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Asda SPF30 Sun System Lotion

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5 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Sun Lotion / UV Protection Factor: SPF 30

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    5 Reviews
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      27.06.2013 17:26
      Very helpful



      A good value sun cream that does as good a job as the rest

      Asda SPF 30 Sun System Lotion

      A must for any traveller, sun cream is a holiday essential and unfortunately is often very expensive. So when I went on my travels last year I decided to give Asda's own brand sun cream a go. I do not mind what sun cream I use as a rule so long as it does what is it supposed to, that is protect me from getting sunburnt and from harmful UV rays.

      The Product

      The Asda sun cream containers are bright yellow in colour and made of a flexible plastic material. The bottle is slightly curved shape which is good for gripping the bottle and squeezing the sun cream out of. There is a white plastic strip below the flip open cap of the bottle which is sturdy and secure so the cream shouldn't leak in your bag while you are carrying it around. The top and bottom of the bottle are flat so that the lotion can be stood up. This bottle holds 200 ml of sun cream

      The bottle has the Asda branding boldly on the front and the SPF 30 label which can be clearly seen. This is described as High sun protection, living in Scotland now I need to use a higher sun cream when I go on holiday! The bottle also states the products benefits which includes being water resistant, moisturising for up to 12 hours and dermatologically tested. All of the ingredients are on the back of the bottle as well as application information.


      I love the smell of sun cream, it brings back so many wonderful holiday memories and good times. The Asda SPF 30 cream smells like any other, slightly fragrant and sun creamy is the only way I can describe it! The cream is a bright clean white colour and quite runny, especially if it has been lying in the sun or exposed to heat. To use this properly you should apply the sun cream to exposed skin at least fifteen minutes before you go into the sun so that it has time to soak into your skin.

      I apply this very liberally when I am on my holidays as I find that sunburn really ruins my overall experience. This rubs in and is absorbed into my skin fairly easily especially if my skin is dry. When you have already been in the sun and are a bit sweaty/oily it is harder to absorb. Asda states that this sun cream can provide up to 30 times the skin's natural protection against sunburn when the instructions are followed. It also contains vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant that helps protect against skin cell damage caused by free radicals on skin.

      Overall Opinion

      In my (not so) expert opinion this SPF 30 sun cream does as good a job as any sun cream on the market, it passes and follows all of the sun protection regulations and I find it protects and hydrates my skin well in the sun. This is much cheaper than leading brands of sun cream currently costing £3.50 or two bottles for £6 which is great value and I will be purchasing for my trip to Portugal next month!


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      09.06.2012 22:07
      Very helpful



      Does the job.

      I always wear sun protection without fail after having a couple of moles removed off my legs, after noticing changes my dermatologiat thought they could be cancer however I was lucky they wasn't. Ever since I plaster the stuff on. I came to realise I was one of the lucky ones. It makes me cringe seeing people plaster baby oil on and bake in the sun. Don't the silly so and so's realise what risks they are taking?

      The packaging~

      Comes in a yellow tube with thwe Asda logo clearly seen at the top of the tube. It tell sus that it is factor 30 as you may not be aware this is one of the highest factors you can use and is the best to use if you have fair skin like I do. The lotion had a special formular to help prevent age spots and has a DNA and Calagen sheild within the fomular. It contains natural extracts of vitimin E and Green Tea.

      Using it~

      The cream is white in colour and has a citrus scent to it. The cream is rather thick so little goes a long way, however I like to plaster it on to make sure i get the perfect results. I not to keen on this as it is a little too greasy. Rub the said cream to all areas that are exposed to the sun. Make sure you use it even on cloudy or windy days as the sun can still catch you out lol! Always reapply when sweating or been in water. Reapply every couple of hours to make sure you are sun safe. Remember skin cancer can kill always cover up and use sun cream.

      Avialable only from Asda stores or from www.asda.com for around £4.00 a bottle.


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      03.09.2011 12:03
      Very helpful



      sun protection cream

      Asda kids lotion spf 30

      On a recent family holiday, we had to ensure we had creams for the whole family. Although I have never used the Asda range of sun products, the sun cream was recommended by a friend whose son suffers from eczema, and since grandson had mild eczema when very young, I thought it would be a worthy option.

      **The Promises...**

      The product claims to :

      * Be extra water resistant
      * Dermatologically tested
      * Suitable for sensitive skin
      * Provide up to 30 times the skin's natural protection

      **How does it do this?...**

      The product contains a range of ingredients to ensure it is suitable for delicate skin which is not acclimatised to the sun. UVA and UVB filters provide protection against premature skin ageing, there are moisturisers to prevent skin drying and Vitamin E to protect against skin damage.

      **Product and Packaging...**

      The cream comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with all of the information and instructions on the back. It has a flip up/down lid and the cream is dispensed by giving the bottle a bit of a squeeze. The cream itself is white and thick with a very faint floral smell which surprised me as I thought it would be odourless. Because it is a thick cream, a little does go a long way and it takes quite a lot of massaging into the skin before the cream is fully absorbed.

      **How to use it...**

      It is advised that the product is applied 15 minutes before sun exposure, 15 minutes later and then every 1-2 hours especially after swimming.


      There are a number of warnings most of which are common sense, and which include:

      * Avoid contact with fabrics as the filters could stain
      * Avoid the midday sun

      **Price and Availability...**

      The cream costs £5 for 200ml and is available instore and online


      Asda will apparently refund money if not satisfied with the product so it's a win win situation!

      The product conforms to all of the European regulations about UVA and UVB rays and our use of the product has convinced me that this will indeed be true.

      It does take some rubbing in but once absorbed it prevented any burning and kept his skin moisturised- not even any redness or heat rash. Because he has sensitive skin we did try out the product before we came away and even when used and applied in the sun, there were no adverse skin reactions.

