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Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray

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Brand: Banana Boat / Type: Tanning Oil / Subcategory: Spray / Further Category: Tan / What it does: Tans,

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    5 Reviews
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      08.04.2011 15:16
      Very helpful



      lovely product i cant live without

      Banana Boat is a very well known brand of tanning oil. They do not really make sun cream as such but I find that they are very good for a deep tan, containing aloe vera, vitamin A and vitamin E.
      This product is very low protection at SPF4 so I would advice steering clear if you are very pale or prone to sunburn! There is a gorgeous blend of exotic oils and it smells of banana which is gorgeous!

      As you can see from the image, the bottle is dark brown with a red spray lid. It is very easy to apply. The bottle is 236ml which lasted me the whole 7 days,applying 3 times a day. All ingredients and information is on the back with product name, SPF factor and an image on the front.
      I would re-apply it after swimming as the oil seems to come off, and keep applying throughout the day to ensure you do not burn. Although, I used a higher factor on my face as burn is really not a good look!

      I am not sure whether this is intentional from the product or just my skin but I found it to be very moisturising. Although incredibly oily which makes you look shiny in the sun! haha!
      I purchased my bottle (along with their aloe vera gel) from fragrancedirect.co.uk for £2.99. I feel that this is quite reasonable as it does last quite a long time. You can also purchase it from various supermarkets and online shops. Boots do stock banana boat but my local ones did not have this exact product.

      I would recommend this product after the first couple of days of your holiday. I prefer using a high factor to build a base tan before using this as I tend to turn a very pretty shade of lobster! It is by far my favourite product as it gave me a deep gorgeous tan that was the envy of my friends for many weeks.


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      13.03.2011 23:46
      Very helpful



      I couldn't recommend this, unless you want to be a chip off the old block

      We bought some of this on holiday in Egypt last year. We had taken with us copious supplies of nice creamy Cien sun cream from Lidl - very good value and rubs in a treat. However, my wife decided with 4 days to go that it was doing too good a job and she just wasn't going brown enough.

      So, off we toddle to the souvenir shop just outside the hotel where we found this stuff, which my wife recalled having used in Barbados many years ago. It was only a small bottle, with a SPF of only 4, but we only had a few days to go so for my wife it was a case of splashing this thin dark brown liquid all over her body and gently frying in the hot Egyptian sun. She is annoyingly olive-skinned and tans really easily on a low factor oil such as this, although she moisturises for Britain to part compensate for offering up skin sacrifices to the gods.

      I am much fairer in complexion and my experience of using this is that it just didn't stop me from burning, even after several and repeated applications. Unlike the cream product which I felt provided a good barrier against the sun's strong rays, this stuff did just seem to baste you like a fat turkey and all the thin skinned bits got frazzled - ankles and knees were the worst for me and a couple of my necks got a bit burnt too.

      Maybe I just wasn't using enough. However, using this product reaffirmed my view that at this low SPF, it just isn't good enough to give adequate protection from the sun. I don't subscribe to the view that we should all stay out of the sun - many of us do like to have a bit of colour to our skin and provided you don't overdo it, I don't see that it does much lasting damage. That said, the medical evidence is strongly stacked against the sun worshipper so to me it makes sense to use a decent sun protection product and let our natural melanin do the bulk of the work. Light brown is better than dark brown for us Palefaces.

      So in summary, I think this Banana Boat product is dangerously ineffective for most of us and I wouldn't buy it again. It will make a good job of shallow frying your hash browns though. A splash of Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce will take away the perfumed taste.


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        26.01.2011 14:27



        I would reccomend this oil if you're looking to get a great tan

        When i went on a summer holiday to Tenerife for a fortnight i really wanted to make sure that i came home with a tan that people would notice, which is why i decided to buy a tanning oil to take with me. I found it quite hard deciding which one to buy as there are so many available in the shops of various types and all with various price tags.

        If i'm honest the reason i went for this one in the end was because i liked the name Banana Boat! It cost £8 which wasn't the cheapest one on the shelf but it wasn't the most expensive either so i expected it to be of a faily decent standard. I was a bit concerned about the tanning oil making my skin really greasy, but fortunately that wasn't the case with this spray and it just left a light mist on me. Even when i got some of it on my clothes and bikinis it didn't stain or anything.

        This oil has a true tropical "holiday" smell too which is nice, it has a very small SPF 6 so it isn't really protective enough to stop you from burning and if this is the only protection your going to be using you will find you will have to keep applying it a lot.

        Most importantly, i was pleased with the results this tanning oil had, it really helped build my tan and it made a noticeable differenct to the tan i normally get after a 2 week holiday in the sun. My tan seemed to last a lot longer after my holiday too. This banana boat tanning oil will always be an essential in my suitcase for my future holidays!


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        21.01.2009 06:28
        Very helpful



        ...see review..

        Okay so every year i make a promise to myself that i will cover my skin from head to toe in clothing and slather on sunscreen every few hours to protect myself from the sun. I am deathly afraid of all the negative properties that the sun can do to my skin including pre-mature aging and risks of skin cancer, therefore i am slightly ashamed to be writing this review of tanning oil. However, i never seem to keep this promise to myself as i usually end up back in the sun baking like a chicken till i look as close to done as you can imagine.

