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Asda Protect Kids Spray

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4 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Tanning Spray / What it does: Protects,

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    4 Reviews
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      18.07.2013 00:57
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      A great, low priced sun lotion from Asda.

      ~*~*~ Asda Protect Kid's Lotion Spray ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is an own brand sun cream/lotion. I am pretty sure there were different factors available but I have it in the factor 50.

      It is from Asda.

      ~ Packaging ~

      This sun lotion comes in a small and compact bottle, the main colour is a yellowy/orange with the trigger top being bright orange. Underneath the trigger sprayer is a little red tab which needs to be moved into the down position before use, this is handy as it means it can't leak in your bag!

      The bottle is quite child friendly looking with a happy monkey face on the bottle.

      The back label has product info, ingredients and how to use info, and the front label tells me what I need to know. It is a kids lotion spray, in a 50 High (factor) Level 5 UVA protection, suitable for sensitive skin, extra water resistant and the likes.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      With the warmer spells of weather we have been having I knew I needed to get more sun care stuff in, I had a bottle from last year but it looked a little battered so went on the hunt for some reasonably priced sun cream. I happened to be in Asda when I decided to look and that is when I came across this. I am unsure of the actual price but I do believe that I paid around £4 or a little less for it. It is a 200ml bottle that has a 12 month shelf life.

      I bought this for my children to use. I have four boys, one is a red head the other quite fair, and whilst my 6yr old doesn't ever seem to burn in the sun, I wouldn't want to risk any damage to their skin, not to mention the uncomfortableness of sunburn.

      My youngest is very nearly two and he loves to be out in the garden in the nice weather so he gets plastered in sun tan lotion all the time, the others have small tubes for school and then they too get plastered in this whilst at home.

      I like the spray bottles as the kids are more likely to let me apply this to them with little fuss as they like the novelty of a spray of lotion rather than a dollop!

      ~ Using it ~

      This is really easy to use, you simply have to squeeze in the red tabs under the spray nozzle, move it down and then squirt it onto their bodies. I find two squirts on each arm covers them, a few on the legs and then I squirt it into my hands to do their faces/necks/ears.

      ~ Overall ~

      We have been using this over the last couple of weeks as the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I am so impressed with it. The kids have been out in the sun, playing in the garden, to the park, in the pool, school, beach, etc and with this on they haven't burned at all.

      It has a nice pleasant smell and runs in easily and quickly. I do apply a generous amount and top it up every 2 hours or so and it has worked brilliantly.

      The lotion sprays on white but absorbs fast and doesn't leave them feeling or looking clammy.

      I think for under £4 this is a super sun lotion and will continue to buy this brand over the more pricey and expensive brands.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        14.06.2013 01:47
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        Good in pratice, but in reality a disaster waiting to happen

        =Asda Protect Kids Spray=

        Trying to be organised, for the last holiday, I thought that I had enough suntan lotion left, but I hadn't so as Asda is my nearest supermarket that was where I headed.

        =What I brought=
        My daughter and I share the suntan lotion, and this was a own brand Factor 30 High Protection childrens spray, it is water resistant, dermtologically tested, and can moisturise the skin for up to 12 hours. The UVA level is a level 5.


        This comes in a 200ml sized bottle, and has a spray trigger which releases the spray, this is located at the top of the bottle. The bottle is plastic, and is a yellow and orange colour.

        The Asda logo is displayed on the front of the bottom, and the level of the UV os at the top, the details on the bottle explains about the factor (which is a factor 30), details of how to apply the lotion, general warnings, such as keep away from eyes, don't use on broken skin.

        =Shelf Life=
        Once opened this has a shelf life of 12 months.

        =The applying=
        The first thing I was impressed was, was with the trigger spray as this was like having a 3rd hand.

        - Shake well before use.
        -Apply a generous amount 15 minutes before going in the sun, the spray meant that I got an easy application the spray helped get an even application.

        Then you have to reapply after they have been in the sun for 15 minutes.

        It also recommends that you really every 1 to 2 hours, especially after swimming, towel drying or sweating.

        =How did I find it=
        I loved the dispenser - gave an even distribution
        The colour - pale green - you could see where you had done
        The factor 30
        High UVA
        The suntan lotion soaks in so no colour left on show
        No over powering smell with this suntan lotion.
        Suited sensitive skin.

        as mentioned the 15 minute reapply rule
        The constant reapply 1-2 hours.

