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Deetfree After Sun

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Brand: Vaseline / Type: After Sun

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2009 22:17
      Very helpful



      insect reellent

      Deet free aftersun

      I bought this as one of the many "avoid mosquito bites" products before we went to Egypt earlier this year. It was mainly intended for Little Miss because being deet free, there are no nasty ingredients in it and I thought it would be handy to have the anti mosquito stuff in the after sun- one stop moisturising and protecting.


      Having bought this, I decided to do a bit of research as to why Deet is not good to have in an insect repellent when it is the active ingredient in most commonly available insect repellents.
      I found that you are advised not to use products containing DEETon Children under 12 or when in pregnancy. You also can't risk reapplying DEET too often and you can't risk getting it near most plastics or synthetic materials including sunglasses, and sports equipment, because it's a de-plasticizer (it melts plastic). Makes me wonder if it melts plastic what it does to skin!

      It can also be harmful to pets and aquatic life and so no DEET for us.


      This is an aftersun lotion which is safe for use on children and which promises to replace lost moisture and to keep the biting insects at bay without containing any harmful ingredients. Being DEET free it can also be used safely during pregnancy but this wasn't a worry for me!


      The product comes in a blue tube with a picture of a crocodile on it and instrucions and information on the back. The flip up/down lid is easy to open and close but not so easy that very small children can open it, although being 8, Little Miss was able to get it open and closed.

      The product itself needs a good squeeze to get it out because it's quite thick and not at all runny. It has a strange smell, not at all citony like some of these products and whilst i thought it smelt quite banana like, himself didn't agree. Anyway, the smell isn't unpleasant and not overpowering just not what i expected, probably down to the lack of this DEET stuff.

      When it is applied to the skin, it does take some rubbing in because it's so thick but once applied, it is absorbed by the skin and leaves no sticky residue and seems to last for a long time 9although not the smell).

      USING IT...

      It's very easy to use. Simply apply after being out in the sun and because it's nice and safe it can be used on the face. I like this idea because there is no spray flying everywhere and where it is applied can be more comtrolled.


      There are a number of products in this DEET free range including:

      * DEET free spray
      * DEET free candle
      * DEET free wipes
      * DEET free sun cream
      They can all be bought off the website, www.buydeetfree.com, and for anyone wanting more information on the stuff it's worth a look.


      This was as easy to apply than normal aftersun and proved to be very effective at keeping the mosquitos at bay. The RRP is, if I look on the internet, around the £10 mark but check out bargain stores- home bargains is currently selling the range for 99p an item so I have been stocking up ready for summer.

      I like the idea that it is DEET free because having read a bit about it, I'm not sure i want to be using too much of the stuff.

      A good product which moisturises the skin, lasts the night and is easy to use.


      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      An after sun cream with deet free insect repellent /

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