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Babyliss Beach Bronze Salon Tanning System

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Tan / What it does: Smoothes, Tans, Bronzes,

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    6 Reviews
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      30.01.2015 19:25
      Not Helpful




      I love this tanning machine, it work so well and is small so it doesn't take up too much room, lovely even flawless results. Not a bad thing to say about it.


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      24.04.2011 12:03
      1 Comment



      Overall 7/10

      I had this tanning machine bought for me as a present, It is a very small machine so it dosnt take up too much space, All the accesories that go with it fits together nicely so you dont have to store each part seperatly. It includes the tanning machine, 4 x 75ml Beach Bronze Tanning solution, 1 x 50ml Beach Bronze Body Smoother, tanning screen, a bottle stand, 2 nozzles - medium for face and broad for body, Storage pouch and instructions.
      The retail price is about £30.00 and you can get the refill pack for £20.00 but i found that the tanning solution was orange and cheap looking and you only got small bottles for a large price so whenever i used my tanning machine i used a differant tanning solution and most tanning solutions will fit the spray nozzle.
      The tanning machine is very easy and simple to put together although you do have to clean it after every use and when you have just finished your tan and the parts are so small you dont want to be getting water everything because you tan will streak and that is a downside.
      It makes a really noisey vibrating sound when you use it but it's bareable, Overall if you find a tanning solution that you like the tanning machine is a very good buy, another downfall to the tanning machine is that if your wanting to do hard to reach places like your back etc it is very hard to use because you can't tilt the spray because it'll leak and plus you can't see what your doing. Lol.
      I would deffinatly recommend this tanning machine if your only using it for easy to reach places or if you can get help. =)


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        08.05.2010 23:55
        Very helpful



        read review

        I have spray tans done at the salon, but i find my face is never quite dark enough for my liking, also as a spray tan starts to wear of the face is generally the first part of the body to lighten along with the hands.

        So i decided to buy a small tanning machine just to use for my face, neck and chest.
        I did not research this machine i just happened to see it on Ebay for £11 so i thought I'd give it a go, i was shocked to see it in a store retailing for £50.

        THE MACHINE:

        When the machine first arrived i was quite surprised at how small it actually is, however everything is very compact and neat.
        With the machine came 4 bottles of spray solution, a stand to hold the spray solution in whilst spraying yourself and an exfoliator
        There are two different nozzles which you attach to the spray pen (medium for smaller parts of your body and broad for larger parts of the body)

        The solution is terrible unless you like the orange patchy look,so i would recommend pouring that down the sink but be sure to keep the bottles as they are the only size that will screw in to the spray pen.
        For spray solution i recommend you search ebay, once you have a solution just pour that in to the babyliss bottles and your good to go.


        The machine itself is quite loud once you turn it on, it makes almost a vibrating noise which can be rather annoying but you'll get used to it.
        The spray pen is attached to the machine via a wire, i feel the wire is a little to short to have the machine on the floor so i tend to keep it up on a side whilst giving myself a spray tan.

        I don't use this machine for my body as i prefer to get my tans done at a salon but i do use it on my face, neck and chest just to top my tan up.
        If you do plan on using this machine for your body i recommend you have an extra person to help you for them hard to reach places like the back of the legs, back etc.

        As they say practice makes perfect and this is defiantly the case with the machine, it will take a couple gos to get the hang of it so don't be surprised if your first few tans go a little patchy, they also include instructions with the machine which gives you tips on how to spray yourself so i would recommend reading them.

        Be sure to exfoliate, shave and cream your body the day before you plan on doing a spray tan, exfoliating gets rid of old and dry skin which will help your tan go on smoother.
        Pay special attention to your knees and elbows when creaming as these areas tend to dry out easily.
        Also you should exfoliate gently every time you bath as this will help the tan even.

        The machine gives great even coverage and it wont go patchy unless your spraying yourself wrong so i would recommend spending a little time practicing with it but once your used to using it you'll look like a bronzed goddess.


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          22.12.2009 12:31
          Very helpful



          Can work brillantly when used with the right stuff.

          "*"*"*"*" My First Experience With This Was Not So Pleasant "*"*"*"*

          The first time that I bought this was ages ago! It cost double the price that it does now and it was the first tanning system that I had ever used. I remember rather excitedly unpacking it from the large box it came in. I was really looking forward to using it and was naive enough to be expecting perfect results from the first application. Seeing as it was a "tanning system" and I ordinarily just used tubes of Rimmel's Sun Shimmer. I thought it would be a very good investment and that it would be even better than the tanning products I used previously. (sort of like a upgrade) Well, at the time I did not even consider the things that I have realised about it now. It was not long into owning the system that it decided to give up the ghost. It just stopped and sort of croaked it lol! When I tried to spray from the airbrush pen absolutely nothing came out.