        =It may seem as though i am being picky=
        I hope that it has not come across that I am being picky or tight regarding the application of suntan lotion as that is the last thing i am, I have about 6 bottles of suntan lotion for 2 weeks holiday abroad, as I knew we were expecting temperatures of 25C.

        It seemed to be promoting one aspect (water proof), but then when you get to the small print as I see it, it seems to knock this out of the window.

        As for the 15 minute, - children now are now doing their PE classes outside, and sports day, even playtime, you need to put suntan lotion on before they go to school, but could you imagine going in to school after 15 minutes to get your child out to reapply suntan lotion - I could imagine the teachers view.

        =Would I buy again=
        Although I have a lot of plus factors I would not buy this one again, its too fiddly, I don't mind reapplying sun tan lotion, my daughter is pale skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes, so does need the protection.

        There are other products on the market that do a better job for the same amount of money I paid for this.

        This was £3.50 for a 200ml bottle, it is now part of their 2 for £6 range.

        =Ingredients =

        Aqua , C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate , Octocrylene , Alcohol Denat., , Glycerin , Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane , Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol , Dicaprylyl Carbonate , Titanium Dioxide , Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine , Triacontanyl PVP , Phenoxyethanol , Panthenol , Tocopheryl Acetate , Microcrystalline Cellulose , Parfum , Decyl Glucoside , Coco-Glucoside , Simethicone , Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer , Disodium EDTA , Cellulose Gum , Aminomethyl Propanol , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder , Propylene Glycol , Xanthan Gum , Tocopherol , CI 19140 , CI 42090 .

        I'll stick to the Avon ones that we use, as we have never had problems with them or P30, (slightly more expensive, but one application lasts upto 12 hours).


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          07.06.2013 16:23
          Very helpful
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          Excellent value

          I purchased a bottle of Nivea sun cream for my daughter at the start of the year. On a recent trip to the beach I got all the way there before realising I'd forgotten to pack the sun cream so made a last minute dash to my local Asda, it made more sense than going all the way home again. I picked up some of Asda's own brand suncream.

          This Asda Protect spray sun cream is available to purchase from Asda stores or online from their website if you do your shopping that way for £3.50 but it is also included in a two products for £6 offer (this features most of Asda's sun care range).

          The sun cream comes in a bright yellow plastic spray bottle. It contains all of the important information needed for this type of product, how to apply, warnings etc. At the top of the bottle there is a trigger to dispense the sun cream. I find the trigger easy to use and the sun cream doesn't jam in any way. One thing I like about the packaging is that there is a small red safety type catch beneath the trigger so when it is in place, the sun cream won't be squirted whilst it's in a bag etc. It is easy to release the safety catch but not easy enough for it to come away by itself.

          The sun cream has a normal, quite thin, sun cream consistency. It has an off white colour and has quite a strong sun cream scent to it. I find that the sun cream absorbs into my daughters skin without having to spend all day rubbing to get it to absorb. The sun cream has an SPF of 50 so you are reassured that the children are getting the protection they need. Although my daughter doesn't have particularly sensitive skin, the packaging states it's suitable for children with sensitive skin. It also says that the sun cream is water resistant too but I never risk it anyway and always make sure I reapply it after my daughter comes out of the sea.

          My daughter definitely isn't a fan of having sun cream applied so sometimes it can prove quite tricky to get her to stand still so I can cover her, on the off chance she does let me I make sure I use a liberal amount and then just top up the sun cream as and when she will let me do a section. I usually reapply every 1-2 hours, or more often if she is in and out of the sea. The sun cream offers a great protection and my daughter hasn't caught the sun whilst wearing it. Instead of sending her to nursery with the Nivea sun cream, this Asda protect sun cream is a great product to just keep in her school bag so there is no chance of me forgetting it.

          I only paid £3 for this as part of Asda's sun cream offer and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. The performance matches up to that of other branded kids sun creams I've used, it is suitable for sensitive skin and offers great protection against the sun.


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            07.06.2013 12:30
            Very helpful



            Good suncare by Asda

            Its finally summertime, and a trip to my local Asda store was needed to stock up on some essentials. One very important purchase being some form of suncream/lotion for the kids. I picked this product up for £3.50 for a 200ml spray bottle. Or can be purchased for 2 for £6.00.

            Why did I buy this one?

