you just went on a sunbed without this sort of product. THe cream is quite running and very smooth and does make your skin feel soft when you apply it.

      After having a sunbed session, I feel my skin still has moisture in it and isn't too dry as sometimes your skin can go a little dry when you have been on. I never seem to burn at all using this, as I have with some other products because of the heat and the moisture, although it does not contain sunscreen. It has a great variety of vitamin's and minerals within it to protect including Aloe Vera, Ginkgo Biloba and other herbal extracts which are good to protect.

      I have now had my sixth session this year and I normally spend 12 minutes on the bed and this cream has worked wonders. From the very initial one I had you could instantly see the results and now 6 sessions down the line, my tan is coming on extremely well and I am no longer a milk bottle. By having a couple of sunbeds too I find that this way does protect me when I am out in the normal sunlight and on holiday, I seem to tan better and I used to suffer without prickly heat quite bad, however since using sunbed, I have never had once which is great.

      I know they aren't good for you, but what is. This cream is definitely worth trying if you ever go on though.


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      Dark tanning system with a multi-vitamin blend /

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