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Avene Cleanance High Protection Sunscreen

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Brand: Avene / Type: Sun Care / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      29.07.2013 11:49
      Very helpful



      Just make sure your skin is damp before rubbing in to avoid irritation.

      ***Why I want the product***
      Being careful in the sun is important to me mostly due to the high risk of skin cancer these days and because I am so fair with broken capillaries due to not wearing sun protection in the past while in the UK and thinking it is okay to go without.
      Most moisturisers and foundations now have built in SPF in them but would you be surprised to know that the SPF is not a high enough content and tends to fade quickly while on the skin and not meant to last all day? To get adequate protection from a SPF moisturiser you would have to re-apply throughout the day and this is not always possible and of course there is the expense. This is why I have been using sunscreens as moisturisers for years even in winter.

      Even though I have been using my La Roche Posay sunscreens on my face for years and like them very much I wanted a change to see if my skin and I liked something new, I automatically wondered to my favourite and a trusted brand of mine called Avene. Since I had my daughter five years ago my skin decided to take a turn for the worse and likes to breakout if I try something new but because the sunscreen from Avene I saw is formulated for acne prone skin types I thought I would be okay.

      ***About Avene***
      Avene is a French brand that is dedicated to each level of skin care including sensitivity, intolerant to allergic skin. Each of Aven's products contain Avene Thermal Spring Water that is unique whose properties have been endorsed by dermatologists for years.

      ***About the product***
      The product of choice is called Avene Cleanance High Protection SPF 30 For Acne Prone Skin. This high sunscreen offers a high board spectrum of UV protection using a combined ingredients including SunSitive protection. It is photoprotective complex and is stable for extended period of time. Offers protection against UVB, short and long UVA rays. Pre-tocopheryl, which is vitamin E a power anti-oxidant, protects the skin cells from free radicals. Of course it is rich in Thermal Spring Water, which means this product is soothing and has anti-irritation properties packed inside. Zinc gluconate soothes the skin and with the oil regulating properties of Cucurbita pepo to give a lovely matte finish.
      Our sunscreen is very water resistant with its fluid and light texture helps to moisturise.

      Avene SPF 30 for Acne prone skin comes in a bright orange rectangle cardboard box that is hard to miss yet recognisable as a Avene product when in the shelves in a pharmacy or boots. The front of the box tells you what you are purchasing while the back states about the product and how to use it correctly.

      The sunscreen itself comes in a toothpaste type bottle that sits on its see through lid. Again sporting the bright orange design that is very summary and gives a lovely feeling just from a 50ml bottle. The opaque white pump action measures how much product is needed for the facial area.

      ***Sun safety first***
      As with all sunscreens apply ten to thirty minutes before sun exposure and apply frequently throughout the day especially more so with sunscreens applied to the body due to rubbing, sweating and or swimming.
      Sun should be avoided between 12 noon and 4pm as this is when the sun is at its highest.

      *** Applying the product, and how it feels ***
      Squeezing out one pump to my finger tips I am greeted with an opaque white liquid that is thicker than what I am used to. The scent smells like sun protection but not too in my face. Spreading my fingers together I am pleased to see the product glides smoothly and with ease. Taking the product to my dry face I am quickly to realise the product does not glide on as smoothly as I was first lead to believe. Even though it is light in texture it also dries quickly and leaves white marks if you are not quick to rub in. I also found applying this product to a dry face meant I was rubbing harder than I wanted and if felt like I was irritating my skin by rubbing so hard. If you are also not quick enough the product leaves white marks but they can be rubbed back into the skin no problem but just with a little more effort.
      Realising one pump is not enough for my whole face let alone my neck as well I applied some more to the parts I missed, paying extra attention to the corner of my eyes and tops of my cheeks where I am prone to redness and sensitivity. Avene SPF 30 on contact did not irritate or sting my skin; in fact it felt soothing and hydrating.
      Avene state on the back of the packaging that seven pumps of product is required for the face and neck area of an adult, personally I feel this is a lot of product even if it is sun safety first.

      Although Avene SPF 30 is a thicker texture than what I am used to, given five minutes and it has sunk in leaving a semi-matte finish. Luckily the sunscreen smell has disappeared. Now I am able to apply a light layer of makeup over the top.

      ***How did it feel throughout the day?***
      Because I applied the product to my face and with makeup on I am not prepared to re-apply throughout the day as it is not practical and this would irritate my skin further so I rely on a good sunscreen that I can only apply once. Throughout the day I felt like my skin was protected and did not require topping up.

      In terms of the longevity claims and the water resistance I can say is true, even after perspiring or my face getting oily throughout the day Avene SPF 30 stayed put, but I would re-apply if I rubbed my face or excess chaffing via clothes/towels etc.

      Throughout the whole time of using this SPF, which has been around two months even through the hot UK weather that we have recently had, with only one layer a day I received no skin redness due to the sun and no irritation as the days went on.
      I have found after cleansing, it is better to apply SPF 30 straight after my toner when my skin is still damp, I found this way there is no pulling of the skin thus no irritation. The product glides on smoother and feels gentler; I also found the product to sink in quicker.

      ***How easy is it to remove?***
      With water resistant sunscreens it is understandable that they can be difficult to remove as they are meant to stay on the skin, but I have found using my usual milk cleanser twice is enough to remove without leaving any residue behind that can clog pores.

      ***Price and availability***
      I have found SPF 30 to be difficult to get hold of but you can still purchase the same product in SPF 30. However, I did find SPF 30 on Amazon.co.uk for £12.65

      ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
      It is a lovely sunscreen from Avene and one that I enjoyed using but I do not like the way it is applied onto dry skin, if it enough to make any sensitive skin irritated unless my skin is damp then it glides on lovely. It is great that I have only applied it once a day for great protection and it is easily removed at night. I am also very happy to report this product did not break me out and proved to be a lovely base for makeup without is sliding off through the day.

      ***Would I purchase again?***
      I would do if I had to but right now I think I will stick to my La Roche Posay.


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