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Boots No7 Anti Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection SPF30

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Brand: Boots / Type: Sun Protection / Suitable for: Face / UV Protection Factor: SPF 30 / What it does: Protects,

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    3 Reviews
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      28.07.2011 19:21
      Very helpful



      A good summer product.

      Being a sufferer of hyper pigmentation and a rabid healthy lifestyle enthusiast, I wear some level of spf year round. In the winter I wear a moisturiser with an spf of 15, but in the summer I step up my game a little. This product first came to my attention in the suncare aisle at boots, I noticed it said 'anti-dark spot' and immediately was taken in; a product made specifically to fight sun/age spots is a good call to someone who suffers from them. The fact that I suffer from them at such a young age only means I have to be more proactive.

      This product retails for £11, about the same price as most facial sunscreens, and you get 50ml. It is frequently on offer and boots are always doing £5 off No7 vouchers, so if you have one it works out to be a good deal.

      The appearance and packaging:

      The packaging is yellow, to separate the sun care line of products in No 7 from the rest. As standard the logo of No 7 is printed in golden font and it tells you this product has a high spf of 30. Nothing too exciting, yet it doesn't appear to be cheap or low budget at the same time. One problem I had with the packaging is it's rather difficult to prise the last few globs of product from the tube it resides in; the plastic is too rigid.

      The claims & my own experiences:

      This product claims to 'help' to reduce sun damage and be a 'no shine' lotion; whilst it fails on being no shine, it does reduce sun damage (partially) when used consistently in my own experience. Having said that, I think if you are a mature consumer you will tend to have drier skin and would probably benefit greatly from the moisturising properties of this sunscreen.

      My hyper pigmentation spots have faded considerably whilst using this product- which is another of its claims. I haven't seen an improvement in skin texture, but that could just be because my skin texture is already fine and I'm only in my 20s.

      It states that the mechanism this product uses is a dual-action filter: an antioxidant and a light reflecting sun cream. I think this is a great incorporation into the product as it will probably increase the longevity of the sunscreen (assuming you don't sweat it off)- sunscreens with antioxidants are supposedly more photo stable against free radicals.

      Finally, I'm glad to say there is no white cast to this product. Unlike most sun creams- it will not leave you looking aghast. It's got a yellow base to it which, I presume counteracts the whiteness of the sun care ingredients. This product will be especially good if you have any yellow undertones (like me), as it will melt into your skin (colour wise) naturally. It instead will give you a gorgeous glow.

      To summarise:

      A brilliant sunscreen, but I'm knocking one star off because it isn't shine free. Especially good for those of you with hyper pigmentation, sun damage, and drier skin textures. Try it, particularly if you have a no 7 voucher, because it's frequently on offer.


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        07.06.2010 10:55
        Very helpful



        A great facial sun-care product

        I love the sunshine! Just looking at the clear blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face is an instant mood-booster for me and I like to be out in it whenever I can. Like many people, I feel better about myself when I have a bit of a tan but I try to be careful not to burn so ensure that I am wearing sun protection when out and about.

        Last year, in an attempt to save a bit of money, I didn't bother buying a specific facial sun-care product and instead used the same product (Boots Soltan) on both my face and my body. I hate the stickiness of sun-cream on my face though and I don't think it does my skin any favours either. So, this year I decided to invest in a product that was specifically designed for the face. I had one of the Boots vouchers where you can save £5 on a No.7 product so I opted for the Boots No. 7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection. I've used Boots No. 7 sun products before - back in my pre-children sun-worshipper days I used to use their pre-holiday skin preparation products, the shimmering after-sun and a previous incarnation of their facial suncream, so it seemed like a logical choice for me.

        The product comes in a yellow 50ml tube with a flip-lid at the base. The text on the front promises 'anti-ageing protection from the damaging effects caused by the sun' and it is SPF 30. On the back of the tube, there is a lot more information including the usual warnings to avoid sun exposure between 11am and 3pm, to apply the product 15 minutes before going out in the sun for maximum effectiveness and a recommendation to re-apply the product every 2 hours and after swimming. This is all fairly standard information for sun-protection products.

        However, this promises more than your average sun-protection product. It claims to be a light, easily absorbed no-shine lotion, with a dual action sun filter that reflects damaging light from your skin and acts as a powerful antioxidant against damaging free radicals. It also contains a skin brightening complex to help improve the appearance of skin tone and colour, whilst helping to prevent dark spots and hyper-pigmentation caused by the sun. It is suitable for use under make-up and claims to add instant radiance leaving skin soft, moisturised and smooth, disguising the appearance of fine lines. With claims like this, how could I resist this product?

        So, the big question is, does it actually work? Well, I've been using it for a few weeks now including during the hot spells in the UK and one extremely hot day at Disneyland Paris, and I have to say that I'm impressed. The cream itself is light and creamy and, as promised on the packaging, it is very easily absorbed into the skin. There is no need for excessive rubbing like with some sun-creams and no sticky residue either. It feels more like a moisturiser than a sun-protection product and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after application. It doesn't smell too strong either - there is a subtle hint of that sun-cream smell but nothing over-powering. My skin has now developed a slight tan but I have not burned at all, not even a hint of redness. The freckles which normally put in an appearance at the slightest hint of sun are also conspicuous by their absence so far this year so I'm assuming that is something to do with the elements of the product that prevent hyper-pigmentation. I'm not entirely convinced by the claims that it adds instant radiance - my skin glows a bit more than it did before the sun came out, but I'm pretty sure that is the effect of a light tan rather than being down to the product itself.