          "*"*"*"*" The Tanning Solution Urgh! "*"*"*"*"

          Now is the part when I speak of the tanning solution. What was BabyLiss thinking? Given how brilliantly the system works or worked (before my last one conked out.) You would really think they would include "quality" tanning solution with their "quality" tanning system. Why produce such a great product and then fail on what I would think to be the easiest part to get right? Well the result of their bad choice in tanning solution was that I went a rather unflattering shade of orange. I was far from pleased! On the box it states that this is for a natural, streak free tan. Natural...yeah right! The solution provided "in my opinion" is definitely not one to use.

          The only thing it is good for is the bin! Actually even that is debatable because I do not think the poor bin would deserve to have something so awful threw into it. And, to think when buying it I was thinking how great it was that you get four bottles of the stuff. Another problem is that they tell you their solution is "quick drying." No it is not! The Body Smoother that you get with it has nice little cleansing beads inside it and is not too bad at all! However it has the same ghastly smell that the tanning solution has. And, I do not know about you. But, when I get a spray tan I don't want to run around spraying myself with perfume every ten minutes to hide its unpleasant odour. I have more commonly heard body smoothers referred to as exfoliator's. You are instructed to use it to prepare your skin for the spray tan. Well, you will probably need it more for removing the awful stuff if you decide to use it.

          "*"*"*"*" Sounds Like One To Avoid! (But is it really?) "*"*"*"*"

          Surprising as it may be the answer to that is no. Because, the system itself (when it actually decides to work) does so brilliantly! The problem is not in the system because many people have had the same one and it has lasted and lasted for them. I was just unlucky that my one conked out. This actually has potential to be brilliant and to save you money as well. The only problem is the tanning solution provided and I have a solution for the "solution" lol!

          "*"*"*"*" Buying It For A Second Time "*"*"*"*"

          I was on Amazon and was deciding between two systems. Those being this one and the other which was actually more of a spray gun than a system. I had used this and had not used the other. So, I ordered the one I had not used before and waited and waited but there was no sign of it. I contacted the seller and asked why I had not received my item and I got a refund without any explanation as to why. With my refund I decided to get this one again. However, I did things differently this time Knowing how awful the solution provided with it is. I was really not sure about purchasing it again.

          But, then I had an idea! I thought what if I buy a tanning solution that I like and empty out the yucky solution they provide. Then replace it with one of my favourites. So, I bought a one litre bottle of ecotan tropical solution and I now refill the bottles that the bad tanning solution was in with good tanning solution. It cost me about £37.99 for a one litre bottle which did seem expensive to pay for it at the time. But, it actually works out miles cheaper than paying for tubes of Sun Shimmer all of the time. Each spray lasts a good week or sometimes longer before fading. So, I was actually right about it being a good investment.

          "*"*"*"*" Using The System With A different Solution "*"*"*"*"

          The tanning solution really was the only "big" problem. Once, I fixed that everything was sorted. I still use my Jan Tana tanning lotion that I reviewed before on days when I can not be bothered with a spray tan. But, on days when I can this works brilliantly! It is very easy to use once you get use to it. The fact that you get two nozzles with it is also a plus. You get one nozzle for spraying your face and another one for spraying your body. This means you get just the right amount of spray required each time you use it. The system is very easily set up and I believe anybody could do it. The instructions provided are also very easy to understand.

          "*"*"*"*" Tip "*"*"*"*"

          Although in the instructions leaflet they advice you to use up and down motions when spraying your legs. Based on my own experience I one hundred percent advice against it. That is unless you want to look like a zebra. Instead always use circular motions and you can not go wrong.

          "*"*"*"*" So What Do You Get? "*"*"*"*"

          I will list below the different things that come along with the system.

          * Professional airbrush compressor
          * Airbrush pen with 2 nozzles - 1 broad and 1 medium
          * 4 bottles of Beach Bronze Solution (75ml)
          * Body smoother
          * Tanning screen
          * Storage pouch
          * Bottle stand

          "*"*"*"*" What Features Does It Have? "*"*"*"*"

          It has an adjustable air pressure dial and that helps make using the system a lot easier. The dial is located on the right hand side of the compressor and is right next to the on/off switch. You can choose between minimum or maximum by moving the dial towards either of those two air pressures that you require. The wire for the plug is also a decent length and that is helpful because it reaches anywhere you need it to. The wire for the airbrush is rather long as well. There is also a place inside the compressor to store your airbrush in. The wire tucks neatly inside it and once you have put it in you just close the lid over. I find that to be a good feature because it makes the system neat and wherever you decide to store it it wont look messy or out of place.

          "*"*"*"*" Good Points "*"*"*"*"

          * The adjustable air pressure dial
          * The fact that you do not have to charge it
          * The reasonable price
          * When used properly and with the right solution it gives great results

          "*"*"*"*" Bad Points "*"*"*"*"

          * Even with the tanning screen it can still be very messy to use
          * The solution they provide is poor
          * The sound of the compressor

          "*"*"*"*" Overall "*"*"*"*"

          I am going to give it three stars and I have to knock two off. Because, I think it is a inconvenience that you have to buy a different solution to get satisfactory results. In my opinion the solution they provide should be of as good quality as everything else that came with it. The solution smells rotten and I was happy to pay for the ecotan as a nice smelling, better coloured alternative to it. I get quite irritated by the sound of the compressor as well because it is rather annoying. I also find that even though they supply you with the tanning screen which is great. It is sometimes very hard to get the screen to stay put and even with it you will probably still make a mess because the solution always seems to escape from the bottle. Whats even worse is that when you replace it with another solution and you have to pour that solution into those tiny bottles it is very difficult to do that without making a complete mess. On a more positive note I do recommend it because it can give very good results if it is used properly and with a decent tanning solution. Keep in mind what I mentioned about using a circular motion and you will get the results you desire.

