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Almay Glow Healthy Skin Brightener

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Brand: Almay / Type: Sun Care

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2010 13:15
      Very helpful
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      If you can find it, get it!

      *** All about Almay ***
      Almay is an American cosmetics company, but you can find its products on various websites in the UK, and I believe I bought this product in Boots not so long ago. The company was established back in 1931, so it certainly has an impressive history of producing cosmetics. It is also quite groundbreaking, and claims to be "the first hypoallergenic cosmetics brand, the first brand to make 100% fragrance-free products, the first brand to perform safety testing for allergy and irritation and the first brand to create cosmetic regimens for specific skin types". Quite an impressive list!

      I have had a quick search and several companies in the UK sell the Skin Brightener that I am reviewing here online for around £3-£4.

      *** What's inside? ***
      The skin brightener comes in a 40ml tube and is oil and fragrance free, with an SPF of 15. It contains vitamins A, C and E, and aloe, and is hypo-allergenic. The brightener can be worn alone or with foundation, and is said to brighten skin and enrich skin tone.

      *** How does it look? ***
      The tube is a subtle beigey-peach colour with a few words on the front in silver and orange. The tube stands on it's flip-top lid so it's really easy to dispense. It is very understated packaging and it looks like a product from a professional brand.

      *** The brightener ***
      Open the lid and have a little squeeze, and out comes the pretty peach lotion. It's very smooth, slightly runny and has a lovely golden shimmery look to it. It's a very nice shade and it looks bright and attractive.

      *** Put it on ***
      The lotion rubs into skin very easily. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks after applying foundation, and it definitely brightens my skin and gives me a healthy glow! It is absorbed into the skin very easily and despite the shimmer it does look very natural.

      *** Summary ***
      I tend to use this product most days but as I need such a tiny dot I think this tube will last me for many, many months. Although it may not be very easy to find, I would really recommend this product if you can get hold of it as it very nice to use and has great results!


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        28.08.2008 22:37
        Very helpful



        A hypo-allergenic glow enhancing treatment

        Skin type: All

        ~ Introduction ~

        I've always struggled with using foundations as I found them too thick, irritant to my sensitive skin and clogging pores, or just simply a hassle to put on every morning without looking like having plaster all over my face. What I really wanted was just a touch of something that made my skin look more radiant and healthy without actually covering my natural complexion.

        I use two liquid foundations of different tones, one for summer, the other in winter, which I like and do use sometimes because they are light and don't seem to weigh down my features. They are Maybelline Rewind and Rimmel Re-Cover which do give me enough coverage without the weight, but I still preferred something that was even lighter than these and also free from minerals and naturally good for the skin. While browsing in Boots I found Almay Glow Healthy Skin Brightener Shade 01 Natural Glow and I thought I'd give it a try.

        ~ The packaging ~

        Glow Healthy comes in a 40ml tube with a flip top that's very handy. The actual colour of the tube is the colour of the shade; not exactly the colour inside the tube but rather the shade on your skin you'll get with the product once it's applied.

        ~ What it says it does ~

        - Vitamins A, C and E plus Aloe Vera help nourish and smooth

        ~ Appearance ~

        Contrary to its title, Glow Healthy doesn't contain any artificial brightening agent. It does not bleach the skin that e.g. some of the Fade Out creams that also say: skin brightener. This Almay product is like a liquid foundation, without the mineral bits. It's slightly oily to the touch (although it says, it's oil-free) and is somewhat red in colour. This isn't the colour that's going to look like on the skin however. As I said, the colour of the tube you chose to buy is exactly the shade you'll be getting on your skin, once it's applied and sank in.

        ~ Application ~

        I use the recommended amount that is about a small pea-sized blob. It glides on the skin and then gets absorbed a few minutes later. When in contact with the skin, it looks oily but it doesn't feel like it, it's like putting on gel. In fact, it gives this impression, because it contains Aloe Vera, which is a water-based gel. In the first few minutes, the skin is given a tinge of colour, after all, you're applying an orange-y reddish coloured liquid. When it's absorbed, the colour itself will fade and change into a natural glow actually correcting and enhancing your own natural colour. Hence the name: brightener.

        ~ Results ~

        - Nourish and smooth

        The brightener is certainly not drying and seems to be gentle to the skin, causing no irritations or dry patches foundations do sometimes. When I remove the product in the evening, it does come off with some of the original colour I applied.

        When gliding over the liquid and smoothing it into the skin, I barely noticed any colour change. My complexion appeared sheer and natural, almost transparent, with a natural glow to it. This happens when only a little amount is used and a very natural look is what you want.

        At times, I like to use my brightener to act as a light foundation because it's lighter in structure and kinder to the skin. In this case, I apply more of it, about 2 pea-sized amount and massage it gently over the entire face and neck area. It looks shiny and slightly oily in the first few minutes and then sinks in. The result is a light to medium coverage that still looks sheer and very natural.

        Apart from the shade 'Natural' I've been using, Almay Skin Brightener is also available in darker shades such as Tan and Bronze.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        I'm very happy I found Almay Glow Healthy Skin Brightener. I've since heard that all Almay products are hypo-allergenic and great care into goes into developing 'healthy' products with no nasty and unnecessary ingredients. Since I started using Almay about 3 months ago, not once did I put on foundation. Having said that, I rarely wear foundation in the summer, as I tan very easily and I have sun-kissed complexion anyway. In order to further protect the skin, Almay is recommended for those who do not or cannot wear make up due to their sensitive skin, but still want a bright, natural look all year round. For £3.95 / 40ml it's great value and I'm definitely getting the result I was after.

        ~ Price / where to buy ~

        Chemists, Boots and Superdrug £3.95
        Online from Fragrance Direct / Ebay from £2.50

        Thanks for reading.

        ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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      • Product Details

        This bronzer contains SPF15 / Instantly brightens the skin tone for a beautiful healthy glow!

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