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California Tan Self Tanner Lotion with Tint SPF15

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Brand: California / Type: Self Tanner / Subcategory: Lotion / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15 / What it does: Tans,

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2008 10:56
      Very helpful



      A lovely fake tan

      About California Tan

      California Tan was founded in 1987 in Los Angeles. They developed fake tan products on what the beauties on the LA beaches wanted. They originally started with tanning accelerators then got onto the market of sunless tanning products. They are one of the leading companies in sunless tanning products and I will always feel confident using them.

      California Tan Self Tanning Lotion

      California Tan Self Tan Lotion has an SPF 15 in, so this is one fake tan that has a SPF in, you should still always apply SPF daily if in the sun. California Tan gives you an easy and natural looking tan.

      The California Tan Self Tan Lotion contains an exclusive Bronzextend Complex which ensures a faster development of your tan and ensures that you are left with a perfect, streak free application.

      California Tan contains Vitamin E and Lutein. Both these ensure that the fake tan gives you hydration in your skin as well as a natural colour. Vitamin E is healing and soothing to the skin, so ensures that it does not irritate your skin.

      Applying the product

      Before applying any fake tan, I would recommend exfoliating, this gives you a perfect smooth canvas to work on, resulting in a flawless fake tan application. If you have dry flakey skin, then the tan will stick to it and enhance it, so you should definately exfoliate first.

      California Tan is simple to use. It comes in a bottle but a pump that you press to dispense the lotion. The pump doesn't clog up or get too dirty, but I would recommend a quick wipe over after each application to ensure this doesn't happen. The bottle is white, so unfortunately your dirty tan fingers will get all over it and stain the bottle. A bottle of this will last about a year, with regular use, so it is long lasting.

      As with all fake tans, this does smell of fake tan, it's not overly strong but you can smell it when it's applied. Once it is washed off you no longer will smell it.

      To apply use the recommended amount of pumps below, rub into the skin in circular motions. Apply to the whole body then reapply over any areas that don't appear even. It does take a while to absorb into the skin, so it does take a few minutes of rubbing on each area. I find it takes me 30 minutes to do a full body, this is when I am applying it to someone else however, so it may take a little longer to apply yourself.

      These are recommended guidelines, they will obviously be slightly different for everyone, but when I trained it was how we were shown. For each leg apply 7 pumps, for the abdomen apply 5 pumps, for the chest apply 5 pumps, for the arms apply 5 pumps, for the face apply 2 pumps mixed with 1 pump of moisturiser, for the back of the legs, apply 7 pumps, for the back apply 7 pumps and for the inner arm apply 2 pumps mixed with 1 moisturiser (use this on the armpit too).

      Always make sure that you wash your hands after applying the tan, I usually wear a pair of disposable gloves to prevent my hands from staining, this doesn't alter the effect of the tan on your body. You will feel sticky after the application for up to 10 minutes, so you just need to let it dry before putting clothes back on.

      The tanning lotion is pale brown in colour when it comes out the bottle, it looks very pale as if it has been mixed with a fair amount of moisturiser. Do not think however this will be the colour you will be. It is just a guide colour so you can see where you apply it, it gives you some indication of the shade you will go however but your tan won't develop for 4-6 hours. Don't make the mistake of applying more ontop, as you could end up very dark. You should wait until the tan has developed and then reapply if you feel you want to be darker. Although development time is 4-6 hours, the longer you leave it (up to a certain stage) the better the tan will be. The best thing to do is to apply it, and then sleep in it. When you do this, make sure you sleep on some old towels as some of this may come off onto the sheets, as long as they are not white cotton or nylon it shouldn't stain. When you have decided you have left it long enough to develop, you should have a shower, try and avoid a bath as this can soak too much of the colour off. When in the shower, just let the water run over you, don't scrub. Some colour will come off, don't worry you're not loosing the tan, this is just the guide colour that is meant to come off. When washing don't scrub and just apply shower gel to the areas needed. Once you have had a shower, pat your body dry, do not rub it. I would recommend applying moisturiser on after the shower to lock in the moisture, ensuring your tan will last it's best.

      How it looks

      Once you have applied California Tan,you can see an immediate colour already, this is just a guide colour so you can see where you are applying it, this helps to prevent streaks. Once you have washed it off, California Tan looks very natural, it rarely streaks and you are left with an even natural looking tan. I would recommend this for paler skinned people, as it is lighter than some fake tans, so wouldn't look too much on pale skin. It is a real golden glow, without looking yellow or false. It's also non- comedogenic so it won't clog your pores, a bit problem I find when it comes to applying fake tan, so this one is great. It is suitable for sensitive skin too, which I suffer from, it doesn't irriate it at all. I have ecezma on some areas of my body and I find the tan just sticks to that and looks terrible, so I use mix alot of moisturiser in with some of the tan then apply to the parts of skin with ecezma and gently pat it in.

      Re-applying the product

      You can reapply the product as many times as you like. In one night you could do 10 applications if you really wanted, but you will be very dark!You will find you only need one, and if you do have dark skin maybe two, but you should wait and let the tan develop first before reapplying. I would recommend reapplying every week to keep up your tan and for you to continue having your glowing golden tan.

      How it lasts

      I find California Tan will last for 7 days. It will wear off naturally, and won't look patchy or streaky. As I said it will last for about 7 days but this does depend how you care for it. If you don't moisturise, rub when drying and exfoliate it isn't going to last as long as if you did the opposite. A tan will never last as long on your face, as you are always applying make up and removing it and cleansing and toning so I would say this lasts about 3 days on your face, but is simple to reapply on your face. If you really don't like your tan - go swimming as the chlorine strips the tan, great if it has gone really streaky and theres no other way to remove it, another thing that helps to remove it is toner. If you want to continue using the tan, when it begins to come to the end of the 7 days I would recommend reapplying it before it fades. This makes it easier and you don't have to apply as much, you are just topping it up.

      Price & Availability

      You can buy this product for £19.99 RRP. It can be purchased from any salon who provide California Tan treatments and from various websites, including www.lookfantastic.com.


      This is one of the better fake tans around, it is easy to use and streak free. I would recommend it to anyone, particularly anyone with pale skin who finds fake tan doesn't suit their complexion. It gives you a natural, glowing tan which lasts 7 days.


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