        This product costs £10.50 from Boots. It also comes in a SPF 50 version if you need a higher level of protection or an SPF 15 version for those who need slightly less.

        Overall, I would highly recommend this product as it is exactly what I needed for facial sun-care protection. It does a fantastic job of protecting my skin while leaving it feeling soft and moisturised and there is no sticky residue. I don't feel like I am wearing sun-cream on my face and, for me, that is a major benefit of this product. I will definitely be buying it again in the future.


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          31.05.2009 11:39
          Very helpful



          A high quality protective sun cream

          I love having a suntan. Every year starts the same for me. Come April, the minute we have a sunny day, I'm out there in my postage stamp back garden, soaking up any rays making an appearance through the clouds.

          Many years ago, growing up in Australia, I remember a teacher giving us a piece of advice I've never forgotten. She said "always start tanning early in the year, even when it's still cold and do it gradually. This way you get to build up your tan gradually so it will last longer and you're less likely to burn.)

          While I agree this is the best method, unfortunately in this country we seem to see so little of the sun that some of us tend to go a bit mad and 'binge tan' as the latest saying goes. This is not good news in the long term, particularly if you burn. All it takes is just one incidence of sunburn during your life to put yourself at a higher risk of skin cancer.

          Since I subjected my face to a chemical face peel over Christmas, I now need to take extra sun care precautions when venturing out into the sun. However, I don't want to remain ghostly pale and fake tans, while they can be good at providing a bit of colour, don't have that natural look that only the sun can provide.

          ~~~Sun Protection Considerations~~~

          Before purchasing any sun cream, it's important working out the most suitable cream for your skin type. This involves a combination of two factors: your skin type and the amount of time you plan on spending in the sun.


          All suntan creams are given an SPF (sun protection factor) rating. The SPF is a number which provides a guide as to how much protection from the suns UVB rays the sun cream will provide. UVB rays are associated with sunburn and skin cancer.

          SPFs generally range from low protection with an SPF of 4-10, medium 15-25 and high protection 30-50+. The highest SPFs are suitable for those with skin than always burns and never tans as well as fair or light skins that tan slowly or who burn before turning brown. Those with medium skins and who minimally burn can use medium protection and those with dark skin or who rarely burn can use low protection. However, if you're likely to be in the sun for longer than 2 hours you should use a cream with an SPF higher than necessary for your skin type.


          It's not just the UVB rating you should look out for when purchasing a sun cream. UVB rays were once considered to be the most damaging, but scientists now understand that UVA rays may be just harmful. The main concerns with UVA rays include premature ageing and cell damage linked to skin cancer.

          UVA ratings are given a star system with 5 stars providing the highest protection.

          ~~~No. 7 Anti-Dark Spot Credentials~~~

          I chose this particular cream because of the SPF rating and the brand name. My skin does tan easily and I rarely burn but I need high protection for my face. No. 7 is a brand name I trust and have found them to be extremely good. Furthermore, since my skin has begun to show the odd dark spot and suffers from hyper-pigmentation, I liked the idea of a sun screen promising to hinder this process.

          The No. 7 Anti-Dark-Spot facial sun cream has an SPF of 30 (high) along with the maximum 5 star UVA rating.

          The label states this cream will help reduce the signs of sun damage with a dual action sun filter that reflects damaging UV light and acts as a powerful antioxidant. The skin brightening complex is also supposed to help improve the appearance of your skin tone and colour while helping prevent dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

          The cream can be used underneath makeup as you would a regular moisturiser. Being a No. 7 product it also promises to smooth the appearance of fine lines.

          It is hypo-allergenic and water resistant, but you must reapply if you've been swimming.

          ~~~The Packaging~~~

          The sun cream comes in a small 50ml yellow tube with a flip top lid. It's designed to stand on its lid so the cream is always ready to dispense. It clearly states the SPF of 30 on the front and the UVA 5 star rating is shown on the back.

          ~~~What's it Like~~~

          I've been using this cream for a few months now and must say I'm very impressed. The sun cream itself is pale and creamy and a little goes a long way. In fact I often squeeze out too much by mistake and have to use it on other areas of my body such as my neck and hands. It feels nice and soft on my skin and absorbs well. The smell is subtle. Not a perfumed moisturiser type smell and you can tell it's a sun screen.

          This cream does a very good job of protecting my skin. How do I know this? Well, I've been using a factor 15 on the rest of my body which has turned brown. However, my face has remained much paler and I haven't developed the 'millions' of freckles that usually appear when I've been in the sun for a while. It has enabled my face to develop a light tan which I'm actually quite happy with. Also, my skin stays nicely moisturised even after a few hours outside in the strong sun. I've used it underneath foundation and the moisturising qualities are as great as any regular moisturiser.

          Using this sun cream I feel very confident I'm providing the best protection for my face and will buy it again when I've used up this tube.

          If you feel you need greater protection from the sun, this particular sun cream is also produced with an SPF of 50.

          It's available from Boots the chemist stores and online, priced at around £9.50.


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          Face Care / Anti-aging protection from damaging effects caused by sun exposure /

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