        I love the sun and even moreso, i love being tanned. So last year when i found out that i was going on two trips, one to cuba and one to the south of france, i was ecsatic. At first i contemplated getting a spray tan done before i left for my trip, and i even thought about bringing self-tanner along with me, but i didn't want to deal with the hassle of having it run all over the bedsheets, and plus i didn't want to waste any of my 'relaxation time' on putting on self-tanner when i was supposed to be enjoying myself. So needless to say i went back to my tried and true favorite item that i had never been without on any summer vacation. I drove right over to my local drugstore to pick up my old friend 'Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil' I bought one with spf 8 and one with spf 4. I have always been a HUGE fan of these tanning oils because they smell so delicious, a vacation was not a vacation without the smell of an island in a bottle(my only way to describe the scent) The bottle costs about £6.99 and the spray bottle is fantastic to spray anywhere you want to apply it without it spilling all over. I then packed the bottles in my luggage and placed them in a plastic bag to avoid spills or leakage, which is a handy tip to remember.

        When i arrived in cuba the heat was sweltering and the sky was clear. I was just itching to lay under the hot golden sun and start working on my tan, but i made the immediate mistake of not waiting a day or two using regular spf 15-30 before gettign straight to the oil. I sprayed the oil all over me and the smell was just divine, i also love the way it makes my skin look on the beach all glistening. My horrible mistake though was that going from a canadian spring to a cuban summer and attempting to use only an spf 8 was a disaster. I ended up turning beet red and spending a sleepless night with ice packs all over my skin. This is very bad for the skin and especially increases skin cancer risks. I was in so much pain that i spent the next day on the beach wrapped in a towel with a huge hat on.

        The third day of my trip i decided to use only an spf 15 and kept my tanning time to a minimal to get my skin used to the sun again. On the 4th day i spent half a day using the spf 15 and the other half a day i used the spf 8 tanning oil. My skin was now used to the sun and i was getting quite a nice colour. For the rest of the trip i alternated between the banana boat spf 4 and 8 and watched my gorgeous tan develop. The product lasts fairly long on the skin, but it MUST be re-applied after swimming and towel drying because it practically melts off in the water. However the oil itself lasts long on the skin when tanning, but it must be re-applies every couple of hours in order to ensure that the spf is still active.

        I loved the way the oil made my skin feel like butter and it smelled delicious for hours afterwards. The product contains moisturizing ingredients and ' super rich blend of exotic oils, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin A and E, nourishes your skin. ' It helps to keep my skin soft and smooth and hydrated for hours without clogging my pores or irritating my sensitive skin. My the time i was ready to leave for home i had a beautiful golden brown tan and less peeling than both of my friends who came along with me (they used spf 4 the entire trip).

        I was thrilled with the gorgeous colour that i had achieved and the suppleness of my skin which i believe i could not have achieved without this dark tanning oil. I brought the product along with me to france as well and continued to improve my tan which gave me the skin of a bronzed goddess by the end of the summer. I know that skin cancer and the damaging effects of the sun are a good reason for people not to be baking in it, however i do notintend to influence people to use this product if they have never used it before or have a family history of skin cancer.

        I want to make it clear that tanning is not healthy, and i am only providing my experience on the product for people who already enjoy natural tanning. For people with very fair skin, or those who burn easily, i do not advise using this product or atleast postponing use of this product until you have gotten use to the sun and have used spf 15-30 for awhile.


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          18.10.2008 10:52
          Very helpful



          A satisfactory tanning oil but too oily for my liking!

          - What is it?-

          ~SPF 4
          ~ Gives a deep dark tan with low protection.
          ~ Blend of exotic oils.
          ~ Enriched with aloe vera and vitamins A & E
          ~ Contains moisturising ingredients to help prevent peeling and dryness.

          - Packaging -

          Transparent dark brown bottle with a yellow screw top lid. The oil is dispensed through a push down nozzle and there is also a plastic yellow lid to prevent the nozzle being depressed accidentally.
          236ml bottle.

          - How to use it -

          It's suggested that you spray it generously 15 minutes before sun exposure.
          Re-apply frequently and especially after swimming.

          - My Experience -

          ~ Application ~

          The fine mist spray is good although I had to rub it in after spraying it on my skin in order to ensure an even coverage.

          ~ Packaging ~

          The only disadvantage to this type of spray mist is that the nozzle sometimes became blocked with sand or tiny grains of dirt.
          This is easily unblocked with a toothpick if you have one handy but a nuisance if you don't, like me carry one such instrument round with you!!

          ~ Smell ~

          I was really hoping that this would have a coconut based smell, one of my favourites but it doesn't.
          In fact, it isn't scented at all, a disadvantage from my point of view.

          ~ Texture ~

          No surprises that this oil has a greasy, oily texture and it shines!
          Depending on how dry my skin is, it obviously has different levels of absorbency.

          Unfortunately as with most creams and oils there's no escaping sand attaching itself to you and the oil.

          I could cope with the oily nature of this product on my body but only used it once on my face as I didn't like the greasy feel to it on my face and I tend to use a higher factor on my face.

          - Price & Availability -

          I bought this from Home Bargains for £1.99.
          The website, www.bananaboat.co.uk offers a list of retailers to buy from: Tesco, Superdrug, Wilkinsons. Boots and Matalan.

          - Other Products -

          This dark tanning oil is available in SPF 2, 4 & 6
          There is also a Golen Tanning Blend.

          The website shows children's sun protection and aftersun lotions that are available from this company.

          - Overall -

          A good product for those who have a very deep tan and who aren't averse to a greasy texture.
          Not one of my favourites as it lacked a smell and was a tad too greasy for my liking. However for the price, it moisturised my skin and I didn't burn with it!


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