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Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Tinted Gel

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3 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Self Tanner / Texture: Gel / What it does: Tans, Bronzes,

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    3 Reviews
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      10.06.2011 15:19
      Very helpful



      Great product for a great price

      This comes in a 150ml bottle for £6.99 and can be bought in Boots.

      It is a gel formula which is tinted. The great thing about it being tinted is that you can see if you have made any mistakes, which makes the whole fake tan process a lot easier.

      It is meant to fully develop within 2-3 hours. I can't comment on that as i usually apply this before i go to bed and then shower in the morning. But what i can say is that when i wake up in the morning, i have a really nice sun kissed colour which doesn't look too dark or orange on my pale skin, instead it looks really natural - a lot more natural than many self tans i have used in the past.

      On a few occasions i have been really lazy and dint bother exfoliating or moisturising before hand and my tan still came out even without any patches or streaks!

      If you want a deeper colour than you can wait another 2-3 hours and then reapply. I have never done this as the colour which comes out after the first application is dark enough for me. But those with darker skin tone may wish to do this.

      Most fake tans smell have that horrible digestive biscuit smell and although there is a slight smell with this, it is only noticeable if you press your nose against your skin. It is probably the nicest smelling fake tan that i have ever used.

      This didn't dry my skin, in fact i found it pretty moisturising. I would say it lasts about 4 days which i feel is pretty standard.

      This is a lot cheaper than many other brands and in my opinion a lot better.


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      01.06.2011 14:38
      Very helpful



      Fake it, don't bake it!!

      Product: Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Gel

      Size: 150ml

      Price: £6.99

      From: Boots

      The Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Gel comes in a 150ml generous sized squeezy tube. It as the Soltan logo at the front describing the product and also a label at the back listing the ingredients and the how to use instructions.

      Before using the product i showered, got rid of any unwanted hair, exfoliated then moisturised. As with any self-tan it's advised that you use a tanning mitt or gloves as the product tends to stain the hands, i used latex throwaway gloves which i personally prefer than to using a mitt.

      I started off by using a little amount then rubbing the gel onto my skin evenly, using sparingly on elbows, knees, feet and hands. The gel is visible on the skin so you can see exactly where you're applying. The first thing i noticed with the product is the glow it gave, it as tiny glittery particles in the gel and this shows on the skin, not so overly so but i felt it gave a nice sheen. The smell was quite pleasant, a very light scent which didn't smell like the usual fake tan products.

      The gel doesn't dry straight away so there is a little waiting around, infact the colour becomes water proof and sweat proof after two hours so i would wait around an hour or so until dressing as the glittery particles did rub off onto my finger. A little frustrating if you're in a rush so definitely apply hours in advance.

      It is advised to allow 2-3 hours for the tan to develop, if you want a deeper tan you can then re-apply after the time limit. I'm quite pale so didn't feel the need to apply anymore of the gel as i was hoping to achieve a more natural look as anything too dark can look too overpowering on my skin tone.

      Once developed i was really impressed with my skin colour, a lovely glow and definitely more tanned which was evenly applied onto my skin.

      Overall i'm really impressed with the product, i don't normally find many fake tans which work well for me but this one is fantastic on my skin and i love the end result.

      The only downside for me is the tan is hard to remove afterwards, i'm on day 3 now and after numerous baths and showers the tan still hasn't removed from my legs. Not too much of a biggy as it hasn't gone streaky and dries evenly, the goods by far outweigh the bads.

      I'll defininitely continue to use the Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan gel and will definitely purchase again in future.

      The beautiful bronze range is 3 for 2 at the moment in Boots, i'm going to stock up.

      Any questions then please feel free to ask.

      Rating: 4/5

      *** May also be posted on my personal blog ***


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        17.08.2010 21:20
        Very helpful



        Give yourself a beautifully golden summer glow with this great value self-tan from Boots.

        I usually use Lancaster fake tan but I saw this Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan half price in Boots. The Soltan range is Boot's own range. I use the Soltan suncare/SPF which is fantastic so I thought this might be quite good too.

        ***Price, size and choice***

        It cost me £4.24 (half price) rather than £8.49. It comes in the standard 150ml tube. There was a tinted one and non-tinted one. I went for the tinted one because I like to see that I have rubbed it in properly to prevent streaks. I also purchased the Soltan Self Tan Mitt to apply it with which was also half price at £1.74 rather than its usual £3.49.


        The tube of the self-tan is a light golden colour and is quite attractive. On the back of the tube it gives several bullet points as to why this self-tan is so good. For example, 'it is dermatologist tested' and 'tinted for easy application.'


        It had a very pleasant summery smell but you can still smell the fake tan smell mixed in with its fragrance. This is very appealing to me since most fake tans smell awful or too fragranced. So this really was a step in the right direction.

        ***What is this type of fake tan***

        It is a moisturising fake tan tinted gel/lotion that gives an instant colour but develops into a deeper and longer lasting colour in 2-3 hours time.

        ***When I applied it***

        I did not exfoliate prior to applying it because I forgot (but this didn't prove to be a problem). I put a cherry sized amount on the mitt each time to rub in. It rubbed in very quick and easily. Plus it sank into the skin very quickly which is always a bonus with self tan. I hate having that really sticky feeling after applying other fake tans. I only applied it to the body but the packaging does not state that it is for the body or face, so I assume it is fine for both. The directions on the packaging instructs to 'use sparingly on elbows, knees, feet and hands' which most self-tans instruct so I went over these areas after applying with a damp flannel.

        The thing that shocked me when I applied it was that it is extremely shimmery. When I saw this I was slightly put off by the product because nowhere on the packaging does it say it is shimmery. I have scrutinised it and I think it is quite misleading that this is not mentioned. However when I had finally applied it all over my body the shimmer didn't seem to bother me after all, it was especially nice on my legs. I think this shimmer would be nice on the legs on a night out.

        ***Three hours after applying***

        The colour had deepened and it hadn't rubbed off onto any of my clothes other than my bra straps but this I expected. I had no streaks but whether this was because I used the mitt rather than my hands I don't know. But the packaging says that it does not streak (but most self-tans say this and they usually then streak on me because I am very fair skinned). Plus the application on my elbows, knees, feet and hands were perfect showing that the damp flannel did the trick! My skin also felt extremely moisturised even after three hours. This also surprised me because it is in a gel/lotion consistency and usually gels are not particularly moisturising.

        ***Two days later***

        I still had a lovely tan from the self-tan. It hadn't faded even after a bath and a shower.

        ***Three days later***

        I noticed after my second shower that it had faded considerably. But I never topped it up so I wasn't disappointed by this.


        I give it 5 out of 5 stars because all the claims on the packaging were supported from my experience. I will not deduct a star for the packaging being misleading because it actually wasn't a problem for me that it was shimmery. However I would understand that if somebody didn't like the shimmer that it would be extremely disappointing. If you do not like shimmer then it would be still worth trying the non-tinted version. But you can't go wrong with such a cheap self-tan when it is half price (and it is still half price!) And I think I will continue to buy it even at full price because it is much cheaper than my Lancaster self-tan and I prefer it. I like finding products that save me pennies and pounds in the future! I would definitely recommend trying it!


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