          "*"*"*"*" Price "*"*"*"*"

          This can be gotten for £29.99 on Amazon.


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            03.08.2009 22:26
            Very helpful



            Very natural look especially good for pale people

            I bought this spray tanner at full price (£60) a year or so ago and didn't use it but with the warnings about using sun beds being proved more and more me and a friend decided to try it out last weekend.

            I must say that I will never have a sun bed again! I am very pale and don't tan, my friend tans and was already a bit brown.

            We started with our legs as it says to in the booklet provided. This ended up being the hardest bit of our bodies to do. It is best to keep the applicator moving to avoid product build up. If it goes wrong you can just dab the area and re-do. The easiest part to apply was our stomach and back. We found it best to slowly turn round while the person applying the tan stayed on the spot. This created a even and seamless look.

            The results on my friend made her look bronzed and coloured the parts of her body that do not often get the sun to make a more even look. The results on myself took the redness out of my skin and put some colour in. Another friend said I looked glowing and healthy which is the look I was going for.

            I would recommend applying a second coat the day after the first as some does come off in the shower. This system is especially good for pale people as it is not overpowering and looks natural.

            The only things that I would fault is that the bottle does leak a bit and does build up on the floor so you need old towels or a sheet to cover the floor and any soft furnishings. Best to use it in the bathroom or kitchen with laminate flooring.


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            11.01.2009 18:50
            Very helpful



            Some great deals on purchasing these at the moment ready for summer!

            I bought this from ebay last summer for an amazing £18.00 (second hand but unused) they usually retail around £45.00 - £55.00 and can be purchased from Boots, Argos or online stores such as Amazon and Ebay.

            As at 11/10/09 these are on offer with amazon for £21.00! This is an excellent buy if you are looking to purchase one.

            **Babyliss Beach Bronze Salon Tanning System***
            Claims the following:-

            1.Easy to use salon tanning system for a natural, streak free tan all year round

            2. Salon airbrush technology with professional compressor unit
            Suitable for all-over body and facial use

            3. Includes 4 x 75ml Beach Bronze Tanning Solution (enough for at least 4 applications) as used in salons by professionals, and 1 x 50ml Beach Bronze Body Smoother (this is the exfoliator which you need to use before you self tan).

            4. Create your own tanning zone with the tanning screen provided

            5. Includes a bottle stand for added convenience during use

            6. Even, streak free results

            7. 2 nozzles - medium for face and broad for body

            8. Storage pouch

            9. 2 year manufacturer's guarantee

            ****Before you begin*****
            Have a shower and exfoliate (there is some included in the pack but I would recommend you buy some as this may not last very long... a good one is Lush Ocean facial scrub).

            Make sure you exfoliate your whole body and face paying particular attention to any dry areas such as elbows, feet and knees.

            Dry off as usual.

            ****Setting up****
            Is easy and convenient it really is just a case of attaching the nossel you need to use (one for face one for body) and attaching the liquid.

            I would recommend getting someone to help you to do the tanning as it can be difficult to reach some areas eg your back and backs of legs.

            Dont forget to put up the screen otherwise you are going to get self tan everywhere. I usually do this standing in the bath so that I rinse of the self tan that gets on the tiles/ bath straight after.

            ****Lets go***
            Plug in the compressor and off you go. There are specific instructions included on how to tan your body as they recommend different techniques for different areas of the body.

            ****Be under no illusion****
            Tanning takes a bit of practice and you are not going to get a perfect result first time.

            But if you can be patient then its worth it in the end.

            is very good, once you have mastered a good technique, getting someone to help you is the key! Of course this needs to be someone you are comfortable to show off your whole body to!!!

            The tan lasted a good 7-10 days and was a great even golden tanned colour.

            Dont forget to clean your nossels or they will clog up but this only takes a couple of minutes under warm running water.

            Very cost effective as even when purchasing refills each whole body tan will only cost you around £2-3 compared to a salon tan which can cost around £20-25.

            Easy to use but your technique may take a few times to master before you are happy with the result.

            The machine can be noisy as it is a compressor, but they are all like this.

            The instructions are concise and clear and set out comprehensively how to achieve good results.

            Overall, I can recommend this product as producing salon results at home, with a bit of practice.


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          • Product Details

            Easy to use Salon airbrush technology / 4 x 75ml Beach Bronze Tanning Solution as used in salons by professionals / 1 x 50ml Beach Bronze Body Smoother for preparation / Tanning screen / 2 nozzles /

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