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Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Protective Anti Wrinkle Face Cream SPF15

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Brand: Decleor / Sun Protection / Type: Face Cream / Subcategory: Anti-Wrinkle / Suitable for: Face / Contents: 50ml / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15 / What it does: Rejuvenates, Protects,

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2013 21:19
      Very helpful



      Perfect for sensitive skins

      I am very fair skinned and burn easily in the sun, so I have to be very careful when I am outdoors. Sun burn is not only painful and unsightly but it is also very damaging to the skin and will not only age you faster but can lead to skin cancer.

      I can burn on cloudy days and once while sitting in the shade, so I try to wear skincare and makeup products with sun protection in them, but if I am going to be outdoors a lot I will apply a sun cream as well.

      I find it quite difficult to find sun creams for my face as some brands use ingredients that irritate my skin or eyes or make my pale skin even paler as they leave a white residue. I feel like i have bought and tried every brand on the market at all price ranges . So I was pleased to find that Decleor do a range of sun care as I use their skin care and don't find it irritates my skin.

      The Product
      Decleor are a premium French skincare brand and I bought this product while I was on holiday as I could not find my usual Dermalogica sun cream where I was staying.

      It comes in a bright pink tube and you can buy this in 30 and 50 sun protection factor (SPF) but the only one I could find was a 15 SPF version. I would normally go for a higher SPF, but as this was the only one they had I bought it as I felt confident I wouldn't have the usual adverse reactions I experience with other brands. Plus I was attracted by the fact that this is an anti wrinkle cream as well as a sun cream.

      I use a lot of Decleor products as they use mainly natural ingredients , their products are kind on the skin nd they don't test on animals.

      The 50ml tube is small and easy to carry around.

      Ingredients include damask rose, chamomile and geranium oils, melon extract, UVA and UVB filters and DNA protection complex.

      The consistency is quite rich and it feels more like a skin care product than sun cream. It has a really nice light floral scent, which is slightly exotic, which makes it a pleasure to use.

      Like most sun protection, this loses its effectiveness after 12 months once it has been opened.


      Apply before going out in the sun and reapply every 2 hours.
      I apply a generous amount to my face and neck. I never know whether to apply sun cream on top or under skin care, so I put on after using moisturiser. It is really easy to apply and blends into my skin nicely. I always make sure I cover my entire face neck and décolleté, plus ears and back of neck if my hair is short.

      I have dry skin and this product says it suits all skin types, but I feel it is quite rich and feels tacky on first application, so it may be a little much for those with oily skin.

      The Results
      I really like this cream as it feels like I am applying a moisturiser rather than sun cream. Although it feels tacky at first it soon absorbs and I have experienced no sensitivity or irritation to my eyes that I normally get with other brands.
      It is easy to apply and reapply, as you do need to reapply every 2 hours to be protected. It is also easy to apply on the go and does not feel as sticky or greasy as other creams I have used, nor does it leave greasy marks or stains on my clothing.
      I find it really difficult to keep protected from the sun and have to make sure I do reapply often or I burn. For that reason as this was SPF15 it did not offer me complete protection, which I feel, is a combination of not applying regularly enough and the low SPF. I didn't burn, but my skin caught the sun.
      I would normally go for a higher SPF as I burn easily and higher SPF creams screen out a higher percentage off UVB rays which cause you to burn and UVA rays which age the skin, so I now have the SPF50 version of this cream.
      I find it makes my skin look and feel hydrated and soft to the touch, but as I wear this with anti ageing products I can't say that the cream alone will deliver on that front.

      I don't swim so I can't offer an opinion on whether this is waterproof, although I probably wouldn't trust any cream to be waterproof and run the risk of burning my skin.

      Difficult to say how long this lasts, but I used this several times a day on a two week holiday and there was still a fair amount left at the end.

      Would I Recommend
      I would recommend to people who burn easily, have sensitive skin and need to reapply often as this does not sting or cause me any irritation. I have lost count of the creams I have tried that make my skin feel raw and cause my eyes to water for days on end , even though I avoid the eye area when applying they still irritate.
      I would also recommend using daily sun protection as most dermatologists recommend using one daily as ultra violet rays from the sun penetrate the skin which causes premature ageing and liver spots.

      I really like the consistency and that once absorbed it doesn't feel or look sticky and shiny on my face. I don't wear make-up during the day when I am on holiday, but I sometimes put a tinted moisturiser on or some bronzer and that goes easily on top of this cream.

      I feel comfortable when I am wearing this as it improves the look of my skin and doesn't make my look really shiny like other creams or cause my skin to become even more sensitive.

      I used to get burnt more in this country, as the weather is so unpredictable, so now I don't worry if the sun comes out, as I know my skin is protected.

      I buy this mainly because most brands irritate my skin and eyes and it offers protection from the sun and makes my skin look better. I like using this as it is effortless to apply and I don't feel like I am wearing a sunscreen. I also like Dermalogica sun protection, but this tops it slightly because it improves the look of my skin as well as protecting from the sun.

      Finally and probably the most important reason is that I am fair skinned and members of my family have skin cancer, so I am trying my best to be vigilant and apply sunscreen daily, as I know I have to protect my skin even on days when the sun isn't shining.

      The only negative is the price which RRP is £28.50 for 50ml, which is expensive. Available for department stores , beauty salons and online retailers . Currently £22.49 at Salon Skincare . I usually buy online when on offer or with a discount.


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    • Product Details

      Active Ingredients: Tahiti Vanilla, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Extract, Sol-collagenine anti-ageing complex, Rea from Tahiti / This Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream offer double protection for the face with the DNA Protection Complex and UVA/UVB filters / It acts on the skin to help: Prevent premature ageing by boosting skin's natural defences (Tahiti Vanilla, Rose Essential Oil) / Protect the cell's DNA (Jasmine Extract) / Cmbat the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles and fine lines (Sol-collagenine anti-ageing complex) / Reduce cutaneous reactions caused by sun exposure (Rea from Tahiti) / The skin is protected and can safely develop a natural and long lasting tan / SPF 15 cream – medium protection / Directions for use: Apply evenly on the face and neck before sun exposure on its own or after Aromessence Solaire Face / Tan Activator Serum /

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