      Reasonably priced, and effective, I would recommend this

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      26.04.2011 15:55
      Very helpful



      A great buy!

      With all of the hot weather we have been experiencing lately I decided I needed to invest in some new sun protection lotion. As with most people I tend to buy some use a little then shove it in the back of a cupboard somewhere until I find it then realise it has probably gone off! Sun lotion normally has a long shelflife of 2-3 years as long as it is stored in a cool, dark place. However like most people I tend to forget this and leave it in my beachbag in the sun, or on my garden table. For this reason I prefer to purchase a new one each year.

      How do sunscreens work?

      Sunscreens work in different ways to protect us against the rays of the sun. They can have a chemical or physical sun filter or have a mixture of the two.

      Chemical filters; penetrate the skin and absorb the sun's rays so they don't reach down into the lower layers of skin and cause damage.

      Physical filters; lay a thin membrane on top of the skin that reflects the sun's rays back. A physical filter is often slightly coloured, such as zinc oxide which is white.

      A sun lotion that protects against both ultraviolet type B (UVB) radiation and ultraviolet type A (UVA) radiation offers the best protection. These creams are called 'broad spectrum' sunscreens.

      Some chemical filters only provide protection against the UVB radiation of the sun, while others protect against both UVB and UVA radiation.

      Physical sun filters protect against both the UVB and UVA rays of the sun.

      Bearing this information in mind I checked several lotions in my local Asda. The Asda lotion costs just £3 and contains 200ml. The bottle is bright yellow in colour and it clearly displays the SPF factor, each bottle also states if the protection is low, medium or high. Factor 30 is rated as high. I was impressed that the bottle was rated 5 star for UVA and UVB protection, some other more expensive brands were only 3-4 stars.

      I also remember seeing a TV programme which had tested different brands and I remembered Asda came out with great reviews. The programme actually found that the bottle contained a higher SPF than claimed on the bottle which can only be a good thing!

      The factor that you chose largely depends on your skin type, I have pale skin which tans easily but can burn if i'm not careful so I always choose a high factor. There is nothing worse than the agony of sunburn and walking around looking like a lobster!

      Asda lotion offers;

      * UVB FILTERS - provide up to 30 times the skin's natural protection against sunburn when instructions are followed.

      * UVA FILTERS - provide protection against premature skin ageing caused by the sun.

      * PHOTOSTABLE SYSTEM - maintains the level of protection between applications.

      * WATER RESISTANT - protects your skin even while swimming.

      * 12 HOUR MOISTURISING FORMULA - combats the drying effects of the sun by rehydrating the skin for up to 12 hours, leaving the skin supple and soft.

      * VITAMIN E - this anti-oxidant helps protect against skin cell damage caused by free radicals on skin.

      * ADVANCED FORMULA - rubs in easily


      To ensure maximum protection you need to use an egg cup sized amount, this guidance is based on an averaged sized adult. You need to apply it for 30 minutes before going out in the sun, and then at intervals of about 2 hours. Or you should always reapply after swimming.

      The Asda lotion has a pleasant smell. The consistency is thick and creamy. One of the things I noticed was how well it absorbed. I have in the past found that some lotions leave a white chalky residue on the skin. It left my skin with a slight sheen so it looked moisturised but not greasy. I followed the instructions on the lotion and I didn't burn over the whole Easter weekend despite swimming in the sea and being out for long periods.

      I would recommend this to anyone looking to save money. The Asda cream is cheaper than other brands and very reliable. I have today purchased the childrens version for my baby daughter and will review that at a later date.


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      09.06.2010 11:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      UV rays are well-known to cause skin cancer, increase ageing and may cause eye problems such as cataracts, so we all know we should make some attempt to protect our skin yet not all of us do. Sadly that includes me! I have naturally tanned skin and the worst burning I ever get is a bit red with flaking, but even that is rare, so I never adapted the habit of wearing sun screen. Recently, though, I have noticed small freckles appearing on my arms which were never there before, so I became concerned over the effects of UV rays.

      As someone who doesn't buy sun screen, I was shocked at just how much it costs (surely it's not that innovative by now?). I bought this sunscreen from Asda for a mere £2.97, or two for a fiver. I got SPF 30 despite having tanned skin as it was recommended for the holiday I was going on. It comes in a opague yellow bottle with a flip lid on the bottom which is good so all the sunscreen goes to the bottom. It claims to provide both UVA and UVB protection, is water resistant, moisturises for up to 12 hours and contains vitamin E.

      The lotion is very thick and a slight yellowy colour. It spreads quite easily and you don't need very much to adequately cover your arms. As for the smell, well it smells like sun screen but not the nice kind, it has a bit of a musty smell. It's not great really and I was somewhat selfconscious of wearing it as the smell doesn't fade! Unfortunately it leaves a greasy residue which makes yours arms feel slightly sticky, but I personally think most sun screens do that. However I would never wear it on my face because of that!

      Despite it's "12-hour moisturising" we're asked to reapply every 1-2 hours especially after swimming (so it's not that water resistant!) so you'd probably get through quite a lot if you applied it all over. However because it's so cheap you know you won't be breaking the bank! Therefore I think this product is great for anyone who uses a lot of sun screen and it's suitable for all members of the family.

      As for the actual protection I'm afraid I can't really judge because I never burn! However it does say on the back that Asda's formula's conform to European recommendation for protection against UV rays.

      Overall I think this a decent product for anyone who wants to save a bit of money. It does the job and for that price you can't really complain.

      Thanks for reading - all dooyoo miles received get donated to the WWF so all rating are appreciated and will be returned!


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