            The previous one I had to this was a pocket sized Nivea lotion, which has disappeared somewhere in the house, but did need replacing as it was first used just under a 12 months ago which is its shelf life anyway once opened. Obviously, with the change in weather, I needed to buy something for the kids which would suit both of them ( one has sensitive skin, the other doesn't ), easy and quick to apply and didn't cost the earth. I thought this was a good choice at time of purchase.

            What is it?

            Its an Asdas own brand 30 high protection kid spray suitable for sensitive skin. Water resistant, dermatologically tested and can moisturise the skin for up to 12 hours. It has a level 5 in UVA protection. It also has a colour to it so you can tell where it has been applied and when it has been rubbed in properly.

            How is it packaged?

            It comes in a plastic 200ml bottle with a spray trigger to release the product at the top. The colouring is mainly yellow and orange, which is striking and caught my eye. The Asda logo is small and right at the bottom. The level of UV is at the top and underneath the product name, which is Protect Kids disappearing colour spray and the level which is 30 High. It also says who its suitable for and added benefits.

            On the back it gives more detail on the benefits of the product, how to apply, ingredients, general warning details and once opened the product has a 12 month shelf life.


            Aqua , C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate , Octocrylene , Alcohol Denat., , Glycerin , Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane , Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol , Dicaprylyl Carbonate , Titanium Dioxide , Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine , Triacontanyl PVP , Phenoxyethanol , Panthenol , Tocopheryl Acetate , Microcrystalline Cellulose , Parfum , Decyl Glucoside , Coco-Glucoside , Simethicone , Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer , Disodium EDTA , Cellulose Gum , Aminomethyl Propanol , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder , Propylene Glycol , Xanthan Gum , Tocopherol , CI 19140 , CI 42090 .

            How to apply

            Shake well before use. Apply generous amount 15 minutes before going out into the sun, and then 15 minutes after being exposed by the sun. Reapply every 1-2hours especially after swimming, towelling or sweating.

            How did I find it?

            Dispensing the product was easy. The trigger was easy to squeeze so didn't need to apply too much pressure. The good thing about the trigger mechanism was the fact I could spray exactly how much I wanted/needed into my hand, without wasting the product or making a mess. The product itself came out a pale green colour, which at first I found to be odd as Im used to this type of product being white, and very fluid.

            The main areas I have been placing this on my children has been the face, under the neck, the back of the neck, arms and hands ( the rest of their bodies have been covered up ). I liked the fact that when you placed the product on them you could clearly see where it was and if you had missed bits, due to the colour. It was very easy to apply and rub in, and it took no time at all to sink into the skin ( but obviously you need to ensure it is worked gently into the skin and not just sat on top of it! )Very quick and simple, despite the fact I have two very fidgety children, I have had no issues with putting this on them at all as it requires very little effort.

            I love the fact that once the product is applied it completely disappears. No chalkiness, no white or purple marks. My childrens faces look absolutely normal and definitely not dry in look or texture.

            The fragrance I really enjoyed. Not overpowering or obvious, but quite fresh, summery and sweet when product comes out of its packaging and into my hands. It didn't linger on the kids, so they haven't been walking around smelling perfumed, but I do get a faint whiff off it from time to time.

            My daughter is the one with the sensitive skin, and so far no reactions to it. As mentioned, it has been placed on certain areas, but for her its been face, around neck front and back and hands only. Her eczema has been very troublesome at the moment with the hot weather, so I have been keeping her cool but covered where possible, as she has been scratching her skin like mad to the point shes been making herself bleed. The only area that this product has been on where she does suffer from eczema is an area underneath her chin and just above her neck. Cant avoid this area as its so close to the face and the sun will catch it especially as she spends so much time in her pram, but the product doesn't appear to be making it worse which is good.

            Would I buy this again? Yes I would. I Think its an affordable product, easy to apply, great idea with the colour element and is completely non existent to see if applied properly. Downside to this though is how regularly you have to reapply. This Im sure is the case for many suncare products, especially those for children. But with that in mind they should come up with a formulation to provide protection for a longer period of time, and also something that you don't have to apply 15minutes before going into the sun. Doesn't sound like a long time, but when the clock is ticking and your rushing in the morning to drop kids off on the school run, that 15 minutes before rule can easily be missed and forgotten about. So for those last few reasons, I have to knock off one point on my rating for this product.


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