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Boots No7 Self Tan Quick Dry Tinted Lotion Medium/Dark

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3 Reviews
  • Lizard face
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    3 Reviews
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      26.03.2009 23:49
      Very helpful



      a fab product.

      Why I chose this product:
      I wanted a good fake tan product, it seems that everything id come across left my skin streaky and smelling like biscuits. I had a £5 no7 voucher and decided to give this one a try.

      Who will like this product:
      those looking for a relativly inexpensive fake tan that dries quickly and comes in the form of a lotion.

      Where to find this product:
      The No7 range in exclusive to Boots stores only.

      This product comes in a bronzed rectangular box, inside contains a bronzed cylindrical bottle with a pump action top.

      Product Description:
      This product itself is lightly tinted, so as to aid even application. It is in a lotion form which is of a good consistancy, making for easy application.

      Shelf Life:
      Twenty four months shelf life on this product.

      £10.80 for 200ml.
      How to use:
      I would recomend that you exfoliate you skin before using this product as the results will be more even. This product pumps out of its bottle and can be applied all over the body including the face.

      Product Performance:
      I love this product. It smells so yummy, seriously, which is so suprising for a fake tan product. I love the fact that this product is tinted as it allows you to apply it evenly and avoid those tell tale streaks. This product also dries reallly quickly which is such a bonus for me as i hate standing up waiting for my tan to dry- this one takes a few minutes. The tan develops in the next two hours- as this particular version is medium/dark is provides a deep colour, but isnt too dark, i'd maybe apply another coat if i wanted a deeper colour later on.

      Yes- try this one!! Better than the leading brands and it wont leave you stinking of well fake tan. Stock up when Boots are giving out free No7 vouchers.


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      09.10.2008 01:19
      Very helpful



      summery skin all year long

      I bought this boots no7 tinted self tan lotion after I've returned from holiday, as I wanted to maintain my tan and perhaps intensify it a little more. I already owned the lighter coloured version but thought that because I was now tan, it would not show up on my skin and I needed this one. The lady in the shop said that this would indeed help me intensify and help maintain my natural tan.

      I had to try it right away, but to my disappointment, I couldn't even see the guide colour as I was already very dark and after the 4 hours went by, I didn't notice any difference at all! I decided to do just the one leg first so that I could compare results before and after, but I must have already been so tan that it wasn't even slightly noticeable. I know that this product does work on fair skin as I've been using the lighter version prior to going on holiday and it gave very nice results. I suppose it will only let you go darker up to a certain level and then simply won't do anything at all once you've reached that maximum tan it allows for.

      Now that I'm back to being pale, I must say that it works a treat. I've also tested the dark and light tanning lotions and have noticed that they give about the same effect and level of tan. The only difference being that the guide colours are different but the results are so similar, its hardly noticeable.
      I would highly recommend these tanning lotions as they go on smoothly, you can see where you've applied (when you're not too dark LOL) and they come out a beautiful golden colour and are streak free. You could also add another layer to build your colour when you feel you are still too pale.


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      21.01.2005 12:19
      Very helpful



      • "Lizard face"

      I dragged myself down to Boots on a cold Tuesday morning in January, adamant that I was going to buy myself a bit of colour, my skin is a light olive colour and winter is not kind to my (or anyones probably, but its ALWAYS more noticable on yourself) complexion, making my complexion dull and sallow.

      So Boots no7 self dry tinted lotion seemed good to me, £9.50 for a bottle of anything, even the elixir of life, is a bit pricy for my liking, but it is one of the cheapest self-tans. I would go for light/medium if your skin colour is very pale as you might end up a bit tangerine like otherwise.

      Applying this product seemed almost fun the first few times, it always does until it seems like a chore, which with this product was soon for several reasons.

      1) The colour is a horrible dirty orangey red when first applied, this is a tinted guide and later washes off (the tan is NOT this dark or orangey don't worry). Well the idea is nice and everything but I dread applying the stuff because there is no way I can go out with it on and my family love to make jokes about me being a red indian! It really isn't a good look, and it has to stay on for at least 2 hours!

      2) One layer is not enough for my face, it was only slightly obvious and I needed to build up 3 or 4 layers, and then reapply often EVERY day. For the rest of my body (neck, chest and arms in particular) the color stayed for a good 3 days.

      One problem with this product is, it can give a very lizardy look when fading, and the only way to fix that is by exfoliating, which washes off the tan too quickly!

      My advice on how to apply!

      1. Cleanse and exfoliate well. Make sure you clean off all last residue (otherwise you will just be tanning the residue, and when you wash it off, your tan goes with it). I'd only say to moisturise if you have VERY dry skin, as this product has moisturising properties itself.
      The product takes about 10 minutes to dry so try and even out any uneven patches, but luckily this product looks pretty good even if I have been lazy and just slapped it on anywhere, you might not want to risk that though!

      Now you are going to have to wait a good while before you can wash off the product, and to be honest, I hate that because I never feel particuarly comfortable with it on, if you have dry or normal skin you only need to wait about 2 hours before washing off. Although Boots say to wash the product off after 2 hours, I have oily skin and find it is more beneficial to leave it on for about 3-4.

      The tan takes 1-2 hours to developing but does keep on going for quite a while, so don't go reapplying if your a beginner, wait about 5 hours to see if you like the colour.

      Overall, a good product but best for beginners IMO.


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    • Product Details

      Creates a beautifully natural tanned look / Starts to develop a semi-permanent tan over 1-2 hours / Lasts for 2-4 days, then fades gradually, just like a real tan / Light-textured lotion guarantees perfect application whilst moisturising and softening / Fast