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Clinique Self Sun Body Quick Bronze Self Tanner Fair

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Brand: Clinique / Self Tanning / Type: Body Care / Subcategory: Tan / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Tans, Bronzes,

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2011 17:03
      Very helpful



      A great reasonably priced faker!

      I started to use fake tan a good few years ago after I finally left my twenties behind and went 'all sensible' and ceased sunbathing and sunbed use. After a couple of terrible cheap streaky orange encounters, I splashed out a bit and purchased Clinique Self Sun from Boots- purely because I trusted Clinique having owned and liked an array of their cosmetics and skin care products. But that said- at around £15, this product isn't up there with the bad boys of extravagantly priced fake tan on the chemist shelf.

      **Mr Self Sun and his Special Occasions**

      As some of you who have read my reviews on Clinque products before will already know, there is a shelf in my bathroom which is dedicated to the 'Elite Gang', the products that must be displayed to visitors at all times, but are not, or very rarely used. Mr Self Sun is unfortunate among his elitist contemporaries, as his days are numbered as he comes out on several occasions, these being:

      *Parties that require some dressing up effort
      *De- zombiefying after a cold/flu/bubonic plague

      Mr Self Sun used to come off the shelf considerably more some years back before I was married, as he was enlisted to help entice potential suitors. However, now I'm wed, minimal effort is required skin wise and so I only need him on special occasions.

      **A Word of Advice**

      Always Exfoliate before use. Otherwise, if you ignore this step, you may well end up as a patchy, scaly fake tan nightmare with orange knees and stripey ankles. So get those exfoliating gloves on and get rid of those dead skin cells. Yes, even Kylie has dead skin cells. Allegedly...

      **How Mr Self Sun Rolls**

      Application of this chap is straightforward and pain free. On beginning your Self Sun mission, I found that the tube was not just a pretty face with its slick design and typical clinique colourings- but it was also soft enough to manipulate easily, thus meaning that I ended up with the amount of tan that I actually required on my palm. I was thrilled to discover that life was made much easier by the fact that the tan is tinted, so that you can see exactly where you're applying it (and which bits you've inevitably missed). The liquid is a nice consistency and easy to rub in- and a little goes a fairly long way. Smell wise, it's not unpleasant in that there is a reasonably nice perfume to it. Mr Self Sun is a bit of a saucy devil and asks you to stay undressed for twenty minutes after you've finished with him. Good advise though, unless you want to end up with brown streaks over your white Ra Ra skirt. The drying time seems to be just a few minutes but I've never taken the risk of cutting the suggested time short. Just make sure that you don't forget to wash your hands or you could end up starting a giggle fest amongst your friends.

      **So is Mr Self Sun all he's Cracked up to be?**

      Well, I'd say so. The tan, if done properly is a nice natural, even glow which develops a couple of hours after application. The look is subtle and not at all streaky or orange (but do follow the exfoliating advice or you'll be sorry!). If you need it darker, add another layer a few hours later (or buy a darker shade- but I'd judge that this may not be the best plan for us fair girls (unless you like the satsuma look). It wears well too, the tan hanging around quite nicely for five days at least. The only issue that you may have is that the scent of this cheeky chappy does change after a few hours (we all know about that, don't we girls?). The old fake tan musk that we all know and love soon shines through, but all is forgiven after a shower the next day. That said- I'd recommend that you apply this before your occasion to avoid being the smelly girl in the corner who nobody wants to play with. A definite pro to Mr Self Sun is that I found it is fine to use on the face (and I have sensitive skin), thus meaning you can avoid buying a separate face tanning product that gullible people like me may think is necessary.

      **We Love the Man Why?**

      All in all, Mr Self Sun should do you proud- he's simple to use, easy to manipulate, leaves you dancing around with no clothes on for a good while, makes you feel great to be out with on a night out, and then clears off after about five days. What more could a girl want I ask you????


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