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Boots No7 Firm Your Body Toning Sun Protection SPF25

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Brand: Boots / Type: Sun Protection / Suitable for: Body / UV Protection Factor: SPF 25 / What it does: Smoothes, Protects, Firms,

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2009 16:08



      A useless sun cream that made my eyes sting in water and ran off my face

      Do not buy this product or any other sun screen from No7. I am very pale with sensitive skin and red hair. I bought this product from Boots as I had some No7 vouchers to use because I had spent over a certain amount in one transaction. The cashier noticed that I had a lot of Advantage Card points and asked if I was saving up for something special. I explained that we were going away and I was going to buy Sun Tan Lotion she very kindly told me about an offer that the No7 counter had with sun creams reduced to five pounds a bottle and now I know why! I stupidly bought two bottles rather than stick with a more well known brand. I chose waterproof as I knew that we would be doing a lot of swimming. Well I wish I hadn't bothered, I applied my sun cream half an hour before swimming and then went in the pool. Before long my eyes were stinging and my husband notice that the sun cream was running visibly down my forehead. Useless, apart from making my eyes sting it didn't give a good enough protection and I found myself looking pink in various areas of my body.


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      21.07.2008 19:18
      Very helpful



      No7 Toning Skin Protection

      I am very careful about staying safe in the sun. There is a history of skin cancer in my family, I'm naturally very pale, and as a teenager I was burnt quite badly on several occasions, which I am aware increases my chances of developing skin cancer myself, so I always wear factor 25 or above.

      I chose No.7's toning sun protection, as I liked the idea that you could firm any wobbly bits up at the same time as protecting your skin from the sun. It claims that it will smooth orange peel skin and is also water resistant.


      This comes in a tall yellow bottle like the one pictured. It's similar in design to a lot of other products in the No.7 range, and is fairly plain looking. When you remove the lid, the pump from which you dispense the product can be twisted to lock shut, so if you lose the lid, you don't have to worry too much about this spilling in your bag/suitcase.

      ~My experiences of the product~

      I know that we haven't had much sun this year, but I have had a few chances to use this this year, both when I was on holiday in Amsterdam, and a couple of times back home.

      It states to apply the lotion 15 minutes before going outside, and apply using firm, circular strokes to the skin. The lotion is a cream colour, and has that tell-tale sun-tan lotion smell. It's not too strong though, and I actually quite like it, as it reminds me of summer.

      The lotion should be applied liberally and absorbs pretty quickly into the skin, which is good. One quite negative thing about this, is that I find it stays sticky for quite some time after being applied. I can imagine that this could be quite a problem if you were at the beach, as you would probably end up getting sand stuck to you.

      Unfortunately I have not really found that this has had a huge effect on firming my skin. When first applied I did notice a slight tightness to my skin, but that wore off quickly. It could be that you only see the firming effects over time, but as we never seem to have two consecutive days of sun, I don't think I'll ever find out if it works!

      As for protecting against the sun, SPF 25 means that it gives 25 times more protection against the sun, than say SPF 12 which would only give 12 times as much protection. I have never burned whilst using this product.


      This costs £12 for a 200ml bottle and is only available from Boots


      Well this didn't seem to firm my body at all, but it did protect me from the sun, which is the important thing. It was also a little disappointing that it left my skin feeling sticky, and it's slightly pricey, but otherwise great.


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  • Product Details

    Ever so clever suncare / Discover the laziest way to firm your skin / While you enjoy the sunshine, it gets to work helping to smooth orange-peel skin and protects you from both ageing and burning UV rays /

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