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Boots No7 Instant Tan Complexion Pearls

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Brand: Boots / Type: Tanning / What it does: Tans,

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2001 05:53
      Very helpful



      Those of you who have been following my exploits as a single woman will know that there are not many lengths that I will go to snare 'the man', it's just finding him that's the problem..... Last night a date ensued and I spent some time getting ready, good underwear including a bra from Rigby and Peller (the Queens corseteers) and two inches of make up that then made me look completely natural...you know how it is. The top was sufficently low cut to ensure a good eyeful without being too obvious! Last look in the mirror after applying that dab of 'kiss me' perfume and I realised there was something missing.....Rigby and Pellar could only do so much with the goods I had provided and Imy cleveage just wasn't saying "dip in" or words to that affect. Auntys birthday gift of Boots tanning pearls "because you always look so pale dear" came into their own and with a quick stroke of the brush in the right place I was doing a favourable impression of Marilyn Monroe. Amazing what a bit of shading can do. This stuff is great, it's just over £5 and it makes you look naturally tanned without giving that false orange glow that some products do. The balls are all different colours so that it doesn't look too concentrated and you brush your brush around the tub and apply. It's as simple as that. I use it for all over the face, as a subtle eye shadow by using a bit more colour, under the chin and around the boobs for a bit of definition. It seems to last for ever and it doesn't matter what your complexion is (except very dark skins) it looks great on everyone. I have very sensitve skin and have never had any problems with it. Now I know that this should just be for the face but it really doesn't matter as long as you're not trying to get an all over tan! So now I was ready for my date and it all went well. As he excused himself to go to th
      e loo I reapplied my lipstick for a pucker up later on, re dabbed the perfume and checked out the boobs. Not too bad but I needed a quick retouch. After all i didn't want to start off as a 38C and end up as a 36B. It all makes a a difference! No one was taking any notice and we had been sitting in a quiet corner so with a quick swirl of the brush on the beads I swiftly pulled out the top a litle to get the brush into the right places. Unfortunately I had been a bit too enthusiastic with my swirling in the tub and one of the balls had got caught in the brush. As I re shaded my boobs the ball dislodged itself, ran down the middle of my breasts and rolled about at the bottom of my bra. In a panic I pulled my top out even further and got a hand down there desperately trying to get a hand to it to get it out. The balls are small and fiddly to get hold of if you drop one. It was about that time that I remembered that men don't take as long as women to go to the loo and this thought was rushing around my head as I heard the swing door swing, signalling an exit from the loo. Yes, the potential man walked out of the toilet just as I had my hand down the middle of my boobs and cupped under one breast fiddling. I swung my hair around as a distraction technique, withdrew my hand artistically and gave him my dazzling smile but his eyes were firmly fixed on the disheveled state I had become in the two minutes he had been away. After a few moments of awkwardness I thought I had got away with it, although he did look more quizzically at my boobs from then on. It wasn't until I got home that I realised there was a tan line all the way along the seam of my top where the colour had rubbed off, making it look as if I hadn't washed for a week. Moral of this story, the product is great but don't overload the brush as it can rub off when it comes in contact with clothing or you can loose the balls!
      Will he ask me for another date..too early to tell.....but lets hope he hasn't read the op about wanting a baby ;-)


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      Pearls of sheer powder containing light diffusing elements to give a soft and natural glow to your skin, instantly / Spectrometer-tested to ensure the colour represents a realistic natural sun tan in keeping with your skin tone / Contains Silk Powder for a

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